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has and served
While the pattern is uneven, some having gained more than others, nationalism has in fact served the Western peoples well.
There was also a lesson, one that has served ever since to keep Americans, in their conflicts with one another, from turning from the ballot to the bullet.
If the man on the sidewalk is surprised at this question, it has served as an exclamation.
He has served in positions of greater glamour, both at home and abroad ; ;
Tibet has historically served China as a buffer state.
one who is thoroughly human, who affects no dignity, and who is endowed with real ability, genuine worth, and sterling honesty -- all dedicated to secure the best interests of the country he has loved and served so long.
All but two of my nine terms in the House of Representatives has been served under the Speakership of Sam Rayburn.
I pay my personal tribute to Sam Rayburn, stalwart Texan and great American, not only because today he establishes a record of having served as Speaker of the House of Representatives more than twice as long as Henry Clay, but because of the contributions he has made to the welfare of the people of the Nation during his almost half century of service as a Member of Congress.
The New York Central has pointed out that this control, if approved by the Interstate Commerce Commission, would give the combined C. & O. - B. & O. Railroad a total of 185 points served in common with the New York Central.
and he has served our country well as a scientific statesman on international commissions.
Another less ambiguous case read as follows: `` The bearer of this letter has served me for two years to his complete satisfaction.
Teachers who have been upward mobile probably see education as most valuable for their students if it serves students as it has served them ; ;
Although refrigeration has served to extend the storage life of these products, substantially increased consumption might be possible if areas remote from the seacoast could be served adequately.
The school has not used cold prepared cereals for years, though at one time that was all they ever served.
In America, such self-deception has served a particularly useful purpose.
Dr. Clark has served as teacher and principal in Oklahoma high schools, as teacher and athletic director at Raymondville, Texas, High School, as an instructor at the University of Oklahoma, and as an associate professor of education at Fort Hays, Kan., State College.
He has served as a border patrolman and was in the Signal Corps of the U.S. Army.
This trend has often been ascribed to the cult of the Five Elements itself, as though they had served as the base for all the rest ; ;
In the common law, an answer is the first pleading by a defendant, usually filed and served upon the plaintiff within a certain strict time limit after a civil complaint or criminal information or indictment has been served upon the defendant.
Keem BayAchill Archaeological Field School is based at the Achill Archaeology Centre in Dooagh, which has served as a catalyst for a wide array of archaeological investigations on the island.
Agrippina landing at Brundisium with the ashes of Germanicus, ( 1768, Benjamin West, oil on canvas ). In art, Agrippina has served as a symbol of marital devotion and fidelity.
Dau Miu () is a Chinese vegetable that has become popular since the early 1990s, and now not only appears on English-language menus, usually as " pea shoots ", but is often served by upscale non-Asian restaurants as well.
It has since served as a museum to the independence movement.

has and on
The Brahmaputra has its headwaters in the tableland of the world, the towering white headwalls of the Himalayas that are unknown to man as any other space on the planet.
Prieur has gout and depends on Louis' pills and bleedings.
But in our case -- and neither my wife nor I have extreme views on integration, nor are we given to emotional outbursts -- the situation has ruined one or two valued friendships and come close to wrecking several more.
For last-ditch emergencies SAC has alternate command posts on KC-135 jet tankers.
He has designed a matching backdrop and costumes of points of color on white for Mr. Cunningham's Summerspace, so that dancers and background merge into a shimmering unity.
I believe that what I do has some effect on his actions and I have learned, in a way, to commune with drunks, but certainly my actions seem to resemble more nearly the performance of a rain dance than the carrying out of an experiment in physics.
This prohibition on love has an especially poignant relation to art ; ;
He is a widower, his three children are dead, he has no one left on earth ; ;
also he is a drunk, and has lost his job on that account.
To carry out this exalted conception the author has combined the vivid realism and imaginative power we have noticed in his early poetry and carried them out on a grand scale.
As time has passed and science has progressed, the speed of military vehicles has increased, the range of missiles has been extended, the use of target-hunting noses on the projectiles has been adopted, and the range and breadth of message sending has increased.
It has moved on various levels, it has been clamorous and confused.
Obviously there has been no agreement on what American conservatism is, or rather, what it should be.
This combined experience, on a foundation of very average, I assure you, intelligence and background, has helped me do things many well-informed people would bet heavily against.
The son and heir of a prominent family marries a girl who has tell-tale shadows on the half-moons of her finger nails.
Research, on the other hand, has shown many stepmothers to be eminently successful, some far better than the real mothers.
No consideration of risk urges itself upon him now: for this is what the mind does with the ideas on which it has not properly focussed.
And when we consider the tenuous hold tradition has on existence, any weakening of that hold constitutes a crisis of existence.

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