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later and contributed
Do patriots everywhere know enough about how the persecution of the Jews in Germany and later in the occupied countries contributed to terrorizing the populations, splitting apart individuals and groups, arousing the meanest and most dishonest impulses, pulverizing trust and personal dignity, and finally forcing people to follow their masters into the abyss by making them partners in unspeakable crimes??
While accompanying Mallowan on countless archaeological trips ( spending up to 3 – 4 months at a time in Syria and Iraq at excavation sites at Ur, Ninevah, Tell Arpachiyah, Chagar Bazar, Tell Brak, and Nimrud ), Christie not only wrote novels and short stories, but also contributed work to the archaeological sites, more specifically to the archaeological restoration and labeling of ancient exhibits which includes tasks such as cleaning and conserving delicate ivory pieces, reconstructing pottery, developing photos from early excavations which later led to taking photographs of the site and its findings, and taking field notes.
He later contributed more to these and other schools.
The mother of a bastard may summon the putative father to petty sessions within 12 months of the birth ( or at any later time if he is proved to have contributed to the child's support within 12 months after the birth ), and the justices, as after hearing evidence on both sides, may, if the mother's evidence be corroborated in some material particular, adjudge the man to be the putative father
While ceremonial, these offices no doubt gained Domitian valuable experience in the Roman Senate, and may have contributed to his later reservations about its relevance.
" One of his great supporters in Berlin was Walther Rathenau, later the German foreign minister, who greatly contributed to his success.
As if to prove that lightning does occasionally strike twice, the second of the ' ones that got away ' came just a year later, the Dons finishing with a lamentable 7. 27 ( of which full forward Bill Brittingham contributed 2. 12 ) to tie with Melbourne ( who managed 10. 9 ) in the 1948 grand final.
The Vikings celebrated Yule, which later contributed to the Twelve Days of Christmas, or the " Daft Days " as they were sometimes called in Scotland.
" This contention overshadowed Adams ' term and greatly contributed to Adams ' loss to Jackson four years later, in the 1828 election.
In 1921 – 22, the Bradleys made their first trip to central Africa, which later contributed to Sheldon ’ s short story, " The Women Men Don't See.
His works later inspired leading Soviet rocket engineers such as Sergey Korolyov and Valentin Glushko and contributed to the success of the Soviet space program.
The institutionalization of slavery under US territorial law in the Louisiana Territory contributed to the American Civil War a half century later.
He also wrote " Technopolis " ( 1979 ), which contributed to the development of techno, and the international hit " Behind the Mask " ( 1978 ), a synthpop song for which he sang the vocals through a vocoder and which would later be covered by a number of international artists, including Michael Jackson and Eric Clapton.
Other factors that contributed to a slowdown in population growth included urbanization, later marriage ages for both men and women, higher education levels, a greater number of women in the labor force, and better health standards.
A young high school student, Otori You, later known as Akiko Yosano, and Ishikawa Takuboku contributed to Myōjō.
The epigraph was not Poe's invention ; such an inscription had been reported, no later than 1803, as having been composed with the intention ( possibly facetious ) of having it placed on the site, and it had appeared, without attribution, as an item of trivia in the 1836 Southern Literary Messenger, a periodical to which Poe contributed.
Petrarch later retold the story in Latin, which is probably the biggest factor that contributed to its huge popularity in subsequent centuries.
Along with Patricia Leavy, Trier-Bieniek contributed a chapter to the book " The Art of Social Critique " which addressed Amos's later albums and songwriting skills.
Vangelis also contributed as a producer and keyboard player to the album Phos, by the Greek rock band Socrates Drank the Conium ( later known simply as Socrates ).
The replacement of Andrews ' keyboard playing with Gregory's 1960s-influenced guitar style steered the band on a path towards a more traditional rock sound ; Gregory also contributed occasional keyboards ( and later, string arrangements ).
Although Jolitz worked briefly for UUNET ( which later spun out BSDi ) in 1991, the work he did for them diverged from that contributed to the University of California and did not appear in 386BSD.
In the parliamentary election later in the same year the Social Democrat government was voted out for the first time in 44 years, and the Lindgren tax debate was one of several controversies that may have contributed to this result.
Look at those tracks, I'm gonna drive my motorcycle up those saggy glad bags, get your sh * t together, sucking a good stiff will do you good " Despite all this, as well as the fact that Tesco Vee had performed a song called " Morrissey Must Die " about the Smiths ' self-identified asexual frontman and referred to him as a " fag ," they later contributed a cover of the song " How Soon Is Now?
Beethoven contributed to the repertoire with a Triple Concerto for piano, violin, cello and orchestra while later in the century, Brahms wrote a Double Concerto for violin, cello and orchestra.

later and artwork
Graphics cards are designed primarily for 2D artwork production, workstation use, and later, gaming.
Cream Lemon, which contained many themes found in hentai today, was released later that year by Fairy Dust and contained some in-depth storylines and classic ( late 1970s to early 1980s style ) artwork.
Instead, both Akbar and Jahangir studied this artwork very closely and replicated and adapted it, adopting much of the early iconographic features and later the pictorial realism for which Renaissance art was known.
The advantage was that the artwork could be completed in the artist ’ s studio and later transported to its destination and there attached to the wall or ceiling.
The album artwork imitated the visual style of classic " girlie " and fashion magazines, featuring high-fashion shots of scantily-clad models Amanda Lear, Marilyn Cole and Jerry Hall, each of whom had romances with Ferry during the time of their contributions, as well as model Kari-Ann Muller who appears on the cover of the first Roxy album but who was not otherwise involved with anyone in the band, and who later married Mick Jagger's brother Chris.
Wings, while common in Victorian and later artwork of fairies, are very rare in the folklore ; even very small fairies flew with magic, sometimes flying on ragwort stems or the backs of birds.
Kurtzman and Elder later tried altering the names and artwork to minimize similarities to Archie characters and trademarks so that it could be reprinted, but they were again threatened with legal action by Archie Comics.
As a notable exception, only one male pharaoh abandoned the rigid symbolic depiction that had become the style of the most official artwork representing the ruler, Pharaoh Amenhotep IV ( later Akhenaten ) of the same eighteenth dynasty, whose wife, Nefertiti, also may have ruled in her own right following the death of her husband.
the artwork was pictured by the fashion photographer, Robert Freeman later the progressive rock band Genesis used to their artwork of their single, Land of Confusion.
In later years he produced cover illustrations and interior artwork for many children's books by John Bellairs, as well as books begun by Bellairs and continued by Brad Strickland after Bellairs ' death.
During later years Hergé had grown more and more interested in modern art, even attempting it a few times himself as a hobby ; so he chose to incorporate his love of avant-garde artwork into the new story.
In later years, Rothko emphasized the spiritual aspect of his artwork, a sentiment that would culminate in the construction of the Rothko Chapel.
The artwork of Charles Vess has infrequently but notably accompanied the words of Neil Gaiman on Vertigo projects, including the 4-issue Stardust ( 1997-8 ) miniseries, later reprinted as an illustrated hardcover book.
She later contributed artwork to Watt's first solo album, Ball-Hog or Tugboat ?.
Giraud left the series in 1973 leaving the artwork to Colin Wilson, Michel Rouge and later Michel Blanc-Dumont for a few books.
The initial concept behind CalArts ' interdisciplinary approach came from Richard Wagner's idea of Gesamtkunstwerk (" total artwork "), which Disney himself was fond of and explored in a variety of forms, beginning with his own studio, then later in the incorporation of CalArts.
Rowley later did some artwork for Skinned Teen.
The tympanum appears to be later than the artwork in the nave.
A photograph of Cardinale was featured in the original gatefold artwork to Bob Dylan's album Blonde on Blonde ( 1966 ), but because it was used without Cardinale's permission, the photo was removed from the cover art in later pressings.
Besides the scenes with Hart, Keysell and the others doing artwork ( which in later years appeared on the screen as the artwork being made without any hands ), Vision On had many memorable segments:
*" The Fuzzy Worm " – One running gag in later episodes involved one of the cast members frantically chasing a fuzzy worm trying to catch it to no avail and occasionally messing up the artwork of Hart and Keysell.
His artwork was later featured on the cover of Fangoria in October 1982.

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