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Page "fiction" ¶ 424
from Brown Corpus
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handed and Harold
Godwin, the powerful earl of Wessex, had been complicit in the crime as he had handed over Alfred to Harold, and Queen Emma charged him in a trial before Harthacnut and members of his council.

handed and key
When he was bent over behind the wheel of the station wagon, feeling in his trouser cuffs for the ignition key which he had dropped a moment before, she came out of the house with an enormous Rumanian shawl over her head, which she had bought in that country during one of their trips abroad, and handed him a clean handkerchief through the window.
At the festive reunion of the congregation in 1895, the Old Catholic sexton handed the key to six-year-old Martin.
The key difference between the ducal titles from the Vasa era and those handed out from Gustav III up until the present day is that they now are merely non-hereditary courtesy titles given at birth with no feudal rights attached.
As the plant was located in what was to become the Soviet zone of occupied Germany, the US forces then handed it over to Soviet Military Administration, which dismantled large parts of the plant and moved it, with key German staff, to Soviet Union, where it formed the basis for the Soviet colour film industry.
* In the U. S. Marines and the US Army, an inexperienced Marine / Soldier may be asked by a superior to get an ID-10T ( Eye Dee Ten Tee, or IDIOT ) form, a BA-1100N ( Bravo Alpha, Eleven Hundred November, or Balloon ), an ST-1 ( Sierra Tango One, or STONE ), a Humvee key ( normally started with a switch, not key ), chemlight batteries, exhaust sample, muzzle blast, the gun report, left handed grenades, or a box of grid squares.
In plausibly deniable encryption, a second key is created which unlocks a second convincing but relatively harmless message ( for example, apparently personal writings expressing " deviant " thoughts or desires of some type that are lawful but taboo ), so the defender can prove to have handed over the keys whilst the attacker remains unaware of the primary hidden message.
She felt as if she had been handed the key to a great house she hadn't known was there, a house that was somehow inside her, and as she turned the key, deep in the darkness of the building she felt other doors opening too, and lights coming on.
She felt as if she had been handed the key to a great house she hadn ’ t known was there, a house that was somehow inside her, and as she turned the key, she felt the other doors opening deep in the darkness, and lights coming on.
" When comparing her treatment to female prisoners ' held in American custody, such as Aafia Siddiqui, she said that in Taliban's custody she was given her full privacy as a woman, and was handed the key to the door of her cell to lock from the inside.
" On the morning preceding his death, Capote handed a key to Carson for a safe deposit box or locker that contained the completed novel, stating that " the novel will be found when it wants to be found.
Customers entering the store were handed a small pistol-like key that they placed in the keyhole below the goods they wished to buy, the quantity being determined by the number of times they pulled the key's trigger.
The painter ’ s notebooks with private notes, which he handed to Max Pol Fouchet, partly enclose the " key " of his creation: " Each painting that I make is projected from the deepest sources of my anxiety ..."
On 5 June 2007, due to agent demands, Cureton handed in a transfer request to Colchester United, citing Colchester's ambitions differing from his own, underlined when the club failed to re-sign several key players.
While he has denied any involvement in the executions of the said generals, the televised interrogation shows him as one of the key figures of the revolutionary court that ultimately handed a death sentence to the generals only hours after the triumph of the Islamic revolutionaries over the forces of the Shah.
Polish cryptologists, some of whom were brilliant, handed over to their British colleagues key information about Enigma, including replica machines.
The box is handed over, but after the agents leave, Martin reveals he took out the key processor that contains the critical algorithm, rendering it useless.
Among the honors and recognitions which Moseley has received is a parade in his honor where San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown declared a " Jonny Moseley Day " and handed him the " key " to the city.
If three free throws are made in a row, the free throw shooter is handed the ball back at the top of the key and play is live again.
Bapuji Mudgal Deshpande played key role in this activity. In 1649, it had to be handed over to Adil Shah for Shahaji Maharaj's release.
For instance, an application might ask the kernel for the " file system " and be handed a 32-bit key representing a program id, and then use that key to send a message to the file system asking it to open the file " my addresses ", which would result in a 64-bit key being handed back.

handed and front
The two tall brothers waited silently while their mother handed Gran her cold snack and water jug, placed the chamber pot beside her feet, and returned to her place at the front of the wagon with Alice.
The position of premier was then handed over to Lee Moore, who, despite being recognized regionally as a legal scholar, seemed unable to lead ( he once told a PAM heckler, on Church Street in front of Government Headquarters of Parliament that he will " root like a pig in mud " in the House of Parliament ).
Back room activities should be handed over to other companies, for whom these are the front room activities.
In front of a silent, stunned audience, Farrell escorted her off the stage himself, told the camera crew to stop filming, and handed her over to security.
A later revision amended this to " a certain Poetess ", though this did not make it into the final publication, either, as Owen apparently decided to address his poem to the larger audience of war supporters in general such as the women who handed out white feathers during the conflict to men whom they regarded as cowards for not being at the front.
Prior to the match he was handed a framed England goalkeeper's jersey with ' 109 ' on the front.
The official report of the Czechoslovak investigation commission that was handed over to the ICAO on 7 May 1974, stated that there had been an explosion in the front baggage compartment of the plane.
One of his most notable commentaries came in the 1968 Challenge Cup Final at Wembley, a rain-affected game in which he described Wakefield Trinity player Don Fox with the line " He's a poor lad " after he missed a last minute kick from in front of the posts against Leeds-the miss handed the cup to his opponents.
Another plan consisted of implanting his devices in " free coffee and donuts " tickets he handed out in front of the police stations in Gotham.
Once the front in Lapland had stabilized, Wallenius handed the command over to Swedish volunteers under Lieutenant General Ernst Linder in February 1940.
The only obvious happening at the church where the wedding took place that was out of the ordinary was Hatty's little accident: she dropped her wedding bouquet and a gentleman in the front pew picked it up and handed it back to her.
Both he and Kaufman had participated in the blacklist front and perhaps due to the risk of coming under more scrutiny with a successful character, John Hubley, who had created Magoo, handed the series completely over to creative director Pete Burness.
The Government stood firm, and had the support of the front Opposition bench ; and after some applications of the closure, Sir Frederick Broome had the satisfaction of witnessing the passage of the bill through committee with all restrictions erased, the whole of the lands of the vast territory — 1, 060, 000 square miles in extent — being freely handed over to the Legislature of Western Australia, which thus obtained its new constitution on the same basis as the other colonies of the continent, there being no opposition to the bill in the House of Lords.
The first leg, which was played in front of a sell out Steboneath Park crowd finished 2 – 2, centre backs Wyn Thomas and Stuart Jones got Llanelli's goals, Chris Holloway was also sent off and handed a 2 match ban.
A strong supporter of the King — William des Roches — even switched side in front of so much power and handed down Arthur, whom he was supposed to protect, to John.
He was a right handed pitcher who drew attention from the Kansas City Royals, an imposing two-way player at tight end and defensive end on the football field and a front court force on the basketball court.
After Moroccan independence in 1956 and the death of King Mohammed V, the government of King Hassan II laid claim on several territories, successfully ( re ) acquiring the Tarfaya Strip, after the Ifni War with Spain, and much of the territory around Ceuta and Melilla, as well as the acquisition of much of Spanish Sahara after Spain handed the territory to Morocco and Mauritania ( see the Madrid Accords, it is still currently under dispute with the Polisario front who claim it as the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
If the troops split from the main force were significant, for instance 10, 000 or more, these would be handed over to a significant or second-in-command leader, while the main leader concentrated on the front line.
By the end of the night, the Blue Devils were handed a 67-65 loss to the Hokies in front of 9, 847 fans.
In addition, bullet casings eject to the front ( 1 o ' clock position from the barrel ) of the weapon, allowing left handed firing.
The original QBZ-95 rifles will be handed down to second line and reserve troops, while front line troops receive this variant.
* Yorkshire: Used by a small percentage of Midlands-style hedgers, this is generally a two handed tool with a handle and blade, again it has the curved front and straight back edges.

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