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has and appeared
For several generations much fiction has appeared dealing with the steprelationship.
The planter aristocracy has appeared in literature at least since John Pendleton Kennedy published Swallow-Barn in 1832 and in his genial portrait of Frank Meriwether presiding over his plantation dominion initiated the most persistent tradition of Southern literature.
Since the great flood of these dystopias has appeared only in the last twelve years, it seems fairly reasonable to assume that the chief impetus was the 1949 publication of Nineteen Eighty-Four, an assumption which is supported by the frequent echoes of such details as Room 101, along with education by conditioning from Brave New World, a book to which science-fiction writers may well have returned with new interest after reading the more powerful Orwell dystopia.
At this time of crisis in our Nation's commuter railroads, a new threat to the continued operations of the New York Central has appeared in the form of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad's proposal for control of the Baltimore & Ohio railroads.
Once again the Mossberg Targo outfit has appeared, but this time as a bolt-action rifle-shotgun combination.
It is not easy for the therapist to discern when, in the patient's communicating, an introject has appeared and is holding sway.
She gave a fine portrayal of Auntie Mame on Broadway in 1958 and has appeared in live television from `` Captain Brassbound's Conversion '' to `` Camille ''.
George Kennan's account of relations between Russia and the West from the fall of Tsarism to the end of World War 2, is the finest piece of diplomatic history that has appeared in many years.
Several later books were original in Europe, and at least one novel has only ever appeared in Italian, no English version yet published.
In Arabic translations, his name has appeared as Abdullah ( عبدالله الحظرد ): Arabic حظر = " he fenced in ", " he prohibited ".
She appeared to have no children with her husband and her sepulchral inscription has been found in Italy.
It has been mass produced on souvenirs, lent its name to a Superman villain, appeared on The Simpsons to demonstrate the redemption of a murderous character named Sideshow Bob, incorporated into Hare Krishna chants and adapted for Wicca ceremonies.
* Special equipment for locating hostile artillery: flash spotting and notably sound ranging appeared in World War I the latter has been undergone increasing refinement as technology has improved.
Carolla has also appeared on the network reality television programs Dancing with the Stars and The Celebrity Apprentice.
Although gold has an atomic number of 79, immediately after Rutherford's paper appeared in 1911 Antonius Van den Broek made the intuitive suggestion that atomic number is nuclear charge.
These conclusions were, however, questioned by another review, which found that clozapine, amisulpride, and olanzapine and risperidone were more effective Clozapine has appeared to be more effective than other atypical antipsychotics, although it has previously been banned due to its potentially lethal side effects.
All bilaterians are thought to have descended from a common ancestor that appeared early in the Cambrian period, 550 – 600 million years ago, and it has been hypothesized that this common ancestor had the shape of a simple tubeworm with a segmented body.
Every team in the National League has appeared in the NLCS at least once.
Every American League team has appeared in the ALCS at least once.
The wife of Scoop Beal, the editor of the Humboldt Standard, which later combined with the Humboldt Times, in which Genzoli's story had appeared, has stated that her husband was in on the hoax with Wallace.
Four of the most notable English Abbeys are the Basilica of St Gregory the Great at Downside, commonly known as Downside Abbey, Ealing Abbey in Ealing, West London and St. Lawrence's in Yorkshire ( Ampleforth Abbey ) and Worth Abbey which has appeared in two BBC2 TV programmes ; ' The Monastery ( BBC TV series )' and ' The Big Silence '.
He has appeared as the main subject on the cover eight times in total ; seven with the Giants and once with the Pirates.
He has also appeared in an inset on the cover twice.

has and on
The Brahmaputra has its headwaters in the tableland of the world, the towering white headwalls of the Himalayas that are unknown to man as any other space on the planet.
Prieur has gout and depends on Louis' pills and bleedings.
But in our case -- and neither my wife nor I have extreme views on integration, nor are we given to emotional outbursts -- the situation has ruined one or two valued friendships and come close to wrecking several more.
For last-ditch emergencies SAC has alternate command posts on KC-135 jet tankers.
He has designed a matching backdrop and costumes of points of color on white for Mr. Cunningham's Summerspace, so that dancers and background merge into a shimmering unity.
I believe that what I do has some effect on his actions and I have learned, in a way, to commune with drunks, but certainly my actions seem to resemble more nearly the performance of a rain dance than the carrying out of an experiment in physics.
This prohibition on love has an especially poignant relation to art ; ;
He is a widower, his three children are dead, he has no one left on earth ; ;
also he is a drunk, and has lost his job on that account.
To carry out this exalted conception the author has combined the vivid realism and imaginative power we have noticed in his early poetry and carried them out on a grand scale.
If the man on the sidewalk is surprised at this question, it has served as an exclamation.
As time has passed and science has progressed, the speed of military vehicles has increased, the range of missiles has been extended, the use of target-hunting noses on the projectiles has been adopted, and the range and breadth of message sending has increased.
It has moved on various levels, it has been clamorous and confused.
Obviously there has been no agreement on what American conservatism is, or rather, what it should be.
This combined experience, on a foundation of very average, I assure you, intelligence and background, has helped me do things many well-informed people would bet heavily against.
The son and heir of a prominent family marries a girl who has tell-tale shadows on the half-moons of her finger nails.
Research, on the other hand, has shown many stepmothers to be eminently successful, some far better than the real mothers.
No consideration of risk urges itself upon him now: for this is what the mind does with the ideas on which it has not properly focussed.
And when we consider the tenuous hold tradition has on existence, any weakening of that hold constitutes a crisis of existence.

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