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joined and Irish
Members of the Irish Volunteers — led by schoolteacher and barrister Pádraig ( Patrick ) Pearse, joined by the smaller Irish Citizen Army of James Connolly, along with 200 members of Cumann na mBan — seized key locations in Dublin and proclaimed the Irish Republic independent of Britain.
Though large numbers of Irishmen had willingly joined Irish regiments and divisions of the New British Army at the outbreak of war in 1914, the likelihood of enforced conscription created a backlash – particularly as the Government of Ireland Act 1914 ( as previously recommended in March by the Irish Convention ) was controversially linked with a " dual policy " enactment of the Military Service Bill.
The incident provided a new departure for Irish politics whereby Old English, Gaelic Irish and New English settlers joined together in a legal body to present evidence against Strafford.
Robinson initially served in the Irish upper house as an independent senator, but in the mid 1970s she joined the Labour Party.
He is joined by his old girlfriend Tulip O ' Hare, as well as a hard-drinking Irish vampire named Cassidy.
After the war, thousands of Irish veterans joined the Fenian Brotherhood and formed the Irish Republican Army with the intention of invading and holding Canada hostage in exchange for Irish independence.
Other Whigs joined the Know-Nothing Party, attracted by its nativist crusades against so-called " corrupt " Irish and German immigrants.
Simnel's army — mainly Flemish and Irish troops — landed on Piel Island in the Furness area of Lancashire on 5 June 1487 and were joined by some English supporters.
His father had joined the Scotch Irish immigration from County Donegal to the backcountry of South Carolina.
Originally an active Liberal, she joined the Liberal Unionist party in 1886 in opposition to Irish Home Rule.
Well versed in both Buck and Wing dancing and Irish Step dancing, Bill Robinson joined the Vaudeville circuit in 1902, in a duo with George W. Cooper.
The Nine Years War arrived in Munster with Irish rebels from Ulster, who were joined by locals who had lost land to English settlers.
IRA attacks on Catholics who joined the RUC, and the perception that the police force was " a Protestant force for a Protestant people " meant that Catholic participation in the Royal Ulster Constabulary always remained disproportionally small in terms of the Catholic percentage of the overall Northern Irish population.
He was a Sinn Féin councillor on Dublin Corporation from 1909 until 1922 and joined the Irish Volunteers in 1913.
From Irish annals it is known that Edmund's old rival Olaf Guthfrithson left Dublin in 939 ( Annals of the Four Masters ), that in 940 his cousin Amlaíb Cuarán ( also Olaf Sihtricsson ) joined him in York ( Annals of the Four Masters, Annals of Clonmacnoise ) and that Olaf Guthfrithson died in 941 ( Annals of Clonmacnoise, Chronicon Scotorum ), while the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle ( MS E ) dates his death – incorrectly it seems – to 942.
In 1922 Costello joined the staff of the Attorney General in the newly established Irish Free State.
While it looked as if Fianna Fáil were heading for a seventh consecutive victory all the other parties in the Dáil joined to form the first inter-party government in the history of the Irish state.
Holland joined the Irish Christian Brothers in Limerick and taught in Limerick and many other centers in the country including North Monastery CBS in Cork City.
In 1950 he joined the group Irish Fandom which met at the house of James White, another Northern Irish science fiction writer, on Upper Newtonards Road.

joined and Dairy
In 1888 three more of the Gates brothers and their sons joined the business, which lead to the formal registration of the company under the name of the West Surrey Central Dairy Company, which after development of its dried milk baby formula in 1906 became Cow & Gate.
James Stannage is currently one of the presenters on the Manchester online radio station, simply titled ' ManchesterRadioOnline. Com ', alongside Dave Foran ( Dairy Lee Dave ) Sean Holland and Jay Smith ( New Music First ), Dan Shaw, Matty Shaw and Paul ( Ripman ) Ripley – and is occasionally joined in the studio by one of the station's producers, Tony Filer ( aka ' Wrestler '). As the station is based online, it is not subject to the same regulations as conventional radio stations, allowing the likes of Stannage to voice their outspoken opinions.
He first joined the Edmonton City Dairy in 1913, and remained with the firm for 11 years while he remained an active hockey player.
He purchased a share in a dairy farm in 1924, and joined the Northern Alberta Dairy Pool as an assistant manager in 1929 following the conclusion of his playing career.
The film traces the origins of the movement through its fictionalized narrative, based around rural empowerment, when a young veterinary surgeon, played by Girish Karnad, a character based on then, National Dairy Development Board ( NDDB ) chief, the 33 year old Dr. Verghese Kurien, who joined hands with local social worker, Tribhovandas Patel, which led to the setting up a local milk cooperative, in Anand, Gujarat.

joined and Board
Sydney Larson, a staff representative for the United Steel Workers, which the firm's 25 workers joined before striking, said the state Labor Relations Board has been asked to set up an election to pick a bargaining agent.
In early 1964, Benny and Christina joined a group with the odd name " Elverkets Spelmanslag " (" The Electricity Board Folk Music Group "), who by no means was a folk music ensemble: the name was a punning reference to their electric instruments.
After the final vote, 2 out of the 5 nominees joined the Heinz Board.
George Miller joined the Company as a member of the Advisory Board.
A Federal lawsuit ( joined by Green, Libertarian, and other parties ) enjoined the Board of Elections from discarding enrollment records of these disqualified parties, and also required modifications to allow voters to register themselves in non-ballot parties.
A lifelong Gilbert and Sullivan fan, in 1975, Wilson joined the Board of Trustees of the D ' Oyly Carte Trust at the invitation of Sir Hugh Wontner, who was then the Lord Mayor of London.
Carl Bildt joined the Board of Directors of Lundin Oil AB in 2000, after serious concerns had surfaced that the oil industry was exacerbating the war in Sudan.
In November 2010 he joined the Board of Visitors of Ralston College, a start-up institution in Savannah, Georgia.
When af2 legally folded, some teams joined the af2 Board of Directors in forming the new Arena Football One that became the new Arena Football League.
In 1996, Watson joined the World Bank as Senior Scientific adviser in the Environment Department, became Director of the Environment Department and Head of the Environment Sector Board in 1997 and is currently the Chief Scientist and Senior Adviser for Sustainable Development.
Concomitant with the sale, Frye joined Western Air Express on the Board of Directors and as Chief of Operations.
On October 10, Texas Christian University's Board of Trustees voted to accept the invitation from the Big 12 Conference, and the school joined the conference on July 1, 2012.
WKU joined the Sun Belt Conference for football in 2009 after its Board of Regents voted to upgrade the school's football program to Division I FBS.
As a result, he and Howard Lorber, President and CEO of Vector Group, joined the Board of Directors.
After leaving government he joined the Board of Directors of Monsanto ; he is currently retired from that board.
On May 1, 2006 it was announced that Vilsack joined the Board of Directors of Pittsburgh-based Carnegie Learning, a leading publisher of research-based math curricula for middle school, high school, and postsecondary students.
In 1995, Fort Lewis College joined the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges, and in 2002, the College became independent of the Colorado State University system, and formed its own governing Board of Trustees.
In 1981, David Booth and Rex Sinquefield started Dimensional Fund Advisors ( DFA ), and McQuown joined its Board of Directors many years later.
The other band members went their own ways during the period of inactivity following Loveless: Butcher contributed vocals to Collapsed Lung's 1996 single " Board Game ", Googe had been sighted working as a cab driver in London and formed the supergroup Snowpony in 1996, O ' Ciosoig joined Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions, while Shields collaborated with Yo La Tengo, Primal Scream, and Dinosaur Jr.
He left Six Apart in August 2007 and joined the LiveJournal Advisory Board in 2008.
Lotus Cars joined Jaguar, MIRA Ltd and Caparo on a luxury hybrid executive sedan project called " Limo-Green "— funded by the UK Government Technology Strategy Board.
By the late forties, Gaye's father split from the House of God and joined the newly-formed House of the Living God, but later rejoined the original House of God and headed its Board of Apostles by the early fifties.
Early in 1903 they joined with the Wyoming Board of Land Commissioners in urging the federal government to step in and help with irrigation development in the valley.
He has since joined the club's Board of Directors.
* Victor Perlo, chief of the Aviation Section of the War Production Board, later joined the Office of Price Administration Department of Commerce and the Division of Monetary Research at the Department of Treasury.

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