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Page "adventure" ¶ 1038
from Brown Corpus
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knew and her
When he saw the expression in her eyes, he knew he couldn't send them on.
She had offered to walk, but Pamela knew she would not feel comfortable about her child until she had personally confided her to the care of the little pink woman who chose to be called `` Auntie ''.
He knew that anything a brainy little lady like her had to say would be plumb important, as well as pleasin' to the ear, and he didn't want to miss a word of it.
And even with her limited knowledge of such things, she knew that the car could be repaired there ; ;
Not that her mother knew what had happened, but they could speculate upon it.
Something clicked in this instance, but I treated her circumspectly and I felt that she knew it, for we both kept our distance.
If it were not that I knew who it was I could have mistaken it for my Aunt so well did her clothes fit him.
She had driven up with her husband in a convertible with Eastern license plates, although the two drivers knew nothing at the moment about that.
Penny knew him better, on her part.
Mama knew she was playing her son's favorite pieces and feeling close to him, and did not disturb her.
Mama knew this doll was meant to help Mrs. Coolidge overcome her grief by turning her eyes to the future.
My own stern hand has rent the ancient bond, And thereof shall the ending not have end: But not for me, that loved her, to be fond Lightly to please me with a newer friend Then hold it more than bravest-feathered song, That I affirm to thee, with heart of pride, I knew not what did to a friend belong Till I stood up, true friend, by thy true side ; ;
I knew of but one test and I threw it out to her for what it was worth.
He felt her irritability did not concern him, yet he knew he would not care even if it did.
He could not make out, but he knew that again she was scratching her nose.
First thing I knew he was in the kitchenette cooking up the breakfast and I was handing Eileen her coffeecup and she was lying there handsome as a queen among her courtiers.
There is a death in all partings, she knew, and promptly put it out of her mind.
But he knew how important it was for her to keep her figure.
They caused my love for Jessica to become warmer and at the same time more hopeless, as if my adolescent self knew that only torment would ever bring me the courage to ask to see her again.

knew and mind
For a moment she thought of answering with the truth but she knew there were men who shied away from virginity, who demanded some degree of education in body as well as mind.
With one corner of his mind he knew that they were saying nothing, just expressing the euphoria of a drug so powerful that the known universe had forbidden it.
At the wedding of Patton's daughter Ruth Ellen ( 1940 ), a couple who knew Patton from Hawaii ( Restarick and Eleanor Jones Withington ) crashed the wedding, and explained they were in the area when they saw the wedding announcement and hoped Patton didn't mind them showing up uninvited.
The recommendation was not acted on, but Zumalacárregui knew of it, and laid up the offence in his mind.
They knew the Lincoln Highway name was fixed in the mind of the public, and James promised them that, so far as possible, the Lincoln Highway would have the number 30 for its entire route.
He found, however, that there was little disposition to join the rebellion, and he then apparently made up his mind to secure his own safety by revealing all that he knew to the government of Queen Anne.
" Not everything on Keats's mind at the time was bright ; the poet knew in September that he would have to finally abandon Hyperion.
" The first book that Agatha wrote for Collins was the one that changed her reputation forever ; no doubt she knew, as through 1925 she turned the idea over in her mind, that here she had a winner.
He wrote that he had his football future worked out in his mind and that, even when working in the pit, he was only " killing time " as he " knew it was only a matter of time before he became a professional player with some club or other ".
His mind was made up and he said: " I knew I was going to finish ".
He gives no indication that he considers the John of the Apocalypse to be a different John from the author of the Gospel of John ; indeed, by calling the author of the Apocalypse of John the " predecessor " of Paul, who, he assumes, wrote to seven churches ( Rev 2-3 ) before Paul wrote to seven churches, he most likely has in mind the gospel writer, since he assumes that the writer of the Gospel of John was an eyewitness disciple who knew Jesus, and thus preceded Paul, who joined the church only after Jesus ' death.
In good and bad times alike, I always knew him to speak his mind and say exactly what he felt.
The hillbillies knew that the slickers would get what was coming to them sooner or later and either didn't mind or knew more than they let on that the slickers getting theirs was a matter of fortunate circumstance.
Schumacher seems to have been profoundly impressed by the administrative superiority of a strong centralised monarchy in the hands of an energetic monarch who knew his own mind ; and, in politics, as in manners, France ever afterwards was his model.
The Guru knew what was passing through Bhai Gonda ’ s mind, and sat firmly on his throne keeping his feet together.
Many people who knew him, however, have said that he was never the type to contemplate suicide and he himself was quoted in 1994 as saying " In terms of the ' S ' word, that does not enter my mind.
He knew something of that Gentleman, whose heart he knew was as sound as his head ; and he was sure that had he lived to this day and beheld the novel state of wretchedness to which the country was now reduced — a state, which as the like had never occurred before, could never have entered into his mind ; that Great Man would have reason to blush for some of the doctrines he had laid down.
She later said about going to the Social Security office, " It wasn't that I expected anything, mind you, but I knew I'd been paying for something called Social Security and I wanted to ask the people in Rutland about it.
Initially, this was to be the episode where Riley and Buffy have sex, and Whedon took comfort in that plan because he knew people would not mind the silence, but ultimately he decided it was too early for the characters to sleep together, and he scrapped the idea.
He manifests that " When, in our civilized Europe, we would find a trace of the native beauty of man, we must go seek it in the nations where economic prejudices have not yet uprooted the hatred of work ... The Greeks in their era of greatness had only contempt for work: their slaves alone were permitted to labor: the free man knew only exercises for the body and mind ... The philosophers of antiquity taught contempt for work, that degradation of the free man, the poets sang of idleness, that gift from the Gods.
He also revealed that Galbatorix knew his True Name, so he owned him in mind and body.

knew and pretty
In I knew you when you were a child, and you were pretty then dominant stress on then implies that the young woman spoken to is still pretty.
When I decided to go to college, the guys in the band were pretty hip on it because they knew how big of a nerd I was.
One of the marvelous things about John Bonham which made things very easy a producer was the fact that he really knew how to tune his drums, and I tell you what, that was pretty rare in drummers in those days.
They were pretty sure they understood how the layer formed, and they knew from laboratory experiments that halogens could destroy ozone.
He knew a drummer and bass player who were both pretty good.
They knew I was feeling pretty rotten, and they tried to give me time to rest.
Glenn Quinn knew that it was an issue and he learned pretty early on.
Everybody knew there would be no pretty passes at the ball and deft deflections from Eric.
When I decided to go to college, the guys in the band were pretty hip on it because they knew how big of a nerd I was.
It is during this that many mysterious deaths and answers are revealed ; Jax caused Shahan's death, he killed the head seer because the seer knew were Terrel lives, compelled many pretty women to his room and raped them ( as their dreams forced them to have sex with him ) before erasing their memories, including a princess who he impregnants and slays, blaming the pregnancy on her, and ( most shocking of all ) that he was responsible for Terrel's deformed arm and leg.
Savage was offered a screentest by Fox, but she " decided not to turn up as she knew the studio already had a bevy of pretty blondes ".
I began by asking the fellow my road ; and, from the tone and manner of his answer, I could tell pretty nearly what prospect he had of success, and knew what to say to draw something from him.
" We pretty much knew ahead of time when they were going to pass, and where they were going to pass it.

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