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reported and took
From the eighteenth century, Spanish sources reported that immediately after the takeover of the city, Sir George Rooke, the British admiral, on his own initiative caused the British flag to be hoisted, and took possession of the Rock in name of Anne, Queen of Great Britain, whose government ratified the occupation.
Johan Frederich Reichert, who later agreed to become Rapp's adopted son and took the name of Frederick Reichert Rapp, reported in a letter dated February 25, 1804, that there were " at least 100 families or 500 persons actually ready to go " even if they had to sacrifice their property.
The Canadian press reported that in interviews, first-year psychology students who took Rushton's classes said that he had conducted a survey of students ' sexual habits in 1988, asking " such questions as how large their penises are, how many sex partners they have had, and how far they can ejaculate.
A telling incident took place after the battle, a testimony to Mieszko's high standing among the Empire's dignitaries, just one year after his baptism: Widukind of Corvey reported that the dying Wichmann asked Mieszko to hand over Wichmann's weapons to Emperor Otto I, to whom Wichmann was related.
As President and First Lady, the Reagans were reported to display their affection frequently, with one press secretary noting, " They never took each other for granted.
He took samples back to the United Kingdom and reported on their potential uses for the Royal Navy.
In 2007, Italian investigators reported that 75 % of the patients in their study who took peppermint oil capsules for four weeks had a major reduction in irritable bowel syndrome ( IBS ) symptoms, compared with just 38 % of those who took a placebo.
However, these reports are disputed by Leonard D. Jaffe, who was Surveyor program scientist and custodian of the Surveyor 3 parts brought back from the Moon, stated in a letter to the Planetary Society that an unnamed member of his staff reported that a " breach of sterile procedure " took place at just the right time to produce a false positive result.
The New York Times reported ( on the front page ) that the marchers took up the entire street for about 15 city blocks.
In their study of the Congressional Record and committee hearings related to the Immigration Act, Mark Snyderman and Richard J. Herrnstein reported that " the testing community did not generally view its findings as favoring restrictive immigration policies like those in the 1924 Act, and Congress took virtually no notice of intelligence testing.
In 2010, Forbes reported that Moon and Han were living in South Korea while their children took more responsibility for the day-to-day leadership of the Unification Church and its affiliated organizations.
The initial construction took place over a period of eight years, at a reported cost of $ 232, 371. 83 ( equal to $ today ).
He used the occasion to pay compliments, and there was nothing striking in the speech as reported but it helped to gain him the attention of the house when he took part on debates on more controversial subjects.
The friends took the suitcase to Stuttgart, where its discovery was reported by a newspaper, the Stuttgarter Zeitung.
What is clear is that Colonel William Burt was dispatched to Tortola and took control of the island by no later than 13 July 1672 ( when Stapleton reported the conquest to the Council of Trade ).
According to a Serbian government report, from January 1, 1998 to June 10, 1999 the KLA killed 988 people and kidnapped 287 ; in the period from June 10, 1999 to November 11, 2001, when NATO took control in Kosovo, 847 were reported to have been killed and 1, 154 kidnapped.
/ The priests / monks and nuns they either burnt at the stake / or took them onto the ice of lakes and rivers / ( in Franconia and Bavaria ) and doused them with cold water / and killed them in a deplorable way / as Boreck reported in the Bohemian Chronicle, page 450 "(( Source: Frühwald ( Hg.
He immediately took a liking to her " good character " and the British envoy reported that George Augustus " would not think of anybody else after her ".
The Portuguese writer and historian Jaime Cortesão ( 1884 — 1960 ) reported a story that Arabs were known to have visited an island which they referred to as " Aulil " or " Ulil " where they took salt from naturally occurring salinas.
A riot in the prison of Mons took place in April 2006 after prisoner complaints concerning living conditions and treatment ; no deaths were reported as a result of the riot, but the event focused attention on prisons throughout Belgium.
As the news of his TV father's death was being reported, Howard released a statement: " His love of creating, the joy he took in it whether it was drama or comedy or his music, was inspiring to grow up around.
There is no way to verify the figures reported by Roman historiographers, but if they are taken at face value, the scale of the witch-hunts in the Roman Republic in relation to the population of Italy at the time far exceeded anything that took place during the " classical " witch-craze in Early Modern Europe.
With the cardinals asking him to reconsider, it is further reported, he went into solitude, and took the position after deep prayer in the Pauline chapel and the urging of his fellow cardinals.
Although appointed by the king, the governor reported to the lieutenant general of police: the first of these, Gabriel Nicolas de la Reynie, made only occasional visits to the Bastille, but his successor, Marquis d ' Argenson, and subsequent officers used the facility extensively and took a close interest in inspections of the prison.

reported and no
In 18 months, no more grisly incident has been reported from that jungle.
Its ground for this recommendation was that, while petitioner claimed before the local board August 17, 1956 ( as evidenced by its memorandum in his file of that date ), that he was devoting 100 hours per month to actual preaching, the headquarters of the Jehovah's Witnesses reported that he was no longer doing so and, on the contrary, had relinquished both his Pioneer and Bible Student Servant positions.
The data reported here are either from spectra from which the adsorbed water resonance could easily be eliminated or from spectra of samples evacuated and sealed off at 375-degrees-C which contain no adsorbed water.
Andy had no desire to linger himself but Hub reported that the mob outside was still large despite the efforts of the police to disperse them.
However, no incidents of violence against spring breakers were reported.
Shortly after Lincoln's death, Gen. William T. Sherman reported he had, without consulting Washington, reached an armistice agreement with Confederate Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, an agreement which was unacceptable to the President and outraged Stanton, since it made no provision for emancipation of slaves or freedmen's rights.
The Times reported in October 2007 that these limits had been " plucked out of the air " and had no scientific basis.
While there is no scientific evidence for the cryptid's existence, there have been over 300 reported sightings.
Details about the spiritual world, Steiner suggested, could on such a basis be discovered and reported, though no more infallibly than the results of natural science.
After the attacks, before the release of the FBI pictures of the hijackers, Arab News reported that Haznawi's brother Abdul Rahman had told al-Madinah newspaper that a photograph published by local newspapers bore no resemblance to his brother.
Hume reinforced his crew with musket-armed soldiers and joined up with HMS Seaford to track the two ships, to no avail, though they discerned that the two ships had sunk a French vessel off St Christopher Island, and reported also that they had last been seen " gone down the North side of Hispaniola ".
Though no significant damage was reported to most of the few Berkeley buildings of the time, the 1868 quake did destroy the vulnerable adobe home of Domingo Peralta in north Berkeley.
On 29 May 2007 it was reported that General Sir Mike Jackson, second-in-command of 1 Para on Bloody Sunday, said: " I have no doubt that innocent people were shot ".
When Snodgrass and Heller visited Clipperton in 1898, they reported that " no land plant is native to the island ".
All 19 crew members were reported safe, and the vessel reported no leaks of any kind.
Statistics Canada in 2001 reported a " religion " total of 145, 525 for Cape Breton, including 5, 245 with " no religious affiliation.
( Club have reported that they do not sell the cottage seats but are for players families to watch the game and that have no plans to change that ) In the past, board meetings used to be held in The Cottage itself as well.
This service is made available, at no additional cost, to Optimum Broadband subscribers, and is available at over 14, 000 locations across Long Island, NY, parts of NJ and CT. Cablevision has reported a double digit reduction in subscriber churn since launching Optimum Wi-Fi, even as Verizon has rolled out FiOS, a competitive residential broadband service in the Cablevision footprint.
Because reported AIDS cases in Africa and other parts of the developing world include a larger proportion of people who do not belong to Duesberg's preferred risk groups of drug addicts and male homosexuals, Duesberg writes on his website that " There are no risk groups in Africa, like drug addicts and homosexuals ," However, many studies have addressed the issue of risk groups in Africa and concluded that the risk of AIDS is not equally distributed.
During their conversation, Hutcheson reported that Echols made no incriminating statements.
By 1891 it was reported that no fewer than 162 Nationalist Clubs were in existence.
There is anecdotal evidence that the use of nitrox reduces post-dive fatigue, particularly in older and or obese divers ; however a double-blind study to test this found no statistically significant reduction in reported fatigue.
In 2008, a study was published using wet divers at the same depth and confirmed that no statistically significant reduction in reported fatigue is seen.
He had earlier petitioned both the Queen and Burghley on the condemned Norfolk's behalf, to no avail, and it was reported that he had plotted to provide a ship to assist his cousin's escape attempt to Spain.

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