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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 532
from Brown Corpus
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said and Wright
Miriam Noel Wright said, `` Here I am at my own home, locked out so I must stand in the road ''!!
First, Wright said, he was choked by the smoke, which fortunately kept him from seeing the dreadful town.
`` Take a gigantic knife and sweep it over the Loop '', Wright said.
Miriam sniffed at this, and complained that Wright had said unkind things about her to reporters.
Peter Wright, former senior MI5 officer, said in his 1987 book that Litzi Friedmann was " almost certainly the person who recruited him to the Soviet cause.
" Wright was one of the people who made me conscious of the need to struggle ", said writer Amiri Baraka .< ref >
On learning that Vivekananda lacked credential to speak at the Chicago Parliament, Wright is quoted as having said, " To ask for your credentials is like asking the sun to state its right to shine in the heavens.
The man who killed McGoldrick said that he had planned, along with Billy Wright and Mark Fulton, to kidnap three priests from a parochial house in County Armagh and shoot them unless the march was allowed to continue.
The LVF said it was revenge for the killing of Billy Wright.
The April 25, 1988 issue of The New Yorker carried an interview with retired Air Force Reserve Major General and former US Senator from Arizona, Barry Goldwater, who said he repeatedly asked his friend General LeMay if he ( Goldwater ) might have access to the secret " Blue Room " at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, alleged by numerous Goldwater constituents to contain UFO evidence.
Wright later said of the Kingsmill massacre, " I was 15 when those workmen were pulled out of that bus and shot dead.
Alfred Wright also said God was referred to as " Nanapesa ," " Ishtahullo-chito " or " Nanishta-hullo-chito ," " Hustahli ," and " Uba P < u > i </ u > ke " or " Aba.
The Wright brothers said: " Science theory held us up for years.
" Same reason it couldn't be a film ," Wright said.
Gurdjieff is said to have had a strong influence on many modern mystics, artists, writers, and thinkers, including Osho ( Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh ), Frank Lloyd Wright, Keith Jarrett, George Russell ( composer ), Alan Watts, Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Robert Fripp, Jacob Needleman, John Shirley, Carlos Castaneda, Dennis Lewis, Peter Brook, Kate Bush, P. L. Travers, Robert S de Ropp, Walter Inglis Anderson, Jean Toomer, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Louis Pauwels, James Moore and Abdullah Isa Neil Dougan.
Will Wright, creator of the Sim series, said he got the idea for The Sims while working on SimAnt.
Peter Cormack, director of London's William Morris Gallery, said regarding the critical neglect of Cram's work that it was " a phenomenon which has significantly distorted the study of America's modern architectural history ... ( Cram ) deserves the same kind of international -- and domestic -- recognition accorded ( all too often uncritically ) to his contemporary Frank Lloyd Wright ".
In this case, Lord Wright said:
Stuart A. Wright has said that their political racism however was no different from both Republicans and Democratic politicians of the time.
John Shook has said, " Chauncey Wright also deserves considerable credit, for as both Peirce and James recall, it was Wright who demanded a phenomenalist and fallibilist empiricism as a vital alternative to rationalistic speculation.
An article in the linguistic periodical Word Ways said that 250 of the 500 most commonly used words in English were still available to Wright despite the omission of words with e.
In 1937 Wright said writing the book was a challenge and the author of an article on his efforts in The Oshkosh Daily wryly recommended composing lipograms for insomnia sufferers.
Wright said in his introduction to Gadsby that " this story was written, not through any attempt to attain literary merit, but due to a somewhat balky nature, caused by hearing it so constantly claimed that ' it can ’ t be done.

said and was
`` I'm a mess '', she said, and suddenly she was alarmed.
You see, he lied to us when he said he was leavin alone ''.
`` That was a terrible thing to do '', I said to Oso.
The War Department wrote Mr. Manuel a letter and said he was a hero.
`` But that was war '', I said.
What else he said was lost in the rattle of gunfire on all sides.
She said, and her tone had softened until it was almost friendly.
`` Oh, no '', he said, and he was without humor now.
Normally Hague wasted no words, but now he found himself unable to stop their flow although he knew Kodyke was aware of all he said.
When they reached their neighbor's house, Pamela said a few polite words to Grace and kissed Melissa lightly on the forehead, the impulse prompted by a stray thought -- of the type to which she was frequently subject these days -- that they might never see one another again.
An Ah coudn ansuh him an so Ah said ' Aw right, Ah gay-ess, an his fathuh didn uttuh one wohd an aftuh Huhmun was gone, the majuh laughed an tole me thet he an the bawh had been hevin an occasional drink t'gethuh f'ovuh a yeah, onleh an occasional one, but just the same it was behahn mah back, an Ah doan think thet's nahce at all, d'you ''??
She was still hugging the stained coat around her, so I said, `` Relax, let me take your things.
That was all she said.
This was the worst thing I could have said.
The girl took a couple of steps toward the man in shorts when Benson, in that barefoot courtliness Ramey could never decide was real, said, `` You don't want to go around there, Ma'am ''.
There was no doubt that Herr Schaffner meant every word of what he said.
But they never said anything, so he figured it was all right.
He said, lapsing into the profanity he often used when away from his parents and especially when he was with Charles.
While she was struggling to get her skirt down and get on her feet again, Jack ran over, offered her his hand and said, `` Gosh, I'm sorry, Miss Langford.
That should do it, he thought, because Miss Langford had said she was going to be strict about school work.
`` I only said I was hungry.
`` No, I don't think so '', said the big man, and it was the final clincher for Ernie.
`` I'd wind up full of bullet holes '', he said, and there was no question that he was talking about bullets fired by his coworkers.

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