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from Brown Corpus
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released and her
He released her reluctantly for her enthusiastic reunion with Old Hap.
Rod and Dan released their holds on the arms of her hickory rocker and exchanged embarrassed grins.
In 2009, on her album Running for the Drum, Buffy Sainte-Marie released a new version of " America the Beautiful ".
As soon as Lucina leapt up, Alcmene was released from her spell and gave birth to Heracles.
In 2010, American dance recording artist Kelis released a song called " Acapella " as the first single from her album Flesh Tone.
It was released in the Spring of 1978, one month before her high school graduation.
In 1984, she released another pop-oriented Christian hit, Straight Ahead, earning Grant her first appearance at the Grammy Awards show in 1985.
Offered the song by Dylan, Sheryl Crow later recorded an up-tempo cover of " Mississippi " for her The Globe Sessions, released in 1998, before Dylan revisited it for Love and Theft.
Hannah was released from the asylum eight months later, but in March 1905 her madness returned, this time permanently.
Ruddock claims that DS19 released distorted information regarding her political party affiliations to the media and Conservative Party candidates.
Deirdre was freed after three weeks, with Granada stating that they had always intended for her to be released, in spite of the media interest.
In 2004 the British hip hop group The Streets released A Grand Don't Come for Free, a concept album charting a period of the protagonists life in which he meets a girl, starts a relationship with her and then breaks up with her after finding out she has been cheating on him.
it was released on the 27th of April in Ireland and the 30th of April in the UK, and features the titular character, Electra Heart, as a fictional character of Marina's creation who epitomizes the American female at her very worst, in the four " Archetypes "; the Primadonna, SuBarbieA, Homewrecker, and the Teen Idle.
Amos also featured her use of the clavinet on her 2004 recording " Not David Bowie ", released as part of her 2006 box set, A Piano: The Collection.
It was while working with Brown that Day scored her first hit recording, " Sentimental Journey ", released in early 1945.
In 1967, Day recorded her album, The Love Album, essentially concluding her recording career, though not released until 1994.
Day released My Heart in the United Kingdom on September 5, 2011, her first new album in nearly two decades, since the release of The Love Album, which, although recorded in 1967, was not released until 1994.
In 1975, Day released her autobiography, Doris Day: Her Own Story, an " as-told-to " work with A. E. Hotchner.

released and joined
Bahá ' u ' lláh was eventually released from prison but ordered into exile, and ` Abdu ' l-Bahá then eight joined his father on the journey to Baghdad in the winter ( January to April ) of 1853.
Wanting to progress further, in 1965 he joined The Rockin ' Vickers who signed a deal with CBS, released three singles and toured Europe, reportedly being the first British band to visit Yugoslavia.
According to a report released by the Connecticut Office of Legislative Research, when Connecticut ’ s law was adopted in 1972 that mandated certain grain products, including macaroni products, sold within the state to be enriched it joined 38 to 40 other states in adopting the federal standards as mandates.
In 1988, he joined the supergroup Traveling Wilburys with George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and Jeff Lynne and also released a new solo album.
Twain joined Canadian singer Anne Murray on the song " You Needed Me " on Murray's Anne Murray Duets: Friends and Legends album released November 13, 2007 in Canada, and on January 15, 2008 in the U. S.
The band released recordings of a fair number of their concerts, and on some of these the band worked out material which would later form the backbone of their studio recordings ( for example, Pergamon, which documents a concert given in East Berlin shortly after Johannes Schmoelling joined the group, contains themes that would appear later on Tangram ).
In 1982, he joined with ex-Pat Travers guitarist Pat Thrall to form Hughes / Thrall, they released one self-titled album which went virtually unnoticed at the time but is now often cited by many fans / musicians to be their favourite Glenn Hughes album.
On October 31 Henny joined Pascal Jakobsen and the boys on stage ; the next day Doe Maar held held a press-conference at the National Pop Institution's HQ to announce a reunion for one more album ( to be released on V2 ) and three shows at the Ahoy Rotterdam.
Bauhaus released the single " Sanity Assassin " in limited quantities as a farewell gift for those who joined the group's fanclub.
Daniel Ash had already started Tones on Tail with Bauhaus roadie Glen Campling as a side-project in 1981 ; after Bauhaus broke up Kevin Haskins joined the group, which released an album and several EPs before breaking up following a 1984 American tour.
This veteran only joined the Red Army because his father was arrested by the communists and would not be released until the man agreed to join the army.
He joined with the Bolsheviks soon after being released from prison.
Grand Duchesses Tatiana and Anastasia and the dog Ortino in captivity at Tsarskoe Selo in the spring of 1917 At Yekaterinburg, Tatiana occasionally joined her younger sisters in chatting with some of the guards over tea, asking them questions about their families and talking about her hopes for a new life in England when they were released.
In 2007, Goikoetxea joined Hércules CF in Alicante, in the second division, being released at the season's end.
The Byrds continued for a brief period in the same vein, but Parsons left soon after the album was released to be joined by another ex-Byrds member Chris Hillman in forming The Flying Burrito Brothers.
The band later joined the British label Earache Records where they released their EP Submit.
Around 2002, the band joined Sanctuary and released their sixth album PSI.
In 1971 Campbell was released by the Phillies and Harry Kalas joined the team.
Although Placencio played bass on most of the album, he left the band before it was released and was replaced by Justin Cary, who joined the band around the same time as second guitarist Sean Kelly.
By the time Iona released their first self-titled album in 1990, drummer Terl Bryant, bassist Nick Beggs ( formerly the bassist of Kajagoogoo ), Fiona Davidson on Celtic harp, Peter Whitfield on strings, Troy Donockley on Uillean pipes and percussionist Frank Van Essen had joined the band.
So former Mike Oldfield and Fish keyboardist Mickey Simmonds joined Latimer, Bass and Burgess for the 1992 " comeback " world tour from which in 1993 a double live CD, recorded in Holland, Never Let Go, was released.
During February 1969, Carl Perkins joined with Bob Dylan to write the song " Champaign, Illinois ", which Perkins released on his album On Top.
He was released, by the then manager, Keith Curle and then joined Championship side Crewe Alexandra.
Björk had the longest career out of any of the members-she had recorded an album as early as 11 years old, and in her late teens, she joined the Icelandic post-punk band Tappi Tikarrass, who released two albums before splitting in 1983.

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