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said and speech
It is said that the eccentric Timothy Dexter, who was one of the first share-holders, stood on the table and made a speech worthy of the occasion.
`` Senator '', said an interviewer, `` your constituents can't understand from your speech last night just how you stand on the question ''.
no strikingly effective element of speech in the extant poems can with assurance be said not to have been a commonplace in the vaster epic corpus that may have existed at the beginning of the first millennium before Christ.
In his speech accepting the nomination, Johnson said that by taking a nominee from a seceding state, " the Union Party declared its belief that the rebellious states are still in the Union, that their loyal citizens are still citizens of the United States.
* Isolation Aphasia, also known as Mixed Transcortical Aphasia, is a type of disturbance in language skill that causes the inability to comprehend what is being said to you or the difficulty in creating speech with meaning without affecting the ability to recite what has been said and to acquire newly presented words.
In 1944, Joseph Stalin said in a speech that artillery was " the God of War ".
On 19 June 1920 Lieutenant-Colonel Gerald Smyth made a speech to the ranks of the Listowel RIC in which he was reported as having said:
Trumbo said in a speech given in 1970 that there was blame on all sides:
In some cultures, they are also said to be capable of human speech.
" At this speech he also said: " Though Mr. Lincoln shared the prejudices of his white fellow-countrymen against the Negro, it is hardly necessary to say that in his heart of hearts he loathed and hated slavery ...."
In a speech delivered on November 15, 1867, Douglass said " A man's rights rest in three boxes.
In his speech at the presentation of the medal, Alexander Graham Bell said:
For example Winston Churchill 1941 said in a broadcast speech: " There are less than 70, 000, 000 malignant Huns, some of whom are curable and others killable, most of whom are already engaged in holding down Austrians, Czechs, Poles and the many other ancient races they now bully and pillage.
Additionally, Ted Sorensen claimed in his memoir Counselor: A Life at the Edge of History ( 2008 ) to have had a hand in the speech, and said he had incorrectly inserted the word ein, incorrectly taking responsibility for the " jelly doughnut misconception ", below, a claim apparently supported by Berlin mayor Willy Brandt but dismissed by later scholars since the final typed version, which does not contain the words, is the last one Sorensen could have worked on.
On Independence Day 1821, in response to those who advocated American support for independence movements in many South American countries, Adams gave a speech in which he said that American policy was moral support for independence movements but not armed intervention.
In the House Adams became a champion of free speech, demanding that petitions against slavery be heard despite a " gag rule " that said they could not be heard.
In his 1933 speech, " Radio as the Eighth Great Power " he said:
In 1939, in a speech to the Reichstag, Hitler had said:
'" In 2002, Candice Bergen, the actress who played Brown, said " I never have really said much about the whole episode, which was endless, but his speech was a perfectly intelligent speech about fathers not being dispensable and nobody agreed with that more than I did.
Polk made his first major speech on March 13, 1826, in which he said that the Electoral College should be abolished and that the President should be elected by the popular vote.
During his acceptance speech, Cagney lightly chastised impressionist Frank Gorshin, saying, " Oh, Frankie, just in passing, I never said ' MMMMmmmm, you dirty rat!

said and 1939
On hearing of the rebel defeat in April 1939, Montgomery said, " I shall be sorry to leave Palestine in many ways, as I have enjoyed the war out here ".
In July 1939, Ribbentrop's claims about Bonnet's alleged statement of December 1938 were to lead to a lengthy war of words via a series of letters to the French newspapers between Bonnet and Ribbentrop over just what precisely Bonnet had said to Ribbentrop.
There he repeated in a different form all that he had already said, for all the world as if he had a gramophone fixed in his brain ... When I took leave, he subjected me to an interminable handshake, meanwhile fixing his cold blue eyes on mine, and repeating almost word for word what he said to me on arrival ... I felt I should never be able to establish any human contact with this man " In early June 1940, when Mussolini informed Hitler that he at long last would enter the war on 10 June 1940, Hitler was most dismissive, in private calling Mussolini a cowardly opportunist who broke the terms of the Pact of Steel in September 1939 when the going looked rough, and was only entering the war in June 1940 after it was clear that France was beaten and it appeared that Britain would soon make peace.
* Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell and the film – " Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn ", said in 1939, was among the first uses of profanity in a major American film.
The history textbook controversy centers upon the secondary school history textbook Atarashii Rekishi Kyōkasho (" New History Textbook ") said to minimise the nature of Japanese militarism in the First Sino-Japanese War ( 1894 – 95 ), in annexing Korea in 1910, in the Second Sino-Japanese War ( 1937 – 45 ), and in the Second World War ( 1939 – 45 ).
Even though there was not a Rookie of the Year award yet in 1939, Babe Ruth declared Williams to be the Rookie of the Year, to which Williams later said was " good enough for me ".
Although the Empire of Japan was already at war with the Republic of China in 1937, the world war is generally said to have begun on 1 September 1939, with the invasion of Poland by Germany, and subsequent declarations of war on Germany by France and most of the countries of the British Empire and Commonwealth.
The film Lady of the Tropics ( 1939 ), directed by Jack Conway, with Hedy Lamarr and Robert Taylor is said to be inspired by the novel.
Time said, " An admirable revival of Lillian Hellman's 1939 play in Lincoln Center demonstrates how securely bricks of character can be sealed together with the mortar of plot.
Charles O ' Connell, who produced many of Toscanini's RCA Victor recordings in the 1930s and early 1940s, said that RCA quickly decided to record the NBC Symphony Orchestra in Carnegie Hall, whenever possible, after being disappointed with the dull-sounding early recordings in Studio 8-H in 1938 and 1939.
According to Sebastian, Eliade said in 1939:
For example, a statement from a lead article in the February 1939 edition of The Plain Truth, about a coming world war, said this:
Nonetheless, such a teleological ( goal-oriented ) reading of Karl Marx, supported by Alexandre Kojève before the Second World War ( 1939 – 45 ), was criticized by Louis Althusser in his discussion of “ random materialism ” ( matérialisme aléatoire ), in which he said that such a teleological reading rendered the proletariat as the subject of history ; therefore, such an interpretation was tainted with Hegelian idealism, with the “ philosophy of the subject ”, that had been in force for five centuries, which he criticized as the “ bourgeois ideology of philosophy ”.
It was in New York in 1939 that Reich first said he had discovered a life force, or cosmic energy, an extension of Freud's idea of the libido.
At the Nuremberg Trials, Alfred Jodl said that " if we did not collapse already in the year 1939 that was due only to the fact that during the Polish campaign, the approximately 110 French and British divisions in the West were held completely inactive against the 23 German divisions.
In March 1939, Chamberlain foresaw a possible disarmament conference between himself, Daladier, Hitler, Mussolini and Joseph Stalin ; his home secretary, Samuel Hoare, said, " These five men, working together in Europe and blessed in their efforts by the President of the United States of America, might make themselves eternal benefactors of the human race.
Sheila Kaye-Smith, often said to be one of the rural writers parodied by Gibbons in CCF, arguably gets her own back with a tongue-in-cheek reference to CCF within a subplot of A Valiant Woman ( 1939 ), set in a rapidly modernising village ( Pearce: 2008 ).
In the second conversation at 3: 54 PM on June 6, 1939, Morgenthau said they did not know where the ship was and he inquired whether it was “ proper to have the Coast Guard look for it .” Hull responded by saying that he didn ’ t see any reason why it could not.
" At a time when tobacco companies were major advertisers, Seldes discussed the contents of a study called, " Tobacco Smoking and Longevity ", which he said had been suppressed since 1939.
Regarding the company he co-founded, he said " Art in the workplace has been a part of Neuberger Berman's corporate culture since the investment firm was founded in 1939.
It has been said that there was originally an arrow here to complement Eric Aumonier's Archer statue at station, and that this was stolen shortly after the station opened ; however, East Finchley was not served by the Underground until 1939 and the statue was not erected until 1940.
" According to Paul, " She received huge applause when she asked how former United States President Jimmy Carter could omit the years 1939-1947 from a chronology in his book "; referring to his recently-published and controversial book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, she said: " When a former president of the United States writes a book on the Israeli-Palestinian crisis and writes a chronology at the beginning of the book in order to help them understand the emergence of the situation and in that chronology lists nothing of importance between 1939 and 1947, that is soft-core denial.

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