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regarded and granting
Soon after the granting of Catholic emancipation in 1829, it was decided by the " popular party " to run a Catholic candidate for Newry, then regarded as a stronghold of the ascendancy party, which resented " so insolent a proceeding on the part of the Catholics ".
Chinese were also lured by the Manchus into defecting and entering their employ in civil service by granting them privileges such as calling themselves " ministers ", while Manchus in the same position were regarded as " slaves ".
Under the EPC, and in particular its Article 52, " programs for computers " are not regarded as inventions for the purpose of granting European patents, but this exclusion from patentability only applies to the extent to which a European patent application or European patent relates to a computer program as such.
Brazilian higher courts have usually regarded the MST with reserve: in February 2009, for instance, the then President of the Brazilian Supreme Court, Gilmar Mendes, declared the MST to engage in " illicit " activities, opposed granting of public monies to it, and supported an " adequate " judicial response towards land occupation.
Momoh declared a state of economic emergency early in his rule, granting himself greater control over Sierra Leone's economy, but he was not regarded as a dictator.
References in contemporary charters ( for which there is either an original manuscript or an early copy regarded as authentic ) show Egbert of Wessex ( 802-39 ) granting lands in Cornwall at Kilkhampton, Ros, Maker, Pawton ( in St Breock, not far from Wadebridge, head manor of Pydar in Domesday Book ), Caellwic ( perhaps Celliwig or Kellywick in Egloshayle ), and Lawhitton to Sherborne Abbey and to the Bishop of Sherborne.
Hindus have made many contributions to Trinidad history and culture even though the state historically regarded Hindus as second class citizens. Hindus in Trinidad struggled over the granting of adult franchise, the Hindu marriage bill, the divorce bill, cremation ordinance, and others.

regarded and Quebec
In his final years, Trudeau commanded broad respect in Canada, but was regarded with suspicion in Quebec for his role in the 1982 constitutional deal which was seen as having excluded that province, while dislike for him remained commonplace in western Canada.
* Philemon Wright, regarded as founder of the Canadian cities Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec
Singing and stage careers were not well regarded in Quebec society of the 1920s and 1930s, especially for women.
The Quebec Act was a piece of legislation which although not explicitly related to the events in Boston came to be regarded as one of the Intolerable Acts.
The linguistic imbalance caused severe tensions in the Social Credit caucus, as the Quebec MPs regarded Caouette as their leader.
While Suez would come to be regarded by many as one of the finest moments in Canadian foreign policy, at the time it cost the Liberals support outside of Quebec.
The incident received some press coverage, particularly in Quebec where it was regarded as an affront to the cardinal.
Due to language and cultural differences between the predominantly francophone population of Quebec and the predominantly anglophone population of the rest of Canada, Quebec's film industry is commonly regarded as a distinct entity from its English Canadian counterpart.
The Social Credit Party was divided after 1962, as a majority of the caucus came from Quebec and regarded Caouette as their leader.
Its style is self-described as " world punk " It is regarded as being part of the foundation of the Quebec " alternative " scene, having influenced many young musicians and bands.
For the sheer variety of ice sculptures and the number of visitors, the Quebec festival is regarded by some as the best in the world.
Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf is widely regarded as one of the best and most prestigious secondary schools in Quebec ( ranking number 1, tied with a few others, continuously for several years ), and has consistently received high rankings from the Fraser Institute for academic achievement.
The use of limited number of Quebec French terms for everyday places ( and occasional items ) that have English equivalents ; all of these are said using English pronunciation or have undergone an English clipping or abbreviation, such that they are regarded as ordinary English terms by Quebeckers.
This speech was highly regarded by the Quebec independence movement.

regarded and powers
Examples among the Egyptian monks of this submission to the commands of the superiors, exalted into a virtue by those who regarded the entire crushing of the individual will as a goal, are detailed by Cassian and others, e. g. a monk watering a dry stick, day after day, for months, or endeavoring to remove a huge rock immensely exceeding his powers.
His forecast of the form of government suitable to the modern world may be seen as prophetic: the largely ceremonial offices of president in some modern parliamentary democracies in Europe and e. g. Israel can be perceived as elected or appointed versions of Hegel's constitutional monarch ; the Russian and French presidents, with their stronger powers, may also be regarded in Hegelian terms as wielding powers suitable to the embodiment of the national will.
The Separation of Powers is often regarded as a second limb functioning alongside the Rule of Law to curb the powers of the Government.
" However, the French Empire was no longer regarded as invincible by European powers.
Since playing a major role in the defeat of Napoleon, Russia had been regarded as militarily invincible, but, once pitted against a coalition of the great powers of Europe, the reverses it suffered on land and sea exposed the weakness of Tsar Nicholas ' regime.
Justin Martyr, in the early 2nd century, mentions the " memoirs of the apostles ", which Christians called " gospels " and which were regarded as on par with the Old Testament, which was written in narrative form where " in the biblical story God is the protagonist, Satan ( or evil people / powers ) are the antagonists, and God ’ s people are the agonists ".
In the rapid economic developments in the 1960s and 1970s, Japan recovered its influences and became regarded as one of the major powers in the world.
When Egyptian influence declined or succumbed to foreign domination, the Kushite elite regarded themselves as central powers and believed themselves as idols of Egyptian culture and religion.
Though the head of state, be it governor-general, monarch, or president, will have nominal powers to " check " those of the prime minister, in practice these individuals are usually regarded as little more than figureheads who are expected not to actively intervene in day-to-day politics.
European powers largely regarded these matters as the concern of the United States.
Both sides of the war regarded them as " subhuman " and some say their flesh can confer magical powers.
Because of the generally low status of the Creole peoples in the eyes of prior European colonial powers, creole languages have generally been regarded as " degenerate " languages, or at best as rudimentary " dialects " of the politically dominant parent languages.
Legislation is regarded as one of the three main functions of government, which are often distinguished under the doctrine of the separation of powers.
Until 1918, the British prime minister's powers had been theoretically quite limited and, as a member of the cabinet, the office-holder was regarded strictly as primus inter pares.
The Moriquendi were regarded as greatly inferior by the Calaquendi, who lived in the Light of the Two Trees, and had also received great knowledge and powers by living with the Valar and Maiar.
She had powers of witchcraft, magic and medicine being regarded as complementary in the ancient world, and was a master in the art of miraculous and herbal healing, especially when it came to snakebites.
* The Malay kris is a ritual knife regarded as having magical powers, and Gerald Gardner was a recognised authority on these knives prior to his involvement in Wicca.
Those who were successful in such quests were often regarded as having more spiritual powers.
In the debate in the Commons the Conservative MP General Peel said: " It is come to this, that the words of the Prime Minister of England, uttered in the Parliament of England, are to be regarded as mere idle menaces to be laughed at and despised by foreign powers?
Furthermore, most of the western powers, such as the United States and United Kingdom, preferred a peaceful resolution to the incident, for they regarded Chiang as the ideal person to govern China.
The Commonwealth Air Training Plan may also be regarded as the precursor of post-war international air training schemes in Canada, many of them involving personnel from other NATO powers.
By the same reasoning, importation or continuation of cultural mores or elements from former colonial powers may be regarded as a form of neo-colonialism.
As the Sefer Yetzirah divides the Hebrew alphabet into three groups, so the Gnostic Marcus divided the Greek letters into three classes, regarded by him as the symbolic emanations of the three powers which include the whole number of the upper elements.
Like his father he was regarded as a staunch Conservative and bitterly opposed the Parliament Act 1911, which sought to curtail the powers of the House of Lords.

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