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ordered and party
Lieutenant William Dawes and colleague Watkin Tench, who were ordered to lead the revenge party, expressed disgust at the idea.
Finally, Thierry and his party went to Luxeuil and ordered the abbot to conform to the usages of the country.
On 24 October 1922, the Fascist party held its annual congress in Naples, where Mussolini ordered Blackshirts to take control of public buildings and trains and to converge on three points around Rome.
The relatively peaceful Utah War ensued from 1857 to 1858, in which the most notable instance of violence was the Mountain Meadows massacre, when leaders of a local Mormon militia ordered the killing of a civilian emigrant party that was traveling through Utah during the escalating tensions.
Mao also ordered that each company must have a party branch office with a commissar as its leader who would give political instructions based upon superior mandates.
When the First Fleet arrived at Port Jackson in January 1788, Phillip ordered Lieutenant Philip Gidley King to lead a party of 15 convicts and seven free men, including surgeon Thomas Jamison ( the future Principal Surgeon of New South Wales ), to take control of the island and prepare for its commercial development.
With the party hierarchy suddenly under suspicion, Stroessner ordered the arrest and interrogation of over 1, 000 senior officials and party members.
He had the attention of the media and the Republican party, when Dwight Eisenhower ordered him to preside at Cabinet meetings in his absence.
A bloodbath was only averted when local party officials themselves ordered the troops to pull back.
In 1841, Hudson Bay Company Governor George Simpson ordered Alexander Ross to organize a party of Red River settlers to emigrate and occupy the land for Britain.
Herbert, allegedly fearing that they might scuttle her, ordered the survivors to be shot in the water and sent a boarding party to kill all who had made it aboard.
Waller was ordered inside the building, and found a party in full swing.
For since well-nigh all the people of Greece had come together and formed themselves in opposing lines, there was no one who did not suppose that if a battle were fought, those who proved victorious would be the rulers and those who were defeated would be their subjects ; but the deity so ordered it that both parties set up a trophy as though victorious and neither tried to hinder those who set them up, that both gave back the dead under a truce as though victorious, and both received back their dead under a truce as though defeated, and that while each party claimed to be victorious, neither was found to be any better off, as regards either additional territory, or city, or sway, than before the battle took place ; but there was even more confusion and disorder in Greece after the battle than before.
In 1989 he ordered the military to intervene in the Tiananmen Protests of 1989 against the wishes of a majority of the PSC, and in which the party subsequently ousted a majority of the PSC.
Gbagbo's party complained of fraud and ordered that votes from nine regions be annulled, but the claims were disputed by the Ivorian Electoral Commission and international election observers.
He then ordered a storming party of 350 British troops under the command of Colonel Robert Abercromby to attack the allied lines and spike the American and French cannons ( i. e., plug the touch hole with an iron spike ).
Members of Raffles ' party surveyed the island and proceeded to request the presence of the sultan, or whoever at the time had supreme nominal power, to sign a formal treaty, while Major Farquhar was ordered to do the same in Rhio.
On December 8, Echeandía ordered Smith to San Diego, apparently under arrest ( there was one symbolic soldier accompanying the party of mission priests and a British sea merchant escorting Smith ).
The leaders of the Catholic party, they wanted to avenge the death of the two dukes ' father Francis, Duke of Guise, whose assassination ten years earlier they believed to have been ordered by Coligny.
Montgomery, the senior lecturer, ordered a boycott so the welcoming party consisted only of the Commandant and Dorman-Smith.
" Law met the Lancashire party on 2 January and ordered that they must replace any food tariff based resolutions with a vote of confidence in him as a leader, and that any alternative would result in his resignation.
The indemnity principle, a term unrelated to the concept of indemnity costs, stipulates that a paying party cannot be ordered to pay more than the receiving party has already agreed to pay his solicitor, the retainer.

ordered and capture
" In 1998, two years after the warning, the Clinton administration ordered several military missions to capture or kill bin Laden that failed.
On 8 July, Auchinleck ordered the new XXX Corps commander — Lieutenant-General William Ramsden — to capture the low ridges at Tel el Eisa and Tel el Makh Khad and then to push mobile battle groups south toward Deir el Shein and raiding parties west toward the airfields at El Daba.
At 17: 00, Gott ordered 5th Indian Infantry Division to execute a night attack to capture the western half of Ruweisat ridge and Deir el Shein.
He ordered his men to capture the man the dogs wouldn't attack, which they did.
The congress saw this as abuse of power and ordered his capture.
In 1934, Anastasio Somoza García, the head of the National Guard, ordered his forces to capture and murder Sandino.
In the Ile Saint-Jean Campaign ( 1758 ) General Jeffery Amherst ordered Colonel Andrew Rollo to capture the island.
The police pursue THX up an escape ladder, but are ordered by central command to cease pursuit, mere steps away from capturing him, as the expense of his capture exceeds their pre-determined budget.
When the Battle of Pharsalus began, Caesar ordered his officers to take Brutus prisoner if he gave himself up voluntarily, and if he persisted in fighting against capture, to let him alone and do him no violence.
Through the Polish nobles whom Russia controlled and the Russian Minister to Warsaw, ambassador and Prince Nicholas Repnin, Empress Catherine the Great forced a constitution on the Commonwealth at the so-called Repnin Sejm of 1767, named after ambassador Repnin, who de facto dictated the terms of that Sejm ( and who ordered the capture and exile of some vocal opponents of his policies to Kaluga in Russian Empire., including bishop Józef Andrzej Załuski and others ).
When the offensive failed Falkenhayn ordered the capture of Ypres to gain a local advantage.
Soon after, his XV Corps was ordered to join Maj. Gen. John A. McClernand in his successful assault on Arkansas Post, generally regarded as a politically motivated distraction from the effort to capture Vicksburg.
According to the late tradition, Munuza, the Berber governor of Iegione ( either Gijón or León ), became attracted to Pelagius ' sister and sent word to Tariq ibn Ziyad, who ordered him to capture Pelagius and send him to Córdoba.
However, on December 1, headquarters ordered the Central China Area Army and the 10th Army to capture Nanking, then-capital of the Republic of China.
The CJCS ordered for 1942 – 43 Pacific objectives: that Guadalcanal would be carried out in conjunction with an Allied offensive in New Guinea under Douglas MacArthur, to capture the Admiralty Islands and the Bismarck Archipelago, including the major Japanese base at Rabaul.
On December 1, 1937, the Imperial Headquarters, which had just been established as the highest authority on strategic matters in the " China Incident " in late November, finally ordered the CCAA to capture " the capital of the enemy state.
There were claims that Thiệu ordered the military to capture and extrajudicially kill Colonel Phạm Ngọc Thảo, who died in 1965 after a series of coup attempts between various ARVN officers.
Although Doniphan led a force of Missouri volunteers ordered to capture the leaders, he defended Joseph Smith in trial and won him a change in venue.
Guzmán's capture was a political coup for Fujimori, who used it to great effect in the press ; in an interview with documentarian Ellen Perry, Fujimori even notes that he specially ordered Guzmán's prison jumpsuit to be white with black stripes, to enhance the image of his capture in the media.
Severus wasted no time consolidating his hold on Rome, and ordered his newly appointed prefect of the watch, Gaius Fulvius Plautianus to capture Niger ’ s children and hold them as hostages.
Napoleon learnt of the capture at the start of February and ordered Hofer to be tried and executed.
Napoleon was insistent on the immediate capture of this position and ordered forward two heavy cavalry divisions under St. Sulpice and Nansouty.
John Frost noted that " by far the worst mistake was the lack of priority given to the capture of Nijmegen Bridge " and was unable to understand why Browning had ordered U. S. Army Brigadier General James M. Gavin of the 82nd Airborne Division to secure the Groesbeek Heights before Nijmegen Bridge.

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