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joined and with
It entered her body with the ghastly intimacy of an incubus, and its particles, spreading, creeping, crawling, joined themselves into steel bands that constricted her knees so tightly that they ached ; ;
Tom Brannon had caught up with the outfit shortly after the Maguires joined it, which had been at midday.
In the fall of that year the best musicians of the Berlin and Frankfurt Kulturbund orchestras joined under the combined efforts of Bronislaw Hubermann and Steinberg to become the Palestine Orchestra -- now known as the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra -- with Steinberg as founder-conductor.
Very soon after his arrival in Little Rock, Pike had joined one of the most influential organizations in town, the Little Rock Debating Society, and it was with this group that he made his debut as an orator, being invited to deliver the annual Fourth of July address the club sponsored every year.
Other brothers later joined them for instruction with Oldenburg, the wigmaker, and also arithmetic was added to Bible reading, German, and Danish in the informal curriculum.
Oersted joined Ritter at Jena and stayed with him for 3 weeks, continuing their correspondence after he left.
The physical film is cut with a knife at the end of one complete sequence, and the cut edge is joined physically, by cement, to the cut edge of the beginning of the next sequence.
Seidel joined the department in 1925 as a division fire warden after graduation in 1921 from the University of Michigan with a degree in forestry and employment with private lumber companies.
Wilson, shackled and snarling, was thrown with the other prisoners and was soon joined by Green, McKee and McKinley.
After a short time, both George and Donald joined the class with me so they wouldn't feel lonely, and we used to hang a sign on the door of the Brush-off reading out to work.
In the successor states of continental Europe, on the other hand, anthropologists often joined with folklorists and linguists in building cultural perspectives on nationalism.
The individual flowers are small, with tepals joined at the base.
The ovary is inferior with often a thin tubular portion at its apex formed by joined tepals or the tip of the ovary.
Kool Keith and Marc Live joined with Jacky jasper to release two albums as KHM.
He is joined by producer David Heyman, who Cuarón worked with on Harry Potter.
* 2011: Michael Balcon Award for Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema ( Harry Potter series, joined by J. K. Rowling, David Heyman, David Barron, David Yates and Mike Newell, shared with Harry Potter cast and crew )
Pro-business conservative commentators joined in opposition, writing that the Americans with Disabilities Act was " an expensive headache to millions " that would not necessarily improve the lives of people with disabilities.
It has been associated with more than 20 melodies, but in 1835 it was joined to a tune named " New Britain " to which it is most frequently sung today.
" Amazing Grace ", with the words written by Newton and joined with " New Britain ", the melody most currently associated with it, appeared for the first time in Walker's shape note tunebook Southern Harmony in 1847.
From here the Aar flows northeast for a long distance, past the ambassador town Solothurn ( below which the Grosse Emme flows in on the right ), Aarburg ( where it is joined by the Wigger ), Olten, Aarau, near which is the junction with the Suhre, and Wildegg, where the Hallwiler Aa falls in on the right.
However, no Hermunduri appear in Ptolemy, though after the time of Ptolemy the Hermunduri joined with the Marcomanni in the wars of 166 – 180 against the empire.

joined and Bolsheviks
He remained a self-described " non-factional social democrat " until August 1917 when he joined Lenin and the Bolsheviks as their positions assembled and he came to believe that Lenin was right on the issue of the party.
He joined the Bolsheviks immediately prior to the 1917 October Revolution, and eventually became a leader within the Party.
Beria was educated at a technical school in Sukhumi and joined the Bolsheviks in March 1917 while a student in the Baku Polytechnicum ( now known as the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy ).
Indeed, many Russian nationalists and some revolutionaries were furious at the Bolsheviks ' acceptance of the treaty and joined forces to fight them.
He studied naval engineering in Saint Petersburg from 1902 until 1908, during which time he joined the Bolsheviks.
Its citizen-soldiers joined the Polish army fighting the Bolsheviks during the Polish – Soviet War.
" Later, Trotsky judged that unity between the Mensheviks and Bolsheviks was impossible and joined the Bolsheviks.
Once the February 1917 Russian revolution had broken out Trotsky admitted the importance of a Bolshevik organisation, and joined the Bolsheviks in July 1917.
He now became closely associated with Vladimir Lenin and Alexander Bogdanov's's Bolshevik wing of the party, with Bogdanov taking repsonsibility for the transfer of funds from Gorky to Vpered. It is not clear whether he ever formally joined and his relations with Lenin and the Bolsheviks would always be rocky.
The Mensheviks supported a looser party discipline within the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party in 1903, as did Leon Trotsky, in Our Political Tasks, although Trotsky joined ranks with the Bolsheviks in 1917.
Some, like Alexandra Kollontai, joined the Bolsheviks directly.
A significant number, including Leon Trotsky and Adolf Joffe, joined the non-factional Petrograd-based anti-war group called Mezhraiontsy, which merged with the Bolsheviks in August 1917.
The SRs opened negotiations with the Bolsheviks and in January 1919 the SR People's Army joined with the Red Army.
After the October Revolution he joined the Bolsheviks and worked in the Galician mines.
He joined the Bolsheviks in 1903.
Some of them emigrated, some joined the White movement, some joined Bolsheviks ( and some were Bolsheviks from the very beginning ), some tried to oppose Bolsheviks within the political framework of Soviet Union, some remained passive.
Anarchists in central Russia were either imprisoned, driven underground or joined the victorious Bolsheviks ; the anarchists from Petrograd and Moscow fled to the Ukraine.
In 1920, after the defeat of the Whites under Denikin, and the end of the Russian Civil War, he joined the Bolsheviks.

joined and soon
" Charles Duke soon descended the ladder and joined Young on the surface, becoming the tenth and youngest human to walk on the Moon at age 36.
Hill accepted a position as a visiting scholar at the Institute for the Study of Social Change at University of California, Berkeley in January 1997, but soon joined the faculty of Brandeis University — first at the Women's Studies Program, later moving to the Heller School for Social Policy and Management.
They formed the acrobat duo " Lang and Cravat " in the 1930s and soon joined the Kay Brothers circus.
Although briefly outmatched, the British ships were soon joined by Goliath and Theseus.
He joined Throop's board of trustees in 1907, and soon began developing it and the whole of Pasadena into a major scientific and cultural destination.
During World War I, Eastman was one of the founders of the Woman's Peace Party, soon joined by Jane Addams, Lillian D. Wald, and others.
The Tutsi militia was soon joined by various opposition groups and supported by several countries, including Rwanda and Uganda.
American Beatrice Wood, who had been studying in France, soon joined them, along with Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven.
The album, which would remain in the chart for two years, was soon joined there by the six-month-old Hunky Dory.
Terry Daniher and his brother Neale would come via a trade with South Melbourne, and Roger Merrett joined soon afterwards to form the nucleus of what would become the formidable Essendon sides of the 1980s.
Corbino helped Fermi in selecting his team, which soon was joined by notable minds like Edoardo Amaldi, Bruno Pontecorvo, Franco Rasetti and Emilio Segrè.
A majority of the representatives of the clergy soon joined them, as did 47 members of the nobility.
Royalty across Europe was horrified and many heretofore neutral countries soon joined the war against revolutionary France.
French buccaneers established a settlement on the island of Tortuga in 1625, and were soon joined by like minded English and Dutch privateers and pirates, who formed a lawless international community that survived by preying on Spanish ships and hunting wild cattle.
However, Las Casas was kept a prisoner, soon to be joined by González, who had been captured by Olid's inland force.
In 1969, Tony O ' Reilly joined the company's UK subsidiary, soon becoming its managing director ; he
However, this force soon joined the faction of Elagabalus when, during the battle, they turned on their own commanders.
After India gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1947, it soon joined the Commonwealth of Nations and strongly supported independence movements in other colonies, like the Indonesian National Revolution.
They were soon joined by Camille Pissarro, Paul Cézanne, and Armand Guillaumin.
Zero Tolerance came across and Bobby found and helped Cecilia Reyes who was trying to keep a secret that she was a mutant, they also joined with Charlotte Jones and the morlock Marrow, after Bastion was defeated he took Cecilia and Marrow to the mansion, and soon left the X-Men again for a while to be with his parents.
He soon joined the " Democratic-Republican " faction led by Jefferson and Madison, and by 1791 was the party leader in the Senate.
In 1822 Polk joined the local militia and rose to the rank of captain, and was soon promoted to colonel.
It begins with a marking of half-notes ( woodblock, soon joined by the four trumpets ) and eighths ( clarinets and synthesizers ); the ( amplified ) woodblock is fortissimo and the other instruments play forte.

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