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helped and found
A contrast of the scripture reading of, let us say, St. Augustine, John Bunyan, and Thomas Jefferson, all three of whom found in such study a real source of enlightenment, can tell us a great deal about these three men and the age that each represented and helped bring to conscious expression.
According to Greek tradition, he helped Cretan or Arcadian colonists found the city of Troy.
Even so, his ideas helped to found one of the first adult education centers in America, and provided the foundation for future generations of liberal education.
The National Cartoonists Society ( NCS ) convened an ethics hearing, and Fisher was expelled for the forgery from the same organization that he had helped found ; Fisher's scheme had backfired in spectacular fashion.
* Moses Coady, Roman Catholic priest, helped found the Co-operative Antigonish Movement at St. Francis Xavier University
* James " Father Jimmy " Tompkins, Roman Catholic priest, helped found the Co-operative Antigonish Movement at St. Francis Xavier University
He found the entrance to the underworld at Tanaerum, and Athena and Hermes helped him to traverse the entrance in each direction.
Crystal Eastman was a noted anti-militarist, who helped found the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.
Her mother, Lorena ( Daeschner ) Hall, helped found Gustavus Adolphus College's Art Department and served as the department head.
He also helped found the Irwin & Agnew Iron Foundry in 1846.
A 2005 study in the British Medical Journal found that learning and practising the didgeridoo helped reduce snoring and obstructive sleep apnea by strengthening muscles in the upper airway, thus reducing their tendency to collapse during sleep.
In 1854 Atchison helped found the town of Atchison, Kansas, as a pro-slavery settlement.
One is located at the Bellagio on the Las Vegas Strip, List of stores from the Bellagio hotel / casino website the other at the MGM Grand Casino in Macau. Press release by MGM Macau mentioning Chihuly shop ( search for " Chihuly retail ") A number of other galleries also carry his pieces. In 1983 Chihuly returned to his native Pacific Northwest where he continued to develop his own work at the Pilchuck Glass School, which he had helped to found in 1971.
When Eurystheus found out that Heracles ' nephew had helped him he declared that the labour had not been completed alone and as a result did not count towards the ten labours set for him.
At age 16 he helped found and became secretary of the Students Society of Gjirokastër, which protested against the monarchist government.
He was four times president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and three times president of the Directors Guild of America, which he helped found.
The comparison was helped by the Pickelhaube or spiked helmet worn by German forces until 1916, which would be reminiscent of images depicting ancient Hun helmets, some British found.
Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories helped found the tradition of detective fiction.
The Glasgow School, which developed in the late 19th century, and flourished in the early 20th century, produced a distinctive blend of influences including the Celtic Revival the Arts and Crafts Movement, and Japonisme, which found favour throughout the modern art world of continental Europe and helped define the Art Nouveau style.
* Reel-to-reel audio tape recording, based on technology found in Germany after the war, helped musical artists such as Bing Crosby make and distribute recordings with better fidelity.
In 1920 she helped to found the American Civil Liberties Union ( ACLU ).
Zero Tolerance came across and Bobby found and helped Cecilia Reyes who was trying to keep a secret that she was a mutant, they also joined with Charlotte Jones and the morlock Marrow, after Bastion was defeated he took Cecilia and Marrow to the mansion, and soon left the X-Men again for a while to be with his parents.
Reynolds was one of the earliest members of the Royal Society of Arts, helped found the Society of Artists, and, with Gainsborough, established the Royal Academy of Arts as a spin-off organisation.
Great emphasis also was placed on speech and debate ; Madison helped found the American Whig – Cliosophic Society, in direct competition to fellow student Aaron Burr's Cliosophic Society.
His knowledge of the Italian language and his affability and good humor, however, often helped in mediating between the papal regime and the British government, and he was able on many occasions to offer advice and protection for British visitors who found themselves in awkward scrapes.

helped and international
Although his promotion of anti-imperialism and world peace had all failed, and the Carnegie Endowment had not fulfilled his expectations, his beliefs and ideas on international relations had helped build the foundation of the League of Nations after his death, which took world peace to another level.
The nation first outlawed addictive drugs in the early 1900s and helped lead international agreements regulating trade .< ref >
The Soviet Ministry of Defense also helped, since they had experience of dealing with corps of international volunteers during the Russian Civil War.
Strong international alliances would also have helped validate his military coup that year over the Omride king, Joram.
Kenya witnessed a spectacular economic recovery, helped by a favourable international environment.
Economic recovery has been helped by a financially sound banking system and resilient small-and medium-scale manufacturers, with family remittances, banking services, manufactured and farm exports, and international aid as the main sources of foreign exchange.
The international community again intervened and helped set up a transitional government under Gyude Bryant.
Successful diversification and integration into the international community helped current GDP per capita to cut further deterioration to just 3. 2 % in the 1990s.
In other international issues, Beria ( along with Mikoyan ) correctly foresaw the victory of Mao Zedong in the Chinese Civil War and greatly helped the communist success by letting the Communist Party of China use Soviet-occupied Manchuria as a staging area and arranging huge weapons shipments to the People's Liberation Army, mainly from the recently-captured equipment of the Japanese Kwantung Army.
Strong export performance, including earnings from tourism, and external aid have helped improve the overall balance-of-payments situation and increase international reserves.
The international success of Blade Runner helped bring Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
This was also helped by the Journalists Union, which by March 1968 had already convinced the Central Publication Board, the government censor, to allow editors to receive uncensored subscriptions for foreign papers, allowing for a more international dialogue around the news.
Furthermore, the signing of major international sports stars like Gabriel Batistuta have helped give Qatar an image boost.
The case received international attention and fueled the anti-papal sentiments that helped the Italian nationalism movement and culminated in the 1870 Capture of Rome.
Switzerland's role in many United Nations and international organizations helped to mitigate the country's concern for neutrality.
The also helped attract popular and international support by organizing a group of prominent Nicaraguan professionals, business leaders, and clergymen ( known as " the Twelve "), who called for Somoza's removal and sought to organize a provisional government from Costa Rica.
Cooperative international rescue missions by many countries from around the world helped in efforts by the most affected nations to rebuild and recover from the devastation.
In addition The UN Convention on Climate Change helped coordinate the efforts of the international community to fight potentially disastrous effects of human activity on the planet and launched negotiations to set an ambitious program of carbon emission reduction that began in 2007 with the Bali Road Map.
This helped attract international investors who bought foreign assets with gold.
The Chardonnay vintages of the early 1990s from British Columbia helped generate international attention to the quality of Canadian wines apart from ice wine varietals.
A system of international trade has helped to develop the world economy but, in combination with bilateral or multilateral agreements to lower tariffs or to achieve free trade, has sometimes harmed third-world markets for local products ( See Globalization ).
Indeed, Hobbes ' work helped to serve as a basis for the realism theories of international relations, advanced by E. H. Carr and Hans Morgenthau.
The wartime airfield became Nassau's international airport in 1957 and helped spur the growth of mass tourism, which accelerated after Havana was closed to American tourists in 1961.

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