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is and summoned
C & O president Walter J. Tuohy was summoned back for cross-examination by New York Central attorneys before examiner John Bradford who is hearing the complex case.
The next morning he summoned a group of top Democrats to his private office and broke the news: he would lead the fight to oust Colmer, whom he is said to regard as `` an inferior man ''.
Daniel is summoned and interprets the dream.
David is described as someone renowned for his skill at playing the harp, and consequently summoned to Saul's court to calm his moods.
An Imperial Commission is then summoned who exhume and destroy the body of the vampire on behalf of the ruling Habsburg Monarchy, within whose domains Styria is situated.
Christadelphians are organised into local congregations, that commonly call themselves ecclesias, which is taken from usage in the New Testament and is Greek for gathering of those summoned.
Usually, a short dialogue is attached to each victim, in which Death is summoning him ( or, more rarely, her ) to dance and the summoned is moaning about impending death.
* A summoned centurion is questioned ().
* 1593 – The Uppsala Synod is summoned to confirm the exact forms of the Lutheran Church of Sweden.
There are many versions of the game, but the general idea is that " Mary " will appear in the mirror and attempt to harm or kill the person who has summoned her.
* The Darkforce is an unknown, dark substance from another dimension ( known simply as the Darkforce Dimension ) that can be summoned and manipulated in many ways: to create impenetrable darkness, to solidify it in various forms, and ( most notably ) to absorb the " life energy " from living beings ( not all users can use all these effects ).
As early as the thirteenth century, it was held that " the law of nature ... is the ground of all laws " and by the Chancellor and Judges that " it is required by the law of nature that every person, before he can be punish ’ d, ought to be present ; and if absent by contumacy, he ought to be summoned and make default .".
Before Brabantio reaches Othello, news arrives in Venice that the Turks are going to attack Cyprus ; therefore Othello is summoned to advise the senators.
In the first years of the Republic, when warfare was mostly concentrated on raiding, it is uncertain if the full manpower of the legions was summoned at any one time.
Not only “ In the rabbinic literature, the cockcrow is used as general marking of time ”, but also some of the Sages interpreted the " cockcrow " to mean the voice of the Temple officer who summoned all priests, Levites, and Israelites to their duties and used as such because the Hebrew gever was used also to mean a " rooster " in addition to the meaning of " man, strong man ".
Apart from being the individual who anoints David as king, a role Samuel is abruptly summoned to take, he does not appear any further in the text until his own death at his hometown Ramah (, ), where he is buried ( cf.
The development of the British constitution, which is not a codified document, is based on this fusion in the person of the Monarch, who has a formal role to play in the legislature ( Parliament, which is where legal and political sovereignty lies, is the Crown-in-Parliament, and is summoned and dissolved by the Sovereign who must give his or her Royal Assent to all Bills so that they become Acts ), the executive ( the Sovereign appoints all ministers of His / Her Majesty's Government, who govern in the name of the Crown ) and the judiciary ( the Sovereign, as the fount of justice, appoints all senior judges, and all public prosecutions are brought in his or her name ).

is and Gestapo
* 1933 – The Gestapo, the official secret police force of Nazi Germany, is established.
The SS officer Werner Best, onetime head of legal affairs in the Gestapo, summed up this policy by saying, " As long as the police carries out the will of the leadership, it is acting legally.
* 1987 – In France, former Gestapo chief Klaus Barbie ( aka the " Butcher of Lyon ") is convicted of crimes against humanity and is sentenced to life imprisonment.
In a following scene, a British officer from the Joke Brigade ( Michael Palin ) has been taken prisoner and is being interrogated and tortured by Gestapo officers.
In addition to running Germany's concentration camps, the SS is well known for establishing the police state of Nazi Germany and suppressing all resistance to Adolf Hitler through the use of security forces, such as, the Gestapo.
* March 15 – Richard C. Hottelet is arrested by the Gestapo on " suspicion of espionage ".
** The Gestapo is established in Germany.
He is remembered today as an emblem of the Resistance, owing mainly to his role in unifying the French resistance under de Gaulle and his courage and death at the hands of the Gestapo.
He informs the professor that he is wanted at Gestapo headquarters, but actually escorts him to the theater, which has been hastily disguised with props and costumes from the play.
This gets Tura out of Gestapo headquarters, but now he cannot leave the country on the plane Ehrhardt had arranged for him, and it's only a matter of time before the actors ' ruse is discovered.
At the film To Be or Not to Be, the play " The Naughty Nazis " is forbidden for the Gestapo at the beginning of the film.
In Der Todesking one of the character watches a video of the fictional nazi exploitation film Vera-Todesengel der Gestapo and in Nekromantik 2, the characters go to see a movie called Mon dejeuner avec Vera which is a parody of Lois Malle's My Dinner with André.
Afterwards, he is sought by the Gestapo.
Lane's vehement response to this infringement on her right of free speech resulted in a flurry of newspaper articles and the publishing of a pamphlet, " What is this, the Gestapo ?," that was meant to remind Americans to be watchful of their rights, despite the wartime exigencies.
Several Norwegian scientists argued against an extension, Kreyberg saying, " If it is a question of handing Dr. Reich over to the Gestapo, then I will fight that, but if one could get rid of him in a decent manner, that would be the best.
Their conversation is interrupted by the sirens of an approaching Gestapo truck.
His small knowledge of the Holocaust and German atrocities in Eastern Europe leaves him sickened ; he is later arrested by the Gestapo for treating with the Jews of Lodz, and is rescued by members of his regiment.
It is known that Heinrich Himmler met with Bocchini repeatedly and modeled the organization of the Gestapo on that of the OVRA.
It is made of reclaimed Jewish gravestones that had been removed from the site in 1939 by German forces, who used them as paving stones and to build the local Gestapo headquarters.
Very little information is known about FUDOFSI since neither the organisation or its leader survived the Second World War ( in 1944, Constant Chevillon, the head of FUDOFSI, was murdered by the Gestapo ).
Felice prefers to take her chances in order to enjoy the love of her life, though unfortunately not for long, as Felice is captured by the Gestapo.
Solek's pretense is nearly exposed when the Gestapo investigates " Jupp "' s supposed parentage.

is and offices
This is a pilot operation sponsored by a new entity chartered in Delaware as the Tri-State Pipeline Corporation, with principal offices in New York State.
It is my hope that this written message and report will reach you through the good offices of the Union of Soviet Artists.
One of the offices slated for reconstruction is the aged Court of Claims, diagonally across the street from the White House.
Progress will take place far less through what is done in any `` summit conference '' of the National Council or the World Council, or even in offices of the denominational boards, than through what happens in the communities where Christian people live together as neighbors.
Calgary is home to most oil company head offices.
After the separation of the two offices the position of Astronomer Royal has been largely honorary, though he remains available to advise the Sovereign on astronomical and related scientific matters, and the office is of great prestige.
The largest employer in Aarau is the Canton government, the offices of which are distributed across the entire city at numerous locations.
One of the two head offices of the Aargauer Zeitung, Switzerland's fifth largest newspaper, is located in Aarau, as are the Tele M1 television channel studios, and several radio stations.
The ecclesiastical Abbreviators were officials of the Holy See, among the principal officials of the Apostolic Chancery, which is one of the oldest and most important offices in the Roman Curia.
Alameda is home to the official offices and training facility of the Oakland Raiders American football team, which is located on Bay Farm Island.
It is also the location of the German research institute Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft ( DFG ) offices.
There might have been minor orders ranking below a deacon ; but there is no record of whether Bede held any of these offices.
From the 2nd century, it is certain that the offices of bishop and presbyter were clearly distinguished,
In Australia and New Zealand the largest barter exchange is Bartercard, founded in 1991, with offices in the UK, Thailand and Cyprus.
The Roman Breviary has undergone several revisions: The most remarkable of these is that by Francis Quignonez, cardinal of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme ( 1536 ), which, though not accepted by Rome ( it was approved by Clement VII and Paul III, and permitted as a substitute for the unrevised Breviary, until Pius V in 1568 excluded it as too short and too modern, and issued a reformed edition ( Breviarium Pianum, Pian Breviary ) of the old Breviary ), formed the model for the still more thorough reform made in 1549 by the Church of England, whose daily morning and evening services are but a condensation and simplification of the Breviary offices.
Moreover, the CITES Secretariat itself is largely dependent on signatories ' offices for determinations on whether the trade in a given species is " non-detrimental.
Today, Cairo is the centre for many government offices governing the Egyptian educational system, has the largest number of educational schools, and higher learning institutes among other cities and governorates of Egypt.
The name of the DC & H corporate offices is visible on the third floor window above the corner of Brattle and JFK Streets, in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Computer files can be considered as the modern counterpart of paper documents which traditionally are kept in offices ' and libraries ' files, and this is the source of the term.
Later in the film, when the need to change is more urgent ( as he believes the city is about to be poisoned by Lex Luthor ), he simply jumps out a window of the Daily Planet offices, changing at super-speed as he falls ( the film merely shows the falling Kent blurring into a falling Superman ) and flies off.
Though the model comes from the field of software development, it is also used as a general model to aid in business processes generally, and has been used extensively worldwide in government offices, commerce, industry and software-development organizations.
The Christian view of Jesus as Messiah goes beyond such claims and is the fulfillment and union of three anointed offices ; a prophet like Moses who delivers God's commands and covenant and frees people from bondage, a High Priest in the order of Melchizedek overshadowing the Levite priesthood and a king like King David ruling over Jews, and like God ruling over the whole world and coming from the line of David.

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