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published and Tracts
200-217, and selections have been published in Letters written by Arthur Capel, Earl of Essex ( 1770 ) and in the Essex Papers ( Camden Society, 1890 ), to which can now be added the Calendars of State Papers, Domestic, which contain a large number of his letters and which strongly support the opinion of his contemporaries concerning his unselfish patriotism and industry ; see also Somers Tracts ( 1815 ).
He also published A True Relation of the unjust accusation of certain French gentlemen ( 1671 ), an account of Holles's intercession on their behalf and of his dispute with Lord Chief Justice Keeling ; and he left Memoirs, written in exile in 1649, and dedicated " to the unparalleled Couple, Mr Oliver St John ... and Mr Oliver Cromwell ..." published in 1699 and reprinted in Baron Maseres's Select Tracts relating to the Civil Wars, I.
Falkland wrote a Discourse of Infallibility, published in 1646 ( Thomason Tracts, E 361 ), reprinted in 1650, in 1651 ( E 634 ) edited by Triplet with replies, and in 1660 with the addition of two discourses on episcopacy by Falkland.
It was also known as the Tractarian Movement after its series of publications Tracts for the Times, published between 1833 and 1841.
Apart from the Tracts for the Times, the group began a collection of translations of the Fathers, which they called the Library of the Fathers and which in the end ran to 48 volumes, the last published three years after Pusey's death.
Professor Bernard Nietschmann wrote a letter about Shanti Bahini and the Chittagong Hill Tracts people to the editor of the New York Times by published on October 25, 1986 ( archived by the Fourth World Documentation Project ) at the Center for World Indigenous Studies website.
His tract entitled Discourses upon Trade, principally directed to the cases of the interest, coinage, clipping and increase of money, was published anonymously in 1691, and was edited in 1856 by J. R. McCulloch in the Select Collection of Early English Tracts on Commerce printed by the Political Economy Club of London.
From this time onward, he occupied himself with the composition of his chief work, The Light of Nature Pursued, of which in 1763 he published a specimen under the title of “ Free Will .” The strictures of a critic in the Monthly Review of July 1763 drew from him a pamphlet called Man in Quest of Himself, by “ Cuthbert Comment ” ( reprinted in Parr's Metaphysical Tracts, 1837 ), “ a defence of the individuality of the human mind or self .” In 1765 the first four volumes of his work were published.
He was associated with the Tractarians, named after a series of publications Tracts for the Times which they published between 1833 and 1841 in the early stages of the movement.
In his Tracts Relating to Caspar Hauser ( 1836, German original: 1835 ) Stanhope published all known evidence against Hauser: " The more I was deceived in this affair, and the more erroneous were my views, the more is it now my duty to act with zeal, and, if it were in my power, with ability, to preserve others as far as possible from similar errors.
In 1822, he also published Tracts on Political Economy Viz.

published and Other
* Miss Marple's Final Cases and Two Other Stories ( short stories collected posthumously, also published as Miss Marple's Final Cases, but only six of the eight stories actually feature Miss Marple ) ( written between 1939 and 1954, published 1979 )
His first major published work was in 1911, Cowboy Songs and Other Frontier Ballads, and was arguably the most prominent US folk music scholar of his time, notably during the beginnings of the folk music revival in the 1930s and early 1940s.
Other works from this period include the thirty-seven woodcut subjects of the Little Passion, published first in 1511, and a set of fifteen small engravings on the same theme in 1512.
Other significant state owned newspapers are the daily Respublika ( The Republic ), published by the Cabinet of Ministers, and the weeklies Sem ’ Dnei ( Seven Days ) and Narodnaya Gazeta ( The People ’ s Paper ).
Other Suns, published by Fantasy Games Unlimited ( FGU ), used them under license.
In 1998, Charles published No Other Blue, a collection of his poetry, with illustrations by Philippa Drakeford, on diverse personal subjects including prison, his mother's final illness, love, and politics at home and abroad.
He published at his own expense a volume containing six of his best stories, The Double Shadow and Other Fantasies, in an edition of 1000 copies printed by the Auburn Journal.
Smith published most of his volumes of poetry in this period, including the aforementioned The Star-Treader and Other Poems, as well as Odes and Sonnets ( 1918 ), Ebony and Crystal ( 1922 ) and Sandalwood ( 1925 ).
:* Other Dimensions ( published in 2 volumes, ISBN 0-586-04350-0, ISBN 0-586-04351-9 )
Spivak has published a number of works challenging the " legacy of colonialism " including A Critique of Postcolonial Reason: Towards a History of the Vanishing Present ( 1999 ), Other Asias ( 2005 ), and " Can the Subaltern Speak?
Other published definitions are purely descriptive or embody causal theories.
His first major published work was in 1911, Cowboy Songs and Other Frontier Ballads.
In 1988, her autobiography, On the Other Hand, was published.
Other rock fanzines of this period include Flash, 1972, edited by Mark Shipper, Eurock Magazine ( 1973 1993 ) edited by Archie Patterson and Bam Balam, written and published by Brian Hogg in East Lothian, Scotland, beginning in 1974, and in the mid-1970s, Back Door Man and denim delinquent.
Other newspapers such as the weekly El Faro de Gibraltar, are published in Spanish.
Other authors of the Gogol's era included Vladimir Fyodorovich Odoevsky ( The Living Corpse, written 1838, published 1844, The Ghost, The Sylphide, and other stories ), Count Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy ( The Family of the Vourdalak, 1839, and The Vampire, 1841 ), Mikhail Zagoskin ( Unexpected Guests ), Józef Sękowski / Osip Senkovsky ( Antar ), Yevgeny Baratynsky ( The Ring ).
Deciding to author a book on the subject, he wrote Keris and Other Malay Weapons, being encouraged to do so by anthropologist friends ; it would subsequently edited into a readable form by Betty Lumsden Milne and published by the Singapore-based Progressive Publishing Company in 1936.
For most of the 20th century, the definitive editions ( specifically At the Mountains of Madness and Other Novels, Dagon and Other Macabre Tales, The Dunwich Horror and Others, and The Horror in the Museum and Other Revisions ) of his prose fiction were published by Arkham House, a publisher originally started with the intent of publishing the work of Lovecraft, but which has since published a considerable amount of other literature as well.
The three collections published by Penguin, The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories, The Thing on the Doorstep and Other Weird Stories, and The Dreams in the Witch House and Other Weird Stories, incorporate the modifications made in the corrected texts as well as the annotations provided by Joshi.

published and Papers
When the Yalta Papers were finally published with great fanfare they had revealed no betrayal by anyone.
His first published comic ( besides the spot illustrations in his grade school and high school newspapers ) was a comic strip featuring his own character, Lancelot Pertwillaby entitled “ The Pertwillaby Papers ”.
) The so-called Pertwillaby Papers included 127 published episodes by the time Rosa graduated in 1973.
Years later, as his fame grew, his non-Disney work was published by the Norwegian publisher Gazette Bok in 2001, in the two hard-cover " Don Rosa Archives " volumes, The Pertwillaby Papers and The Adventures of Captain Kentucky.
He also published the novel The Sykaos Papers and a collection of poetry.
Papers in Nature are usually short ; in 1974, Maynard Smith published a longer paper in the Journal of Theoretical Biology.
He, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay wrote the Federalist Papers, a series of 85 newspaper articles published in New York to explain how the proposed Constitution would work, mainly by responding to criticisms from anti-federalists.
However, according to the wartime publications of The Wimsey Papers, published in The Spectactor, the second son was called Paul.
In one of the Wimsey Papers, a series of fictionalised commentaries in the form of mock letters between members of the Wimsey family published in the Spectator, there is a reference to Harriet's difficulty in continuing to write murder mysteries at a time when European dictators were openly committing mass murders with impunity ; this seems to have reflected Sayers ' own wartime feeling.
* The Wimsey Papers, published between Nov. 1939 and Jan. 1940 in The Spectator Magazine — a series of mock letters by members of the Wimsey family, being in effect fictionalised commentaries on life in England at the inception of the war.
A prolific writer, Remey wrote numerous published and personal articles promoting the Bahá ' í Faith, including ` Abdu ' l-Bahá The Center of the Covenant and the five volume A Comprehensive History of the Bahá ' í Movement ( 1927 ), The Bahá ' í Revelation and Reconstruction ( 1919 ), Constructive Principles of The Bahá ' í Movement ( 1917 ), and The Bahá ' í Movement: A Series of Nineteen Papers ( 1912 ) are a few of the titles of the many works Remey produced while ` Abdu ' l-Bahá was still alive.
They were published in the Dublin University Magazine and were later collected as The Purcell Papers ( 1880 ).
* October 27 The first of the Federalist Papers, a series of essays calling for ratification of the U. S. Constitution, is published in a New York paper.
** New York Times Co. v. United States: The U. S. Supreme Court rules that the Pentagon Papers may be published, rejecting government injunctions as unconstitutional prior restraint.
Later, through his connection to the illustrator John Leech, he began writing for the newly created Punch magazine, where he published The Snob Papers, later collected as The Book of Snobs.
He achieved more recognition with his Snob Papers ( serialised 1846 / 7, published in book form in 1848 ), but the work that really established his fame was the novel Vanity Fair, which first appeared in serialised instalments beginning in January 1847.
In May 1849 it was published by Elizabeth Peabody in the Aesthetic Papers.
A collection of his papers appeared as Papers on Psychoanalysis, the first account of psychoanalytic theory and practice to be published in the English language by a practising analyst.
If an academic discipline is identified by its journals, then technically regional science began in 1955 with the publication of the first volume of the Papers and Proceedings, Regional Science Association ( now Papers in Regional Science published by Springer ).
The rip-roaring world it portrayed undoubtedly prefigures that of Dickens ' Pickwick Papers ( published just eight years after Tom and Jerry ); Cruikshank's illustrations, of course, helped both men with their success.
The following extracts ( in publication order ) from the Flashman Papers have been published:
Late in this year this edited version was published in the book " The Pentagon Papers as published by N. Y. Times ", Bantam Books, Toronto New York London, 1971.
This is the official and complete edition of the Pentagon Papers, published by the Government after the release by the press.

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