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pointed and out
He pointed out the switch to me and for a moment I foolishly believed that he would let deed follow words.
In town after town my companion pointed out the Negro school and the White school, and in every instance the former made a better appearance ( it was newer, for one thing ).
Even the first wave of homesickness had passed, although there were moments when Captain Heard pointed out on his compass the direction of Bradford that she felt a little twinge at her heart.
It pointed out twenty-six instances of blasphemy in the letters, and ordered the writers to submit or force of arms would be used.
The British and other replies to that Moscow note pointed out efforts of the Communist authorities `` to integrate East Berlin into East Germany by isolating it from the outside and attempting to make it the capital of East Germany ''.
He expected Democrats to do their duty when it had been patiently pointed out to them.
Duclos, the historian, pointed out to Jean Jacques that this was impossible.
They pointed out to him.
And the thing about hurt feelings, the wet bathing suit pointed out, is that the person who has them is not quite the innocent party he believes himself to be.
The New York Central has pointed out that this control, if approved by the Interstate Commerce Commission, would give the combined C. & O. - B. & O. Railroad a total of 185 points served in common with the New York Central.
The Central has pointed out.
It has been correctly pointed out by well-informed people in the industry that it is probably unrealistic to expect a continuation of the yearly growth of 15% or better that characterized the decade of the 1950's, and that our military markets may be entering upon a new phase in which procurement of multiple weapons systems will give way to concentration of still undeveloped areas of our defense capability.
There is one exception to the above statement as has been pointed out, and that is that fluids can relax by flowing into fields of lower rates of shear, so the statement should be modified by stating that the mechanics are similar.
As long ago as 1851 it was pointed out by Niepce ( 1851 ) that there is a connection between the pituitary and the thyroid.
We pointed out that emotional excitement may lead to psychosomatic disorders and neurotic symptoms, particularly in certain types of personality, but it is also known that the reliving of a strong emotion ( `` abreaction '' ) may cure a battle neurosis.
It might be pointed out that the integrating function of religion, for good or ill, has often supported or been identified with other groupings -- political, nationality, language, class, racial, sociability, even economic.
As Yinger has pointed out, the `` reliance on symbols, on tradition, on sacred writings, on the cultivation of emotional feelings of identity and harmony with sacred values, turns one to the past far more than to the future ''.
The Lincoln Mills decision authorizes a whole new body of federal `` common law '' which, as Mr. Justice Frankfurter pointed out in dissent, leads to one of the following `` incongruities '': `` ( ( 1 ) conflict in federal and state court interpretations of collective bargaining agreements ; ;
However, there are relatively few such political constituencies, and, as has been pointed out, there is seldom a clear-cut distinction between the educational interests of one social class and those of another.
This is one difference between Bird and Dylan which should be pointed out.
The possibility of a space charge blowup of the screen crossover of the elementary electron bundles has been pointed out.
The human body -- he pointed out, for example -- required 33 units of blue light.
But it should be pointed out that some of the new watering places -- Fire Island, Nantucket, Westhampton, Long Island, for example -- tend to be homogeneously Jewish.
The conductor did recall having priests as passengers and this satisfied police, although the conductor also pointed out that in heavily Catholic Fall River there were priests riding on almost every trip the streetcar made, so Morse's statement really proved nothing.
Fleet asked the same question about Bridget, and Lizzie pointed out that as far as she knew Bridget had gone up to her room before her father's murder and came down when she called her.

pointed and implicit
" During the season, when the long-departed Jackie Robinson's number 42 was being retired throughout baseball, and the still-living Doby was being virtually ignored by the media, an editorial in Sports Illustrated pointed out that Doby had to suffer the same indignities that Robinson did, and with nowhere near the media attention and implicit support.

pointed and early
In order to work, and as pointed out by Roger Penrose from 1986 on, inflation requires extremely specific initial conditions of its own, so that the problem ( or pseudoproblem ) of initial conditions is not solved: “ There is something fundamentally misconceived about trying to explain the uniformity of the early universe as resulting from a thermalization process.
The practice of writing with ink and a sharp pointed needle was common in early South India.
The practice of writing with ink and a sharp pointed needle was common in early South India.
However, scholar Helmut Koester has pointed out the Greek title " Memorabilia " was not applied to Xenophon's work until the Middle Ages, and it is more likely apomnemoneumata was used to describe the oral transmission of the sayings of Jesus in early Christianity.
They emphasize three conclusions: First, while acknowledging Card and Krueger, they found that studies since the early 1990s have strongly pointed to a " reduction in employment opportunities for low-skilled and directly affected workers.
We are now in a position like that of the British Interplanetary Society of the 1930s which described how multistage liquid-fueled rockets could reach the Moon and pointed to early rockets as illustrations of the basic principle.
The Russians prolonged the history of the pointed military cover with their own cloth Budenovka headgear in the early 20th century.
While serving as a color commentator for WWE Smackdown, John Layfield pointed out that a wrestler sometimes will make pin attempts early in the match, despite knowing that he has not damaged his opponent enough to win, because sometimes the point is not to get a pin, but rather to force the opponent to expend energy for later in the match.
In the early 1970s a number of writers and readers pointed out that
As Verne scholar William Butcher pointed out, Verne was an early admirer of Poe and his novel Cinq semaines en ballon ( Five Weeks in a Balloon ) was published within a year of his nonfiction book Edgar Poe et ses oeuvres ( Edgar Allan Poe and his Works ).
Over time, Adams and others pointed to Republican electoral successes in the early and mid-1980s, when hunger strikers Bobby Sands and Kieran Doherty were elected to the British House of Commons and Dáil Éireann respectively, and they advocated that Sinn Féin become increasingly political and base its influence on electoral politics rather than paramilitarism.
Working in collaboration with, among others, science fiction writers Cramer, Forward, and Landis, Benford worked on a theoretical study of the physics of wormholes, which pointed out that wormholes, if formed in the early universe, could still exist in the present day if they were wrapped in a negative-mass cosmic string.
John Trumbull had pointed this out as early as 1776, when a shot fired from the fort was able to reach Defiance's summit, and several officers inspecting the hill noted that there were approaches to its summit where gun carriages could be pulled up the sides.
The Red House, in Bexleyheath, London, designed for Morris in 1859 by architect Philip Webb, exemplifies the early Arts and Crafts style, with its well-proportioned solid forms, wide porches, steep roof, pointed window arches, brick fireplaces and wooden fittings.
As early as 1915, Wegener had pointed out that the blockade was based upon patrolling the waters between Scotland and Norway, and argued that if Germany had control of Norway, then not only would the blockade be broken, but the German Navy could then force the British Navy to engage in a decisive battle of annihilation.
Certain specific incidents in the fictional Keating's career are pointed to by Heynick as having been drawn from Hood's real-life career, such as their both suddenly gaining national fame by winning the highly-publicized skyscraper contest for a media corporation in the early 1920s with a design in the historicist style, and their both heading the committee for a " modernistic " World's Fair in the 1930s from which the hero architect ( Howard Roark in the novel, Frank Lloyd Wright in real-life ) was excluded.
While so-called ' pitched ' brick vaulting, which could be constructed without centering, may date back in the Ancient Near East to the 2nd millennium BC, the earliest evidence of the pointed masonry arch appears in late Roman and Sassanian architecture, mostly evidenced in early church building in Syria and Mesopotamia, but occasionally also in secular structures like the Karamagara Bridge.
According to another theory, it is believed that the pointed arch evolved naturally in Western Europe as a structural solution to a purely technical problem, concurrent with its introduction and early use as a stylistic feature in French and English churches.
He pointed to Papua New Guinea or the Solomon Islands as the place from where the earliest Fijians came, as the pottery fragments were typical of the early Lapita period in Papua New Guinea and the Solomons, but not readily found on Lapita pottery in Fiji.
" In some early episodes, Homer's hair was rounded rather than sharply pointed because animation director Wes Archer felt it should look disheveled.
Experiments by Gray and Wedderburn and later Anne Treisman pointed out various problems in Broadbent's early model and eventually led to the Deutsch-Norman model in 1968.
Roberts ( 2006 ) has pointed out that the primitive data reduction techniques used by Miller and other early experimenters, including Michelson and Morley, were capable of creating apparent periodic signals even when none existed in the actual data.
Nikolaus Pevsner described it thus: " a peach of an early c19 Gothic thatched cottage with two pointed windows, a quatrefoil, and an ogee arched door, all on a minute scale.
However at least as early as 1810, when B. G. Niebuhr pointed out that these excerpts were from a speech, and not part of the narrative of his book, this theory has been recognized as conflicting with other known historical facts.

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