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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 899
from Brown Corpus
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saw and age
I myself was fond of him but what a young woman half his age saw in him was a mystery to me.
I saw Sedgwick often before his death at ninety-five, -- he had remarried at the age of ninety, -- and he asked me, when once I returned from Rome, if I knew the Cavallinis in the church of St. Cecilia in Trastevere.
And the stiffly regal look of them, she saw grimly, lacked the quaver of age which, thwarting the efforts of her amazing will, ran through her spoken words like a thin ragged string.
The 18th and 19th centuries saw an influx of naturalists, writers, and artists, in particular the Romantics, followed by the golden age of alpinism as mountaineers began to ascend the peaks.
At 72 years of age, Attlee contested the 1955 general election against Anthony Eden, which saw the Conservative majority increase.
1959 saw another grand final loss to Melbourne, this time by 37 points, but the fact that the average age of the Essendon side was only 22 was seen as providing considerable cause for optimism.
The consequent overcrowding into areas with little supporting infrastructure saw dramatic increases in the rate of infant mortality ( to the extent that many Sunday schools for pre-working age children ( 5 or 6 ) had funeral clubs to pay for each other's funeral arrangements ), crime, and social deprivation.
Hildegard says that she first saw " The Shade of the Living Light " at the age of three, and by the age of five she began to understand that she was experiencing visions.
She later testified that she experienced her first vision around 1424 at the age of 12 years, when she was out alone in a field and saw visions of figures she identified as Saint Michael, Saint Catherine, and Saint Margaret, who told her to drive out the English and bring the Dauphin to Reims for his coronation.
The Gilberts obtained internal self-government in 1977 and held general elections in February 1978 which saw Ieremia Tabai elected Chief Minister as only age 27.
"' Forever Changes ' is also an album that heralds the last days of a golden age and anticipates the growing ugliness that would dominate the counterculture in 1968 and 1969 ... ' Forever Changes ' is inarguably Love's masterpiece and an album of enduring beauty, but it's also one of the few major works of its era that saw the dark clouds looming on the cultural horizon, and the result was music that was as prescient as it was compelling.
In 1888 he joined the Verein für Socialpolitik, a new professional association of German economists affiliated with the historical school, who saw the role of economics primarily as finding solutions to the social problems of the age and who pioneered large scale statistical studies of economic issues.
Born in Alexandria in 1935, she learned to play the saw at the age of seven, with Poland-Austrian Anton Stein.
At the moment of his election, chiefly through the influence of Cardinal Borghese, at his advanced age ( he was 67 ) and with his weak state of health he saw at once that he would need an energetic man, in whom he could place implicit confidence, to assist him in the government of the Church.
Muhammad Subuh saw the present age as one that demands personal evidence and proof of religious or spiritual realities, as people no longer just believe in words.
Sondheim traces his interest in theatre to Very Warm for May, a Broadway musical he saw at age nine.
The Duke at the time, the founder and colonel of the regiment, was the Duchess of Richmond's father, and he saw no active service overseas during the Napoleonic Wars ; his son and the Duchess's brother, the Marquis of Huntly ( later the 5th Duke ) was a distinguished general, but also missed the Waterloo campaign ; the senior representative of the family at the battle was in fact the Duchess's own twenty-three-year-old son, the Earl of March, who would eventually become the 5th Duke's heir in 1836, and who served as a major and an aide de camp to the Duke of Wellington ; another branch of the family was represented by another ADC, Colonel Sir Alexander Gordon, aged twenty-eight or twenty-nine, the brother of the Earl of Aberdeen ; in reality, both were young men similar in age and duty to Lord Hay.
Gregory, in stark contrast to most thinkers of his age, saw great beauty in the Fall: from Adam's sin from two perfect humans would eventually arise myriad.
This Hellenistic age, so called because it saw the partial Hellenization of many non-Greek cultures, lasted until the conquest of Egypt by Rome in 30 BC.
This age saw the Greeks move towards larger cities and a reduction in the importance of the city-state.
The Han Dynasty was an age of economic prosperity and saw a significant growth of the money economy first established during the Zhou Dynasty ( c. 1050 – 256 BCE ).
This " golden age " represented the apogee of the English Renaissance and saw the flowering of poetry, music and literature.
The 17th century saw the gradual rise of the " age of reason ", while belief in witchcraft and sorcery, and consequently the irrational surge of Early Modern witch trials, receded, a process only completed at the end of the Baroque period circa 1730.

saw and one
When they were closer and he saw that one was a woman, he was more puzzled than ever.
Lincoln saw that the act of secession made the issue for the Union a vital one: Whether it was a Union of sovereign citizens that should continue to live, or an association of sovereign states that must fall prey either to `` anarchy or despotism ''.
Land was near, and on June 12, one hundred and fourteen days after leaving America, they actually saw, twenty miles away, the coast of Orissa.
In any case, she told Thompson that she saw no reason why he might not see Katie again, `` now that this frank explanation has been made & no one can misunderstand ''.
Looking down the street after her, Adam saw that she had again stopped and again removed one hand from the basket.
He turned from the flying trees to look ahead and saw with an inward boy's eye again the great fieldstone house which, built on one of the many acres of ancestral land bordering the west harbor, had been Izaak's bride-gift to his cousin-wife as the last century ended.
But just when she seemed to have sunk into some depravity of peasanthood she would disappear and come down bathed, brushed, and taking breaths of air, and even with her broken nails her hands would come to rest on a table or a leaf with a thoughtless delicacy, a grace of history, so to speak, and for an instant one saw how ferociously proud she was and adamant on certain questions of personal value.
It was then that they heard the tread of one descending and, in some perturbation glancing up, saw the patronne coming towards them as they gained the landing.
Inside over the first door I saw one of these, which shows Constantine offering the city to the Virgin Mary and Justinian offering the temple.
When his vision cleared he saw the taller one scrambling upward, reaching.
Walking back down Main Street, I said, `` I saw the Harbor's one squad car at the road block, we'll ride out in my car ''.
No one saw Stacy leave.
but, conversely, one cannot begin to understand the Lo Shu without knowing something about the world view of the Old Chinese, which they felt they saw expressed in it.
A second tale shows still more clearly the kind of powers a truly spiritual monk could possess: `` On one occasion Yang Shan ( Kyo-zan ) saw a stranger monk flying through the air.
No one saw her except the man Reuveni ''.
you saw one of his paintings on the cover of one or another of the slick national magazines every month.
I had never liked snakes much, I still had that kind of quick panic that I'd had as a child whenever I saw one, but this snake was clean and bright and very beautiful.
It is one of the few lyrical episodes in the novel: " hey saw the sea spread out before them, a gently heaving expanse of deep-piled velvet, supple and sleek as a creature of the wild.
Weil realized that to prove such a connection one needed a new cohomology theory, but neither he nor any other expert saw how to do this until such a theory was found by Grothendieck.
Guthrie also saw traces of Acts in Polycarp's letter to the Philippians ( written between 110-140 ) and one letter by Ignatius († about 117 ) and thought that Acts probably was current in Antioch and Smyrna not later than c. 115, and perhaps in Rome as early as c. 96.
* On March 7, 1998, Daniel Rudolph, the elder brother of the 1996 Olympics bomber Eric Robert Rudolph, videotaped himself cutting off one of his own hands with an electric saw to " send a message to the FBI and the media.
" He went out and saw an angel who wore a girdle with a cross, one resembling the holy Eskiem ( Tonsure or Schema ), and on his head was a head cover ( Kolansowa ).
There is a third view that sees merit in both arguments above and attempts to bridge them, and so cannot be articulated as starkly as they can ; it sees more than one Christianity and more than one attitude towards paganism at work in the poem, separated from each other by hundreds of years ; it sees the poem as originally the product of a literate Christian author with one foot in the pagan world and one in the Christian, himself a convert perhaps or one whose forbears had been pagan, a poet who was conversant in both oral and literary milieus and was capable of a masterful " repurposing " of poetry from the oral tradition ; this early Christian poet saw virtue manifest in a willingness to sacrifice oneself in a devotion to justice and in an attempt to aid and protect those in need of help and greater safety ; good pagan men had trodden that noble path and so this poet presents pagan culture with equanimity and respect ; yet overlaid upon this early Christian poet's composition are verses from a much later reformist " fire-and-brimstone " Christian poet who vilifies pagan practice as dark and sinful and who adds satanic aspects to its monsters.

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