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joined and Chase
He joined the cast of NBC's Saturday Night Live for the show's second season, following the departure of Chevy Chase.
After working as Allen's summer replacement, Abbott and Costello joined Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy on The Chase and Sanborn Hour in 1941, while two of their films ( Buck Privates and Hold That Ghost ) were adapted for Lux Radio Theater.
Cordelia Chase, also from the original Sunnydale crew, joined Angel and Doyle.
There, she also joined the Semi-Colon Club, a literary salon and social club whose members included the Beecher sisters, Caroline Lee Hentz, Salmon P. Chase, Emily Blackwell, and others.
When the ship was struck by a whale on November 20, 1820, he joined the boat of the first mate, Owen Chase, who later wrote about the incident in the Narrative of the Most Extraordinary and Distressing Shipwreck of the Whale-Ship Essex, the book that would inspire Herman Melville to write Moby-Dick.
Replacing Maurice Chevalier, who was returning to Paris, Cantor joined Chase and Sanborn on September 13, 1931.
In 1999, Chase joined a small band as lead singer and took the stage as the opening act for Reba McEntire.
In 1849 he was joined in the Senate by co-advocates of the anti-slavery cause Salmon P. Chase and William H. Seward, and in 1851 he was joined by Charles Sumner.
In 1904, Frank Alvah Parsons joined Chase ; six years later, he became the School's president.
Margaret Chase, the only woman to head the California Polytechnic, joined its faculty in 1908 as instructor in English and served the institution in a variety of teaching and administrative capacities.
In June 2012, Wright joined the film Before I Sleep starring David Warner, Chevy Chase, Eric Roberts, Tom Sizemore, James Rebhorn, Cynthia Gibb, Sasha Spielberg, and Campbell Scott.
Bill Chase was joined by Ted
In 2002, Horton joined the UNIX Implementation Engineering group at Bank One, which was purchased by JPMorgan Chase in 2004.
Chase began developing the company's repertoire of well-known full-length ballets, as well as original works, amidst financial issues, until in 1945 Oliver Smith joined Ballet Theatre and became co-director with Chase.
Chase joined the Highlanders in 1905, and held out during March 1907, threatening to sign with the outlaw California League if the Highlanders did not increase his salary.
He then joined Fox Chase Cancer Center's division of basic in 1963 and stayed there until he retired in 1995.
Previously established companies, such as Sherwin-Williams, Ellis Environmental Group, and 352 Media Group, have been joined by new businesses in the commercial development in Town of Tioga, such as Starbucks and the Publix at Steeple Chase shopping plaza.
After retiring from the BIS in 2003, he joined JPMorgan Chase & Co., the U. S. banking firm.
In the early 1970s, he joined The Sidewinders, and played with Bryan Chase ( drummer ).
When Twachtman died in 1902, William Merritt Chase joined the Ten in his place.
In the fourth season premiere, Jack Bauer mentions that Chase left CTU and joined a private security firm in Valencia, California.
The extensive forest of Loxley Chase extended as far south east as Nottinghamshire in the 12th century where it joined up with Sherwood Forest.

joined and Manhattan
After his initial stint with small-time gangs that included the Junior Forty Thieves and the Bowery Boys, Capone joined the Brooklyn Rippers and then the powerful Five Points Gang based in Lower Manhattan.
It portrays the evacuation of black slaves from Manhattan by the British after the Revolutionary War, as they had promised freedom to slaves of rebels who joined their forces.
In 1911, he emigrated to the United States through the port of Odessa with his mother and brother and joined his father, who had previously emigrated to the United States in 1909, and settled on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York.
The younger Rabi and his mother, Sheindel, joined David there a few months later, and the family moved into a two-room apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.
Looking for new adventures, in 1916 he joined the civilian aviation corps, led by General Leonard Wood on Governors Island off the coast of Manhattan.
At the time Bobby Fischer become a teenage sensation in the 50's and 60's, he notably lived in New York City where he joined the Manhattan Chess Club, the strongest in the country.
While still at the Manhattan School, he joined Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers, as replacement for Clifford Brown.
Spanning the Harlem River, the Bronx Kill, and the Hell Gate ( part of the East River ), the bridges connect the boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, and The Bronx via Randall's Island and Wards Island, which are joined by landfill.
The Hell Gate Bridge ( originally the New York Connecting Railroad Bridge or The East River Arch Bridge ) is a steel through arch railroad bridge between Astoria in the borough of Queens, Randall's / Wards Island ( which are now joined into one island and are politically part of Manhattan ), and The Bronx in New York City, over a portion of the East River known as Hell Gate.
He joined the Manhattan Project in 1941 and was among the leading scientists who developed the critical initial step of the separation of uranium isotopes.
He was director of the Manhattan Project, Columbia University Group, 1945-6, after which he joined the Union Carbide Corporation in Charleston, West Virginia, first as Manager of the Coal Hydrogenation Plant, and then as Director of Research of the Olefins Division.
He remained in school until the start of World War II, and joined the Manhattan Project in 1942, where he worked with Segrè, both at Berkeley and in Los Alamos, New Mexico.
After time back in Chicago with Elgar, he joined the Luis Russell in Manhattan, then again returned to Chicago in 1928 to play with the Erskine Tate Orchestra.
) Like Coogan, McCloud galloped the length and breadth of Manhattan ( he was joined by a mounted unit in " The 42nd Street Cavalry "), and the sight of McCloud on horseback riding down the middle of a busy street ( taken from an early episode ) became one of the series ' most famous images.
Upon completion of his studies, Hammer spent a year touring with Sarah Vaughan, recorded with Elvin Jones and Jeremy Steig, then moved to Lower Manhattan and joined the original lineup of the Mahavishnu Orchestra with guitarist John McLaughlin, violinist Jerry Goodman, bassist Rick Laird, and drummer Billy Cobham in 1971.
In 2003, she joined the composition faculty of the Manhattan School of Music.
In June 1943, Parsons joined the Manhattan Project as Associate Director at the research laboratory at Los Alamos, New Mexico under J. Robert Oppenheimer.
After leaving public service Belfi joined the Manhattan practice of Murray, Frank & Sailer LLP as senior counsel.
At the curve in the subway from Fulton Street to Flatbush Avenue, the trackway curves under the southbound local track, and is joined by another unused trackway heading north along Flatbush Avenue for a proposed Manhattan Bridge connection ( which was later built for the BMT, though this connection may have still been planned when that line was built, as the DeKalb Avenue station was designed to allow for it ).
) In 1992, Nick Kramer ( guitars / vocals ), David Max ( bass ) and Andrew Jackson ( guitars ) of the fledgling Manhattan group, Hit, joined the Tadpoles after putting Hit on hiatus.
Tadpoles became fixtures on the Manhattan rock club scene in 1992-1993 after NYU students, Nick Kramer, David Max and Andrew Jackson, joined the group.
Early in her tenure, she joined with colleagues to secure $ 306. 1 million in federal funds for the 63rd Street Connector, a $ 645 million project that significantly expanded transit capacity between Queens and Manhattan Maloney has been hailed as a champion of the Second Avenue Subway, a project first conceived in the 1920s.
Formerly Los Angeles-based O ' Brien joined Spencer in a new Manhattan studio.
In 2006, he joined the conservative Manhattan Institute of Policy Research as a senior fellow.

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