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served and founding
The Articles of Confederation, formally the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, was an agreement among the 13 founding states that established the United States of America as a confederation of sovereign states and served as its first constitution.
George Stevens, Jr., served as director from the institute's founding until 1980.
* Anti-Somozistas who had supported the revolution but felt betrayed by the Sandinista government – e. g. Edgar Chamorro, prominent member of the political directorate of the FDN, or Jose Francisco Cardenal, who had briefly served in the Council of State before leaving Nicaragua out of disagreement with the Sandinista government's policies and founding the Nicaraguan Democratic Union ( UDN ), an opposition group of Nicaraguan exiles in Miami.
During 1995-96, Honduras, a founding member of the United Nations, for the first time served as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council.
The Spanish settled in Jamaica in 1509 and held the island against many privateer raids from their main city, now called Spanish Town, which served as capital of Jamaica from its founding in 1534 until 1872.
ISBN 0773521526 — Biography of the founding dean of Annesley Hall who served from 1903 until 1931.
Armour also stipulated that Gunsaulus become the first president of the school, and Gunsaulus served as president of Armour Tech from its founding in 1890 until his death in 1921.
Craig Thompson has served as Commissioner of the MW since its founding in 1999.
At this time the Greeks were embarking on an eastward expansion by founding colonies in Asia Minor and Syria ; Salamis must have served as an intermediate station ; it has even been suggested that Cypriots helped the Greeks in their venture.
Quintin Hogg also served as alderman of the first London County Council, encouraging the founding of other polytechnics, or, as they were known then, working men's ( or mechanics ') institutes.
Dulles also served as the Chairman and Co-founder of the Commission on a Just and Durable Peace of the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America ( succeeded by the National Council of Churches ), the Chairman of the Board for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a Trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation from 1935 to 1952, and was a founding member of Foreign Policy Association and Council of Foreign Relations.
Montgomery College has served nearly 450, 000 credit students since its founding in 1946.
The town served as the county seat of government from the county's founding in 1844 until a county election in 1878 moved that honor to Grafton, West Virginia.
Pikes Peak Council served as host to the 1960 National Scout Jamboree, held north of Colorado Springs adjacent to the United States Air Force Academy, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Boy Scouts of America.
He was co-founder of Claremont Institute, Claremont, Calif. and served as its president from its founding in 1985 until his appointment as Hillsdale president in 2000.
A restriction of 130 meals at any site being served to the hungry had for 18 years been an unenforced ordinance until March 2009, when a downtown developer presented data to the City Plan Board ( residents appointed by the City Commission to advise the Commission on planning issues ) showing that a downtown soup kitchen distributed significantly more meals than the legal limit, which resulted in a strict enforcement of the meal limit ordinance Outrage has engendered much activism, including the founding of the " Coalition to End the Meal Limit NOW!
At the time of its founding, it was served by the Chicago branch of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, now CSX.
Like the Merrimack, the Concord, although a much smaller river, has many waterfalls and rapids that served as power sources for early industrial purposes, some well before the founding of Lowell.
The site of Paynesville was put first officially on the map in 1857 with the founding of a Post Office, postmastered by Edwin E. Payne, who served only for a few months.
The following have served as town supervisor of Woodbury, either by election or on an acting basis since the founding of the town.
Bishop Daniel Payne, who led the founding and later purchase of the college, was its first president and served for many years.
That school was eventually chartered as Blount College and it served as the starting point for the University of Tennessee, which uses Blount College's founding date of 1794, as its own.
Founded in 1824, as San Felipe de Austin, the town served as the capital of Stephen F. Austin's first colony and the founding spot of the Texas Rangers.
He was a founding father of Long Lake, served as the first Postmaster, the Town Clerk, and Justice of the Peace.

served and corporate
These standard food offerings served at the cafeteria ( shokudō, often called to distinguish from corporate cafeterias ), or yatai or izakaya are not considered Japanese cuisine at a " proper restaurant ".
Some restaurants might use the suffix-zen ( 膳 ) as a classier though dated synonym to the more familiar, since the latter basically is a term for a combo meal served at a, akin to a diner .. Teishoku means a meal of fixed menu, a dinner à prix fixe served at or, which is somewhat vague ( shokudō can mean a diner type restaurant or a corporate lunch hall ); but e. g. defines it as fare served at, etc., a diner-like establishment.
In addition to corporate boards of directors, Kemp served on several advisory boards such as the UCLA School of Public Policy Advisory Board, and the Toyota Diversity Advisory Board as well as the Howard University Board of Trustees, on which he served since 1993.
" In an early case, Landis fined the Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company the maximum $ 4, 000 for illegally importing workers, even though Winifred Landis's sister's husband served on the corporate board.
In examining the origins of the monastic cloister, Walter Horn found that " as a manorial entity the Carolingian monastery ... differed little from the fabric of a feudal estate, save that the corporate community of men for whose sustenance this organization was maintained consisted of monks who served God in chant and spent much of their time in reading and writing.
The campus served as a high-tech corporate setting in the film Antitrust.
The new use of the term arose together with and due to the spread of corporate social responsibility ideas, but there are also utilitarian and traditional business goals that are served by the new meaning of the term ( see Stakeholder theory and below ).
In the corporate sector in the US, he served as non-executive director of the Baltimore-based US assets management company Legg Mason, Inc.
Kirkpatrick stepped down as editor in 1979 and was succeeded by Maxwell McCrohon ( 1928 – 2004 ), who served as editor until 1981, when he was transitioned to a corporate position.
Brands has served as the corporate sponsor of the Kentucky Derby.
Although Mad was sold in the early 1960s for tax reasons, Gaines remained as publisher until the day he died and served as a buffer between the magazine and its corporate interests.
The town is served by its own Forest Heights Police Department, which maintains primary responsibility for the response to and prevention and investigation of the majority of all crimes within the corporate limits.
The corporate area and its surroundings are served by five strategically located fire stations.
After practicing corporate law in New York, he served in the Nixon Administration as the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission from 1971 to 1973 ; this position led to his being called as a prosecution witness against former Attorney General John N. Mitchell and former Commerce Secretary Maurice Stans in an influence-peddling case stemming from international financier Robert Vesco's $ 200, 000 contribution to the Nixon reelection campaign.
The Neoist Alliance, his third one-person-movement after The Generation Positive and Praxis, served simultaneously as a tactical reappropriation of the Neoism label for self-promotional purposes, and as a corporate identity for pamphlets that satirically advocated a combination of artistic avant-garde, the occult, and politics into an " avant-bard ".
The corporate IP telephony-based voice-mail CPEmarket is served by several vendors including Avaya, Cisco systems, Adomo, Interactive Intelligence, Nortel, Mitel, 3Com, and AVST.
Ponto was a corporate attorney and had served as 4th District Alderman since 1998.
From then on he faithfully served the Rockefellers and their corporate interests, including a strong involvement in Rockefeller Center — he was in fact the first to suggest to Junior ( against his reservations ) that he give to the complex his family name — even after he moved on to set up his own consulting firm.
The old terminal served as the corporate headquarters of Continental Micronesia until late 2010.
There was still an appointment to be made for a replacement for Sandra Day O ' Connor, and on October 3, 2005 Bush nominated Harriet Miers, a corporate attorney from Texas who had served as Bush's private attorney and as White House Counsel.
His diverse career has involved military service in the U. S. Navy and he has served as Independent Counsel for the United States, Special Counsel to the United States House of Representatives, Presidential Committees, United States Attorney ’ s Office, legal instructor, private practice and Boards of numerous corporate entities.

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