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is and credited
If you file a Form 1040, you should indicate in the place provided that there is an overpayment of tax and the amount you want refunded and the amount you want credited against your estimated tax.
The suburban branch is thereby credited with a sale which would have been made even if its glass doors had never opened.
One of the greatest Homerists of our time, Frederick M. Combellack, argues that when it is assumed The Iliad and The Odyssey are oral poems, the postulated single redactor called Homer cannot be either credited with or denied originality in choice of phrasing.
He is credited with setting up an annual co-operative fire prevention program in co-operation with the Red Cross and State Department of Education.
In Nassau County, for example, the heavily settled Long Island suburb of New York City, the system is credited by the state with serving one million persons, a figure that has doubled since 1950.
With the Prior Analytics, Aristotle is credited with the earliest study of formal logic, and his conception of it was the dominant form of Western logic until 19th century advances in mathematical logic.
The alchemist Robert Boyle is credited as being the father of chemistry.
Ray Charles is credited with the song's most well known rendition in current times ( although Elvis Presley had success with it in the 1970s ).
He is the so-called " Mad Arab " credited with authoring the imaginary book Kitab al-Azif ( the Necronomicon ), and as such is an integral part of Cthulhu Mythos lore.
( Rothbard is credited with coining the term " Anarcho-capitalism ").
Doubleday is often mistakenly credited with inventing baseball, although he never made such a claim, and there is no evidence to support it.
Eli Whitney is sometimes credited with developing the armory system of manufacturing in 1801, using the ideas of division of labor, engineering tolerance, and interchangeable parts to create assemblies from parts in a repeatable manner.
The representation of Aphrodite Ourania, with a foot resting on a tortoise, was read later as emblematic of discretion in conjugal love ; the image is credited to Phidias, in a chryselephantine sculpture made for Elis, of which we have only a passing remark by Pausanias.
It is somewhat unusual for directors to be credited co-editors, although the Coen Brothers and Robert Rodriguez have both directed and edited nearly all of their films.
Ambrose is traditionally credited but not actually known to have composed any of the repertory of Ambrosian chant also known simply as " antiphonal chant ", a method of chanting where one side of the choir alternately responds to the other.
) However, Ambrosian chant was named in his honor due to his contributions to the music of the Church ; he is credited with introducing hymnody from the Eastern Church into the West.
St. Ambrose was also traditionally credited with composing the hymn Te Deum, which he is said to have composed when he baptised St. Augustine of Hippo, his celebrated convert.
He is credited with the discovery of the element arsenic and experimented with photosensitive chemicals, including silver nitrate.
Alcaeus ( Alkaios, ) of Mytilene ( c. 620 – 6th century BC ), Greek lyric poet from Lesbos Island who is credited with inventing the Alcaic verse.
The idea and implementation is credited to Seward as Secretary of State, but Johnson approved the plan.
Alfred is particularly credited with the success of this latter battle.
In the text, he is credited with winning the battle of Mount Badon.
Strong oral traditions in the area warned of the importance of moving inland after a quake and is credited with saving many lives.

is and being
Ratified in the Republican Party victory in 1952, the Positive State is now evidenced by political campaigns being waged not on whether but on how much social legislation there should be.
A third, one of at least equal and perhaps even greater importance, is now being traversed: American immersion and involvement in world affairs.
I consider it to be my job to expose the public to what is being written today ''.
A new order is thrusting itself into being.
As the dancer is depersonalized, his accouterments are animized, and the combined elements give birth to a new being.
When Heidegger and Sartre speak of a contrast between being and existence, they may be right, I don't know, but their language is too philosophical for me.
Thus jazz is transmuted into something holy, the sacred road to integration of being.
And yet -- a year to a child is an eternity, and in the memory that phase of one's being -- a certain mental landscape -- will seem to have endured without beginning and without end.
All such imitations of negative quality have given rise to a compensatory response in the form of a heroic and highly individualistic humanism: if man can neither know nor love reality as it is, he can at least invent an artistic `` reality '' which is its own world and which can speak to man of purely personal and subjective qualities capable of being known and worthy of being loved.
For Plato, `` imitation '' is twice removed from reality, being a poor copy of physical appearance, which in itself is a poor copy of ideal essence.
It's infuriating, this feeling that one is being picked on, continually, constantly.
Almost nothing is said of Charles' spectacular victories, the central theme being the heroic loyalty of the Swedish people to their idolized king in misfortune and defeat.
But he plunges into yet another, this time with Norway, and is killed in an assault on the fortress of Fredrikshall, being only thirty-six years of age when he died.
he is very close to being a mental case.
( B ) A message runs too great a risk of being distorted if it is to be relayed more than about six consecutive times.
Further, change is a form of motion, it occurs as the act of a being in potency insofar as it is in potency and has not yet reached the terminus of the change.
The young William Faulkner in New Orleans in the 1920's impressed the novelist Hamilton Basso as obviously conscious of being a Southerner, and there is no evidence that since then he has ever considered himself any less so.
The maturity in this point of view lies in its recognition that no basic problem is ever solved without being clearly understood.
The problem is rather to find out what is actually happening, and this is especially difficult for the reason that `` we are busily being defended from a knowledge of the present, sometimes by the very agencies -- our educational system, our mass media, our statesmen -- on which we have had to rely most heavily for understanding of ourselves ''.

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