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has and four
Wisman, who has had the chief controller's job for four years, calls the signals for a team operating three rows of dull-gray consoles studded with lights, switches and buttons.
And not one of the four men who attended all the schools has ever been called on to apply any of his knowledge in any way.
Now when Henri has completed four complete Push-Pull Super-Sets No. 1, the professor allows him about a five-minute rest period before starting him on four complete Push-Pull Super-Sets No. 2.
He has Henri do from four to six sets of the Incline Bench Press ( note the high incline ).
So with four complete Push-Pull Super-Sets No. 1, four of No. 2, four of No. 3 and four to six sets of the Incline Bench Press, you can see that Henri De Courcy has had a terrific mass-building, muscle-shaping, torso-defining workout that cannot be improved upon.
Pete Dailey has four promising 2-year-old pacers.
A biting, pithy parable of the all-pervading hollowness of modern life, the piece has been set by Mlle Lagoon to a sumptuous score ( a single motif played over and over by four thousand French horns ) by existentialist hot-shot Jean-Paul Sartre.
Even in the neighborhood of the Earth, where information has been obtained both directly and indirectly, the derived flux values vary by at least four orders of magnitude.
This subject, who has been undergoing psychoanalytic psychotherapy for five years, did not give a positive Kohnstamm reaction under any of the four standardized conditions used in this experiment while sober.
For example, the BBB has reported it was receiving four times as many inquiries about quack devices and 10 times as many complaints compared with two years ago.
The Secretary of State himself, in his first speech, gave some idea of the tremendous march of events inside and outside the United States that has preoccupied the new administration in the past four months.
Saxton has made only one second-half appearance this season and that was in the Washington State game, for four plays: he returned the kickoff 30 yards, gained five yards through the line and then uncorked a 56-yard touchdown run before retiring to the bench.
Manager Hemus, eager to end a pitching slump that has brought four losses in the five games on the current home stand, moved Gibson to the Wednesday night starting assignment.
Since 1949, the St. Louis club has been below on May 1 just four times.
There also were reports of a collection at the County Line Elementary School, 3505o Dequindre, which has been attended this year by four of the Kowalski children including Christine.
Mr. Nagrin has described four `` places '', each with its scenery and people, added two `` diversions '', and concluded with `` A Toccata for the Young '', a refreshingly underplayed interpretation of rock'n'roll dancing.
Mono-unsaturated fats have room for two more hydrogens on each molecule, and the poly-unsaturated fat molecule has room for at least four hydrogens.
The so-called " Four Field Approach " has its origins in Boasian Anthropology, dividing the discipline in the four crucial and interrelated fields of sociocultural, biological, linguistic, and archaic anthropology ( e. g. archaeology ).
The Russian abacus, the schoty ( счёты ), usually has a single slanted deck, with ten beads on each wire ( except one wire which has four beads, for quarter-ruble fractions.
Hastings marries and has four children – two sons and two daughters.

has and children
He is a widower, his three children are dead, he has no one left on earth ; ;
Well, after everybody has followed the New England pattern of segregating one's children into private schools, only the poor folks are left.
Some of the children of the family could not pronounce this name and called her Paula, a soubriquet Carl liked so much she has been Paula ever since.
Anyone who has watched children develop a taste for literature will understand what I mean.
Fortunately, there is a nursery school which he has been able to attend, with a group of normal children.
After all, when one has asked whatever became of old Joe and Charlie when one has inquired who it was Sue Brown married and where it is they now live when questions are asked and answered about families and children, and old professors when the game and its probable outcome has been exhausted that does it.
The education program for retarded children conducted by the East Greenwich school system has pupils from at least one neighboring community.
The Illinois Commission for Handicapped Children, which for 20 years has had the responsibility of coordinating the services of tax supported and voluntary organizations serving handicapped children, of studying the needs of handicapped children in Illinois, and of promoting more adequate services for them, indeed welcomes this new important resource which will help the people of Illinois toward the goal of providing an education for all of its children.
Many a motel owner -- when we've stopped there again -- has remembered us and has said he preferred our dogs to most children.
To be fit, one has to start early with young children, and today the only person who really reaches such children is the teacher of dance.
Much progress has been made in the last two decades in developing techniques for understanding children, yet in almost any classroom today can be found children whose needs are not being met by the school program.
Desegregation has been opposed by massive resistance, interposition, pupil assignment ( with no assignments of Negro children ), and hate bombings.
In West Virginia the number of white and Negro children attending the same school has increased almost twofold.
On the basis of pupil assignment criteria, Judge Albert Bryan has assigned Negro children to formerly white schools in Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia.
He cannot avoid observing that some of the children, in spite of their color, remind him of children he has known and loved, perhaps even of his own children.
`` Do you mean to tell us '', a reporter asked, `` that the King has twenty-one children, twenty-five of whom are sons ''??

has and from
The maku Frayne has inherited this strength from his grandfather ''.
In what has aptly been called a `` constitutional revolution '', the basic nature of government was transformed from one essentially negative in nature ( the `` night-watchman state '' ) to one with affirmative duties to perform.
Within their confines, moreover, technological and industrial growth has proceeded at an accelerated pace, thus increasing the cornucopia from which material wants can be satisfied.
It is interesting, however, that despite this strong upsurge in Southern writing, almost none of the writers has forsaken the firmly entrenched concept of the white-suited big-daddy colonel sipping a mint julep as he silently recounts the revenue from the season's cotton and tobacco crops ; ;
He has frequently refused to move from white lunch counters, refused to obey local laws which he considers unjust, while in other cases he has appealed to federal laws.
Though he is also concerned with freeing dance from pedestrian modes of activity, Merce Cunningham has selected a very different method for achieving his aim.
There was also a lesson, one that has served ever since to keep Americans, in their conflicts with one another, from turning from the ballot to the bullet.
But it has been during the last two centuries, during the scientific revolution, that our independence from the physical environment has made the most rapid strides.
Monogamy is the vice from which the abjectly fearful middle class continue to suffer, whereas the beatnik has the courage to break out of that prison of respectability.
This, however, cannot be done by a community whose very experience of truth is confused and incoherent: it has no absolute standard, and consequently cannot distinguish the absolute from the contingent.
Precisely at the moment when it has lost its vision the mind of the community turns out from itself in a search for the ontological standard whereby it can measure itself.
In our own time we have seen that the novelist's debt to psychoanalysis has increased but that the novel itself has not profited much from this marriage.
He has employed from his section rich immediate materials which in a loose sense can be termed Southern.
Besides showing no inclination, apparently, to absent himself from his native region even for short periods, and in addition writing a shelf of books set in the region, he has handled in those books an astonishingly complete list of matters which have been important in the South during the past hundred years.
His own testimony is that he has read very little in the history of the South, implying that what he knows of that history has come to him orally and that he knows the world around him primarily from his own unassisted observation.
A useful comment on his relation to his region may be made, I think, by noting briefly how in handling Southern materials and Southern problems he has deviated from the pattern set by other Southern authors while remaining faithful to the essential character of the region.
It may be that in this comment he has broken from the conventional pattern more violently than in any other regard, for the treatment in his books is far removed from even the genial irony of Ellen Glasgow, who was the only important novelist before him to challenge the conventional picture of planter society.
But none of this has prevented scientists, philosophers, and even historians of science, from speaking of the Ptolemaic system, in contrast to the Copernican.
His reply was, `` Everything that has been printed derogatory to you, purporting to have come from me, was a betrayal, and nothing yet has been printed which I have sanctioned ''.

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