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only and planned
In working out the practical legal conclusions President Waters was not thinking only of this pilot project, for it is planned to duplicate this program or system in other builder developments nationally.
We planned ahead only one step, a rendezvous for tomorrow when we could swap notes.
Although at least three pads were planned, only two, designated A and B, were completed in October 1965.
It is still not clear how far Orkney ’ s advance was planned only as a feint ; according to historian David Chandler it is probably more accurate to surmise that Marlborough launched Orkney in a serious probe with a view to sounding out the possibilities of the sector.
Originally announced as Tales of India and Irony ( a collection of non fantasy / science fiction / horror tales, planned to be available only to subscribers of above collection ).
Granada Television commissioned only 13 episodes and some inside the company doubted the show would last its planned production run.
Upon reaching Salzburg, however, they found that he was not available and, disillusioned, returned to the United States after spending only 15 days of their planned three years in Europe.
Initially Eisenhower planned on serving only one term, but as with other decisions he maintained a position of maximum flexibility in case leading Republicans wanted him to run again.
The only group, however, that planned to establish permanent settlements in the region were the Slavs.
The only party convention in 2003 was planned for November 2003, but about 20 % of the local organisations forced the federal party to hold a special party convention in Cottbus early to discuss the party position regarding Agenda 2010, a major reform of the German welfare programmes planned by Chancellor Schröder.
Spader planned to stay only through the eighth season, and while the original plan was just to do the guest appearance, executive producer Paul Lieberstein said, " those two scenes became a season.
Baronial unrest in England prevented the departure of the planned 1205 expedition, and only a smaller force under William Longespée deployed to Poitou.
The Underground does not run 24 hours a day ( except at New Year and major public events – such as the Queen's Golden Jubilee in 2002 and the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the London Olympics in 2012 ) because most lines have only two tracks ( one in each direction ) and therefore need to close at night for cleaning and planned maintenance work.
Of the six planned volumes, only the first two were ever completed.
Monaco is the only territory that refuses to perform the second round, initially forecast between 2001 and 2003, whereas the 21 other territories are implementing the third and last round, planned between 2005 and 2007.
Najibullah stated that only the extremist part of the opposition could not join the planned coalition government.
He was released only after the intervention of the Emperor, who, despite the planned betrayal of Bolesław I, loyally acted on behalf of his vassal.
In late July and early August 1939, Soviet and German officials agreed on most of the details for a planned economic agreement, and specifically addressed a potential political agreement, which the Soviets stated could only come after an economic agreement.
Of those believed to have planned the massacre, only Abu Daoud, the man who claims that the attack was his idea, is known to have died of natural causes.
When the prisoners were interrogated, it became clear that the information possessed by the guerrillas, who had planned to assassinate Stroessner, could have come only from a high Colorado official.
Because planned actions can typically only be submitted at a fixed maximum frequency ( e. g., once every few days or every few weeks ), the number of discrete actions is limited compared to real-time games.
The Philips Videopac + G7400 was a video game console released in limited quantities in 1983, and only in Europe ; an American release as the Odyssey³ Command Center was planned but never occurred.
Nurmi planned to compete only in the 10, 000 m and the marathon in the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, stating that he " won't enter the 5, 000 meters for Finland has at least three excellent men for that event.
Although construction was planned to begin in 1941, due to geo-political factors, the Bucharest Metro was only opened in 1979.

only and architecture
In most developed countries, only qualified persons — those with the appropriate licensure, certification, or registration with a relevant body, often governmental — are legally permitted to practice architecture.
According to Kapila Vatsyayan, " Classical Indian architecture, sculpture, painting, literature ( kāvya ), music, and dancing evolved their own rules conditioned by their respective media, but they shared with one another not only the underlying spiritual beliefs of the Indian religio-philosophic mind, but also the procedures by which the relationships of the symbol and the spiritual states were worked out in detail.
In Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the AC-III polypeptide is only half as long, comprising one 6-transmembrane domain followed by a cytoplasmic domain, but two of these form a functional homodimer that resembles the mammalian architecture.
Likewise, " architecture " refers not only to the design of safe, functional buildings, but also to elements of creation and innovation which aim at elegant solutions to construction problems, to the use of space, and to the attempt to evoke an emotional response in the builders, owners, viewers and users of the building.
They argue that genes determine the architecture of a learning system, but that specific " facts " about how grammar works can only be learned as a result of experience.
As the games were text based and used variants of the same Z-machine interpreter, the interpreter had to be ported to new computer architectures only once per architecture, rather than once per game.
Despite similar appearance as a layered model, it uses a much less rigorous, loosely defined architecture that concerns itself only with the aspects of logical networking.
The architecture was shared memory implemented as an cache only memory architecture or " COMA ".
The Louvre has been a repository of sculpted material since its time as a palace ; however, only ancient architecture was displayed until 1824, except for Michelangelo's Dying Slave and Rebellious Slave.
Some have read dark overtones into The Radiant City: from the " astonishingly beautiful assemblage of buildings " that was Stockholm, for example, Le Corbusier saw only “ frightening chaos and saddening monotony .” He dreamed of " cleaning and purging " the city, bringing " a calm and powerful architecture "— referring to steel, plate glass, and reinforced concrete.
He won second place, losing only to Pierre Bouguer — a man now known as " the father of naval architecture ".
MINIX 3 currently supports only IA-32 architecture PC compatible systems.
Melilla's Capilla de Santiago or James's Chapel, by the city walls, is the only genuine Gothic architecture in Africa.
Snow Leopard only supports machines with Intel CPUs, requires at least 1 GB of RAM, and drops default support for applications built for the PowerPC architecture ( Rosetta can be installed as an additional component to retain support for PowerPC-only applications ).
This supported only the VAR data type, which was an integral type corresponding to the native word length of the target architecture, and arrays of only one dimension.
In contrast, in a typical client – server architecture, clients share only their demands with the system, but not their resources.
The CDC 6600 designed by Seymour Cray in 1964 used a load / store architecture with only two addressing modes ( register + register, and register + immediate constant ) and 74 opcodes, with the basic clock cycle / instruction issue rate being 10 times faster than the memory access time.
In 2007, Simon Fraser University was the first and remains the only university to be awarded the Prix du XXe siècle from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada recognizing the " enduring excellence of nationally significant architecture ".
To make a user-friendly system, the system must have conceptual integrity, which can only be achieved by separating architecture from implementation.
* Implementers may be hired only after the architecture of the system has been completed ( a step that may take several months, during which time prematurely hired implementers may have nothing to do ).
A crawler must not only have a good crawling strategy, as noted in the previous sections, but it should also have a highly optimized architecture.
* Googlebot is described in some detail, but the reference is only about an early version of its architecture, which was based in C ++ and Python.
Though there are many points of intersection between Cubism and architecture, only a few direct links between them can be drawn.

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