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is and venerated
1543 A.D. is often venerated as the birthday of the scientific revolution.
The English saints are widely venerated, quite naturally, and now there is great hope that the Forty Martyrs and Cardinal Newman will soon be canonized.
Ambrose's siblings, Satyrus ( who is the subject of Ambrose's De excessu fratris Satyri ) and Marcellina, are also venerated as saints.
Ambrose is venerated as a saint by some branches of Christianity.
Athanasius is venerated as a Christian saint, whose feast day is 2 May in Western Christianity, 15 May in the Coptic Orthodox Church, and 18 January in the other Eastern Orthodox Churches.
He is venerated by the Roman Catholic Church, Oriental and Eastern Orthodox churches, the Lutherans, and the Anglican Communion.
Athanasius is venerated as a saint by the majority of major Christian denominations which officially recognize saints.
St. Barnabas is venerated as the Patron Saint of Cyprus.
Upham shows a balanced and complicated view of Cotton Mather such as this first mention: " One of Cotton Mather's most characteristic productions is the tribute to his venerated master.
Clement is regarded as a Church Father, and he is venerated as a saint in Orthodox Christianity, Eastern Catholicism and Anglicanism.
He is venerated as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Anglican Communion.
The site is venerated as Golgotha ( the Hill of Calvary ), where Jesus was crucified, and is said also to contain the place where Jesus was buried ( the Sepulchre ).
By the crusader period, a cistern under the former basilica was rumoured to have been the location that Helena had found the True Cross, and began to be venerated as such ; although the cistern later became the Chapel of the Invention of the Cross, there is no evidence for the rumour prior to the 11th century, and modern archaeological investigation has now dated the cistern to the 11th century repairs by Monomachos.
In religious Taoism, Lao Tsu is venerated as a saint with his own powers.
Kammu is traditionally venerated at his tomb ; the Imperial Household Agency designates, in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, as the location of Kammu's mausoleum.
The emperor's kami is venerated at the Kashihara Shrine a Shinto shrine located at Kashihara in Nara prefecture, where his palace was said to have been located.
Ephrem is venerated as an example of monastic discipline in Eastern Christianity.
This emperor is traditionally venerated at a memorial Shinto shrine ( misasagi ) at Nara.
This emperor is traditionally venerated at a memorial Shinto shrine ( misasagi ) at Osaka.
This emperor is traditionally venerated at a memorial Shinto shrine ( misasagi ) at Osaka.
This emperor is traditionally venerated at a memorial Shinto shrine ( misasagi ) at Nara.

is and saint
Everyone in Salem, saint and sinner alike, is swept up by it.
What interests him, he tells Rieux, is how to become a saint, even though he does not believe in God .</ br > Later in the novel, Tarrou tells Rieux, with whom he has become friends, the story of his life.
A common theory about the building is that the rounded feature to the left of centre, terminating at the top in a turret and cross, represents the lance of Saint George ( patron saint of Catalonia, Gaudi's home ), which has been plunged into the back of the dragon.
The Mariner's Cross is also referred to as St. Clement's Cross, in reference to the way this saint was martyred ( being tied to an anchor and thrown from a boat into the Black Sea in 102 ).
Saint Alcuin ( Alcuin of York ) is considered as a saint by all the main branches of Christianity: Roman Catholic, Anglican and Eastern Orthodox Churches.
( 1193 / 1206 – November 15, 1280 ), also known as Albert the Great and Albert of Cologne, is a Catholic saint.
He is honored as a saint by the Camaldolese Order.
In the Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion, he is a saint and pre-eminent Doctor of the Church, and the patron of the Augustinians ; his memorial is celebrated 28 August, the day of his death.
He is the patron saint of brewers, printers, theologians, the alleviation of sore eyes, and a number of cities and dioceses.
In the Eastern Orthodox Church he is also considered a saint, his feast day being celebrated on 15 June .< ref >
One well known member of this religious and ethnic community is Saint Abo, martyr and the patron saint of Tbilisi, Georgia.
St. Titus is the patron saint of the United States Army Chaplain Corps.
Apollos is regarded as a saint by several Christian churches, including the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, which hold a commemoration for him, Aquila and Priscilla on February 13.
The patron saint of the Bulgarian Army is St. George.
Benedict of Nursia () ( c. 480 – 543 ) is a Christian saint, honored by the Roman Catholic Church as the patron saint of Europe and students.
Gregory ’ s account of this saint ’ s life is not, however, a biography in the modern sense of the word.
A succinct description of the " perfect man " is one who " combines the qualities of saint, scholar, and gentleman.
Canonization ( or canonisation ) is the act by which a Catholic or Orthodox church declares a deceased person to be a saint, upon which declaration the person is included in the canon, or list, of recognized saints.

is and on
I seized the rack and made a western-style flying-mount just in time, one of my knees mercifully landing on my duffel bag -- and merely wrecking my camera, I was to discover later -- my other knee landing on the slivery truck floor boards and -- but this is no medical report.
It is nothing you can put your fingers on but the air suddenly fills with a high charge of electricity.
And all the time, she had the heat of hatred in her, like charcoal that is burning on its under side, but not visibly.
It is Eromonga -- look hard, you can see with your naked eye the wooden scaffolding on the cliff ''.
I clapped the big man with the bleached hair on his shoulder and said heartily, hoping it would make an impression on the women: `` This one is the maku Frayne.
He speaks your language too, for he is the grandson of a chieftain on Taui who made much magic and was strong and cunning.
He thought of the jungles below him, and of the wild, strange, untracked beauty there and he promised himself that someday he would return, on foot perhaps, to hunt in this last corner of the world where man is sometimes himself the hunted, and animals the lords.
`` All I have to do to set the record is to go on down.
`` Jed's homestead is on the south bank ''.
Had the situation been reversed, had, for instance, England been the enemy in 1898 because of issues of concern chiefly to New England, there is little doubt that large numbers of Southerners would have happily put on their old Confederate uniforms to fight as allies of Britain.
Ratified in the Republican Party victory in 1952, the Positive State is now evidenced by political campaigns being waged not on whether but on how much social legislation there should be.
Only recently new `` holes '' were discovered in our safety measures, and a search is now on for more.
Work is under way to see whether new restraining devices should be installed on all nuclear weapons.
Others are confined to vast reservations, and not only does the Australian government justifiably not wish them to be viewed as exhibits in a zoo, but on their reservations they are extremely fugitive, shunning camps, coming together only for corroborees at which their strange culture comes to its highest pitch -- which is very low indeed.
Here, on the hottest day, it is cool beneath the stone and fresh from the water flowing in the sluices at the bottom of the vaults.
Poetry in Persian life is far more than a common ground on which -- in a society deeply fissured by antagonisms -- all may stand.
It is perhaps difficult to conceive, but imagine that tonight on London bridge the Teddy boys of the East End will gather to sing Marlowe, Herrick, Shakespeare, and perhaps some lyrics of their own.
Each mode is believed to have a specific attribute -- one inducing pleasure, another generosity, another love, and so on, to include all of the emotions.
He added that he also stresses the works of these favorite masters on tour, especially Mahler's First and Fourth symphonies, and Das Lied Von der Erde, and Bruckner's Sixth -- which is rarely played -- and Seventh.
The dancer who never loosens her hold on a parasol, begins to feel that it is part of herself.
The answers derived by these means may determine not only the temporal organization of the dance but also its spatial design, special slips designating the location on the stage where the movement is to be performed.
I think it is essential, however, to pinpoint here the difference between the two concepts of sovereignty that went to war in 1861 -- if only to see better how imperative is our need today to clarify completely our far worse confusion on this subject.

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