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most and likely
Once again, Tom Horn was the first and most likely suspect, and he was brought in for questioning immediately.
The students who are most willing to acquiesce in the suppression of civil liberties are also those who are most likely to be prejudiced against minority groups, to be conformist and traditionalistic in general social attitudes, and to lack a basic faith in people.
`` Go back to sleep most likely ''.
She'd found it by luck most likely but she hadn't said anything and we didn't know how long ago it'd been or how many other ones she'd found, saying nothing.
SBA works closely with the principal property disposal installations of the Federal Government in reviewing proposed sales programs and identifying those types of property that small business concerns are most likely to be interested in purchasing.
Among the most likely producers of detectable radio line spectra are the light diatomic hydrides OH and CH ; ;
On chemical grounds it seems most likely that iodide is first converted to Af and then to Af as the active iodinating species.
The constancy of P and the independence are the conditions most likely to give trouble in practice.
According to the theory underlying odd-lot indices, the trader who trades odd lots is most likely a small trader, one who can't afford to trade round lots.
The diffusion is most pronounced and most likely to become fixed, however, in those who have had no or very minimal opportunities to develop the autonomy and initiative that could have been directed into constructive expression and so served as sources of developing self-certainty.
Failing to find what was wanted, as was most likely, check out other guests, with special -- but not exclusive -- attention to those with rooms on the street.
With eyes focused on the third congressional district, the historic Delta district, and Congressman Frank E. Smith as the one most likely to go, the redistricting battle will put to a test the longstanding power which lawmakers from the Delta have held in the Legislature.
In searching for clues which might lead us to a fresh apprehension of the reality of spirit, the close connection between spirit and community is likely to prove the most fruitful.
the mazurka choreographed by Witold Zapala to music from Moniuszko's opera, `` Strasny Dwor', may be the most beautiful mazurka you are likely ever to see ; ;
To `` Monty '', the American people, who in two previous world wars were very reluctant to join the fight, `` now look like the nation most likely to lead us all into a third World War ''.
She died on August 25, most likely of typhoid fever.
Most of Aristotle's work is probably not in its original form, since it was most likely edited by students and later lecturers.
Research has found that people are most likely to help if they recognize that a person is in need and feel personal responsibility for reducing the person's distress.
Less can be said about the Asterales themselves with certainty, although since several families in Asterales contain trees, the ancestral member is most likely to have been a tree or shrub.
The name was first used in the English language in 1768 by R. Edwin in a colorful description of a large snake found in Ceylon ( now Sri Lanka ), most likely a reticulated python, Python reticulatus.
Anti-slavery Northerners mobilized in 1860 behind moderate Abraham Lincoln because he was most likely to carry the doubtful western states.
Thus, the planetary model of the atom was discarded in favor of one that described atomic orbital zones around the nucleus where a given electron is most likely to be observed.
In the Southwest, mountain ranges, rivers and, most obviously, the Grand Canyon can be significant barriers for human communities, likely reducing the frequency of contact with other groups.

most and met
after all, the large ( and probably unreliable ) Reader's Digest literature on the `` most unforgettable character I ever met '' deals with village grocers, country doctors, favorite if illiterate aunts, and so forth.
One cannot read the records of scientists, officials and travelers who have penetrated to the minds of the most savage races without realizing that each individual met with is a person.
There are, of course, certain times during the 24-hour daily cycle when most of these conditions will be met.
# The Primates ' Meeting ( first met in 1979 ) is the most recent manifestation of international consultation and deliberation, having been first convened by Archbishop Donald Coggan as a forum for " leisurely thought, prayer and deep consultation ".
His brothers were equally willing to save the dowager queen, but Otto got an army into the field: they subsequently met at the old Lombard capital of Pavia and were married in 951 ; he was crowned emperor in Rome, 2 February 962 by Pope John XII, and, most unusually, she was crowned empress at the same ceremony.
As such, during his reign, Constantius made a concerted attempt to mold the Christian church to follow this compromise position, and to this end, he convened several Christian councils during his reign, the most notable of which were one at Rimini and its twin at Seleuca, which met in 359 and 360 respectively.
The episode where Alan met his death under the tram gave Coronation Street its highest ever viewing figures of 26. 9 million, and is still the 9th most watched UK broadcast of all time.
Pissarro met the Paris art dealer Paul Durand-Ruel, in London, who became the dealer who helped sell his art for most of his life.
Although the Alpha processor family met both of these goals, and, for most of its lifetime, was the fastest processor family on the market, it did little to affect the bottom line or repair the company's status.
" Conner's comment on Ike was, " is one of the most capable, efficient and loyal officers I have ever met.
Though it typically may be expected that operational requirements are automatically met by a DBMS, in fact it is not so in most of the cases: To be met substantial work of design and tuning is typically needed by database administrators.
Various attempts have been made by engineers to mimic the process of facilitated transport in synthetic ( i. e., non-biological ) membranes for use in industrial-scale gas and liquid separations, but these have met with limited success to date, most often for reasons related to poor carrier stability and / or loss of carrier from the membrane.
Moreover, he entered into correspondence with Luther, discussing with him the most important problems of faith, and in 1524 he met him personally during the negotiations concerning his brother Albert's secularization of the Teutonic Order's state of Prussia into the secular Duchy of Prussia.
The slasher films A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween and Child's Play all saw sequels in the 1990s, most of which met with varied amounts of success at the box office, but all were panned by fans and critics, with the exception of Wes Craven's New Nightmare ( 1994 ) and the hugely successful Silence of the Lambs ( 1991 ).
Apart from two month-long trips across the country where he met a few hundred people, Davis stayed in Richmond where few people saw him ; newspapers had limited circulation and most Confederates had little favorable information about him.
But there is no evidence to prove that he was guilty of that crime ; in fact most travelers ' reports say that he met her after Sher Afghan's death.
Though he met Thomas Sully, one of the most famous portrait painters of the time and a valuable ally, Audubon was rebuffed for publication.
This part of his life remains hazy: it is hardly ever mentioned in the books set in the same period ; most of the scanty information on the subject is given in flashbacks from later times, after he met Harriet Vane and relations with other women became a closed chapter.
The critics focused, of course, on Achard's most popular plays, disregarding the fact that the reason Achard continued to write them is precisely because they met with such unvarying success.
Although his writings on Jewish law and ethics were met with acclaim and gratitude from most Jews even as far off as Spain, Iraq and Yemen, and he rose to be the revered head of the Jewish community in Egypt, there were also vociferous critics of some of his rulings and other writings particularly in Spain.
If only the second and third conditions of the definition of measure above are met, and takes on at most one of the values, then is called a signed measure.
Upon arriving in New York, he spent most of his first weeks in town trying to get in contact with Charlie Parker, despite being advised against doing so by several people he met during his quest, including saxophonist Coleman Hawkins.
The news was met with utter shock and surprise by government leaders and media worldwide, most of whom were aware only of the British – French – Soviet negotiations that had taken place for months.
This includes 12 years in a row from 1981 – 92 – all as a result of the scheduling formulas in place prior to 2002 ( this remains a record for most consecutive years in which two teams not from the same division met each other ).

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