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has and received
Gen. Swing has received public attention before this for abuse of some of the prerogatives of his office.
South Viet Nam has received $1,450,000,000 in United States aid since 1954 and the rate of assistance has been stepped up since Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson's visit last May.
Sen. Case Aj, has received a nice `` thank you '' note from a youngster he appointed to the Air Force Academy in Colorado.
Unless within the sixty-day period the Export-Import Bank has received such a communication from the Department of Economic Affairs it shall be understood that the Department of Economic Affairs has no objection to the proposed loan.
The design of orthographies has received much less attention from linguists than the problem deserves.
Geometric pottery has not yet received the thorough, detailed study which it deserves, partly because the task is a mammoth one and partly because some of its local manifestations, as at Argos, are only now coming to light.
The idea has received much attention in philosophy, in literature, and in a few works of general social criticism, such as The Sane Society.
The radiation processing of meat has received extensive investigation.
The school has received letters from parents asking, `` What happened to Johnny??
He remarked: `` It has been clearly established that in a number of instances the message did not come from a spirit but was received telepathically by the medium from the sitter ''.
`` We regard it as fair only when each party feels that what he has received is as valuable, or more valuable, than what he has given ''.
Once he has received this blessing, the abbot not only becomes father of his monks in a spiritual sense, but their major superior under canon law, and has the additional authority to confer the ministries of acolyte and lector ( formerly, he could confer the minor orders, which are not sacraments, that these ministries have replaced ).
Although Albert has received relatively little recognition in German history, his dissolution of the Teutonic State caused the founding of the Duchy of Prussia ( and also the Hohenzollern dynasty ), which would eventually become arguably the most powerful German state and instrumental in uniting the whole of Germany.
A Mexican agate, showing only a single eye, has received the name of cyclops agate.
Despite the many Hollywood elements, Aeneas has received little interest from the film industry.
Johnson's administration has received very poor historical rankings amongst scholars, typically amongst the bottom three.
Ampicillin has received FDA approval for its mechanism of action.
He has written and produced seventy-three full-length plays in Scarborough and London and was, between 1972 and 2009, the artistic director of the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough, where all but four of his plays have received their first performance.
" The old priest, Eli, fell dead when he heard it ; and his daughter-in-law, bearing a son at the time the news of the capture of the Ark was received, named him Ichabod — explained as " The glory has departed Israel.
One of the most famous contemporary buildings by an anthroposophical architect is ING House, an ING Bank building in Amsterdam, which has received several awards for its ecological design and approach to a self-sustaining ecology as an autonomous building and example of sustainable architecture.
The ARIN membership elects the Board of Trustees ( BoT ), which has ultimate responsibility for the business affairs and financial health of ARIN, and manages ARIN's operations in a manner consistent with the guidance received from the Advisory Council and the goals set by the registry's members.

has and Rosemary
She has also been responsible for the production of some twenty-two books … and at least five hundred articles .” Rosemary Ruether has written on the question of Christian credibility, with particular attention to ecclesiology and its engagement with church-world conflicts ; Jewish-Christian relations …; politics and religion in America ; and Feminism.
The murders of Sharon Tate and Leno and Rosemary LaBianca by Charles Manson and his " family " of followers, claiming to have been inspired by Beatles ' songs such as " Helter Skelter ", has been seen as contributing to an anti-hippie backlash.
Rosemary is used as a decorative plant in gardens and has many culinary and medical uses.
Rosemary is an aromatic evergreen shrub that has leaves similar to hemlock needles.
Rosemary can grow quite large and retain attractiveness for many years, can be pruned into formal shapes and low hedges and has been used for topiary.
Rosemary extract has been shown to improve the shelf life and heat stability of omega 3-rich oils, which are prone to rancidity.
Rosemary has a very old reputation for improving memory and has been used as a symbol for remembrance during weddings, war commemorations and funerals in Europe and Australia.
* The song ' Scarborough Fair ' ( popularised by Simon and Garfunkel ) has the refrain " Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme " which is also the title of their third studio album.
He later launched blewointment press, which has published volumes by Cathy Ford, Maxine Gadd, Michael Coutts, Hart Broudy, Rosemary Hollingshead, Beth Jankola, Carolyn Zonailo, bpNichol, Ken West, Lionel Kearns and D. A.
Middle-aged schoolteacher Rosemary ( Rosalind Russell ), who rents a room at the Owens house, has been brought to the picnic by store owner Howard Bevens ( Arthur O ' Connell ).
Howard is very understanding and now has his own worries: a highly distraught, desperate and remorseful Rosemary has begged him to marry her.
The next morning, Howard comes to the Owens house, intending to tell Rosemary he wants to wait, but at the sight of him she becomes overjoyed, thinking he has come to take her away.
The Museum of Reading, which houses the Silchester eagle, states that it " is not a legionary eagle but has been immortalized as such by Rosemary Sutcliff.
He has an older sister, Adelia ( also known as Ada ); his cousins include actors Miguel and Rafael Ferrer, who are the sons of his aunt, singer Rosemary Clooney, and actor José Ferrer.
On the day he graduates from high school, Buzzy Pringle ( Ricky Nelson ) secretly marries his girlfriend Rosemary ( Kristin Nelson ), whom he met at school and who still has to do another year because she has flunked French.
At first Buzzy's parents suspect that Rosemary must be pregnant, but it soon turns out that neither of them has had sex before.
In a December 18, 2000 article for People Magazine entitled " Bad to Worse ", Downey's stepmother Rosemary told author Alex Tresnlowski that Downey had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder " a few years ago " and added that his bipolar disorder was " the reason he has a hard time staying sober.
Later in 1997, she became a candidate for the office of President of Ireland standing as an independent under the name Dana Rosemary Scallon, the name she has utilized for all of her political endeavours.
Bailey has been married four times: in 1960 to Rosemary Bramble ; in 1965 to the actress Catherine Deneuve ( divorced 1972 ); in 1975 to the model Marie Helvin ; and in 1986 to the model Catherine Dyer ( b. 20 July 1961 ), to whom he remains married.
** Waverley Bridge Partnership ( owned by Brian Richards and Rosemary Bayley ) has two clubs offering workshops:
One daughter, Susan, has her own business in Washington, the other, Rosemary, is a political officer for the United States Department of State.

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