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married and Helena
A few days later, Julian was married to Helena, the last surviving sister of Constantius.
He married Valide Sultan Handan Sultan, an ethnic Greek originally named Helena and the mother of Ahmed I and Mustafa I.
Halil married Irene, who was a daughter of John V Palaeologus and Helena Cantakouzene.
An early graduate of Oxford ( St. John's College, 1586 ), he was vicar of Wherwell, Hampshire ( 1587 – 1605 ) when ousted for Puritanical leanings under James I. Bachiler married Helena Mason, the widow of Revd.
Thomas Mason of Odiham, Hampshire ; Mary, the daughter of Helena and Thomas Mason, was married to Richard Dummer, who also became involved in the founding of the Plough Company.
Domin and Helena fall in love and are engaged to be married.
As a youth, Constantine VIII had been engaged to a daughter of Emperor Boris II of Bulgaria, but in the end he married a Byzantine aristocrat named Helena.
Embarrassed by further failures, she and her supporters were supplanted in 919 by the admiral Romanos Lekapenos, who married his daughter Helena Lekapene to Constantine VII and finally advanced to the imperial throne in 920.
He married Helena Friese on 24 March 1874, and decided to modify his name to include her maiden name.
He married Helena Fredrika Håkansson on June 23, 1830.
In May 919 he married his daughter Helena Lekapene to Constantine and was proclaimed basileopator (" father of the emperor ").
* Helena Lekapene, who married Emperor Constantine VII.
He married Helena Kantakouzene, daughter of his co-emperor John VI Kantakouzenos and Irene Asanina, on 28 May 1347.
# Helena Kantakouzene, who married Emperor John V Palaiologos
To strengthen the ties between the emperor and his powerful military servant, in 289 Constantius divorced his wife ( or concubine ) Helena, and married the emperor Maximian ’ s daughter, Theodora.
Constantius was either married to, or was in concubinage with, Helena, who was probably from Nicomedia in Asia Minor.
Constantius married Coel's daughter Helena and became king of Britain.
His mother died in 1760, and two years later, Cristoffer married Helena Elisabeth Kolmodin, daughter of the poet Olof Kolmodin.
* Social class relationships: Falco ( plebeian ) is " married " to Helena Justina, daughter of a senator ( patrician ), and he is trying to improve his status.
In order to obtain a wife more consonant with his rising status, Constantius divorced Helena some time before 289, when he married Theodora, Maximian's daughter.
Daniel arap Moi married Lena Moi ( born Helena Bommet ) in 1950, but they separated in 1974, before his presidency.
Lord Derby married Dorothea Helena Kirkhoven, daughter of Baron Rupa of the Netherlands.
In 1928, he married English actress Helena Pickard.

married and amateur
* Joseph Jackson Lister ( 1786-1869 ), Quaker, amateur opticist and physicist, inventor of the modern microscope and the father of Joseph Lister ; spent his early married life in Stoke Newington.
Lidiya, an amateur singer, married and had a son named Yuri Borisovich Amoretti ; in the period before the October Revolution Aleksandr was a member of the Russian Senate.
During the winter of 1789-90 he directed the amateur concerts in Kassel, failed to gain an employment with the Schwerin court which forced him, by now married and father of four children who all died in infancy, to hit the road one more time.
Lee married the former amateur Go player Lee Do-yoon on 28 October 2010.
In 1914, Walcott married his third wife, Mary Morris Vaux, an amateur artist and avid naturalist.
Strobe rented out their studio space to amateur and professional photographers and provided them with the glamour models that were on Strobe ’ s books as photographic subjects, both Mary Millington ( at that time using her married name Mary Maxted ) and Ava Cadell worked as models for Strobe Studios in the early 1970s.
Philip also had at least eighteen illegitimate children by various of his 24 documented mistresses, including: Corneille of Burgundy ( c. 1420-1452 ), captain-general / governor of Luxembourg., killed in the Battle of Basel ( 1452 ); Anthony, bastard of Burgundy, ( 1421-1504 ), lord of La Roche, Sainte-Menehould, Guînes, Lord of Crèvecoeur and Beveren ; David of Burgundy, ( c. 1427-1496 ), bishop of Therouanne and bishop of Utrecht, was a fine amateur artist, and the subject of a biography in 1529 ; Anne of Burgundy ( c. 1435-1508 ), governess of Mary of Burgundy, married Adrian of Borssele and later Adolph of Cleves, Lord of Ravenstein ; Raphaël of Burgundy, also called Raphaël de Marcatellis, ( c. 1437-1508 ), abbot of the Saint-Bavo Abbey in Gent and the Saint-Peter Abbey in Oudenburg ; Baldwin of Burgundy ( c. 1446-1508 ), Lord of Fallais, Peer, Boudour, Sint-Annaland, Lovendegem, Zomergem en Fromont ; and Philip of Burgundy ( 1464-1524 ), Bishop of Utrecht.
He also played amateur football for the Liverpool County Combination club St Helens Town, through which he met the club secretary's daughter, Margaret Friar, whom he later married.
Along with Guest, the film stars Catherine O ' Hara and Fred Willard as Ron and Sheila Albertson, a pair of married travel agents ( yet have never traveled outside of Blaine ) who are also regular amateur performers, and give their companions a little too much information at a restaurant dinner ; Parker Posey as the perpetual Dairy Queen employee Libby Mae Brown ; Bob Balaban as Lloyd Miller, the increasingly frustrated musical director who actually possesses some talent ; Lewis Arquette as Clifford Wooley, a " long time Blaineian " and retired taxidermist who is Red, White and Blaines bean-loving narrator ; Matt Keeslar as the handsome and oblivious mechanic Johnny Savage, who Corky goes out of his way to get into the play ; and Eugene Levy as Dr. Alan Pearl, a tragically square dentist determined to discover his inner entertainer.
He became an amateur painter possibly upon contact with the Amsterdam painters Rafael and Jochem Govertsz Camphuysen, whose sister Lysbeth he married in 1629.
In 1935, she met and married journalist Sydney Box, with whom she collaborated on nearly forty plays with mainly female roles for amateur theatre groups.
| Mary Shearing, a 53-year-old Californian woman, former amateur body builder, became pregnant with the help of medical technology in New York, New York, after married 7 years earlier Don Shearing, a 21 years younger man, gave birth on November 10, 1992 to about 12 weeks premature twin girls, at Martin Luther Hospital.
Lake married in 1975, but the marriage dissolved quickly because his wife found out that he was making and appearing in amateur pornographic movies, usually involving bondage or sadomasochism.
After his first wife died, Vides married Lourdes Llach, daughter of coffee baron, amateur astronomer, and former Salvadoran ambassador to the Holy See ( 1977 – 1991 ) Prudencio Llach Schonenberg.
Ukrainka married in 1907 to Klyment Kvitka, a court official, who was an amateur ethnographer and musicologist.
However, he did not play at all, and by the end of that year Worcestershire finally knew he would not be seen in the cricket field again. He had " married well " and his wife's private income may have played a part in his not playing again. He was a Sham amateur in the days of Gentlemen and players.
* Sir Henry Thoby Prinsep ( 1793 – 1878 ), merchant and civil servant, Bengal Civil Service, named director of East India Company 1849, served on the Council of India 1858 – 74, son of patriarch John Prinsep, lived at Little Holland House, Kensington, London, one of London's sought-after salons of the age, and The Briary, Isle of Wight, amateur oil painter, married in 1835 to Sarah Monckton Pattle ( Calcutta, 1816-Brighton, 1887 ), and brother-in-law of photographer Julia Margaret Cameron
Adopted by her parents in Tulsa, Oklahoma and married at a young age, Baker posed for Gallery magazine's " Girl Next Door " amateur photo contest.
By now, Shyam Shankar had resigned his post in Jhalawar and moved to London, here he married an English woman and practiced law, before becoming an amateur impresario, introducing Indian dance and music to Britain.
On 31 October 1780, she married Joseph Lange, an actor at the Court Theater who was also an amateur painter ( he later produced a well-known portrait of Mozart ).
The Great Gundy ( as she was known before she married Don Carner ) remained an amateur until age 30.
She married Arthur Cardew, a civil servant and gifted amateur musician, on 17 April 1890.
7-Eleven was formed as an amateur cycling team in 1981 by Ochowicz, a 29-year-old former Olympic cyclist from the U. S., who was married to Olympic speed skating gold medalist Sheila Young.
• In an episode that confused the audience and angered the Network, Vizard broadcast in its entirety for one hour the amateur uncut wedding video of one of the members of the crew who had recently been married.

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