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speaks and your
However, in numerous places in Maggid Meisharim it is stated that, " I am the Mishna that speaks in your mouth ," indicating that the Oral Torah itself ( of which the Mishna is the fundamental part ) spoke within him.
After he returned to England he was appointed a Fellow of the Royal Society and his cousin Sir Roger Twysden wrote to Nottingham's father that " every body speaks him a very gentleman, and one you and your lady are likely to have much comfort in ".
This is laid out in the Lutheran formula of holy absolution: the " called and ordained servant of the Word " forgives penitents ' sins ( speaks Christ's words of forgiveness: " I forgive you all your sins ") without any addition of penances or satisfactions and not as an interceding or mediating " priest ," but " by virtue of office as a called and ordained servant of the Word " and " in the stead and by the command of Lord Jesus Christ " Lutheran Hymnal, ( St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1941 ), p. 16.
Concerned for the Welsh language under these pressures, Glyn said " Once you have more than 50 % of anybody living in a community that speaks a foreign language, then you lose your indigenous tongue almost immediately ".
If someone speaks insults to another man (” You ’ re not the like of a man, and not a man in your chest !” – ” I ’ m a man like you !”), they shall meet where three roads meet.
Concerned for the Welsh language under these pressures, Glyn said " Once you have more than 50 % of anybody living in a community that speaks a foreign language, then you lose your indigenous tongue almost immediately ".
Furthermore, Wisdom speaks of personified Wisdom in a Trinitarian way at 9: 17: “ Who has learned your counsel, unless you have given wisdom and sent your holy spirit from on high ?”.
Referring to the show's web site, he invited the Culture Secretary to " join me in playing How Low Can You Bungalow, a test to see your response to grossly embarrassing personal situations, largely of a lavatorial nature ; Pants Dancers in the Hall of Fame, photos of children with underwear on their heads ; Make Dick Sick, a game which I think speaks for itself ; and finally Bunged Up, in which you play a character in a sewage system avoiding turtles ' poos coming from various lavatories ".
" The saint speaks in Latin, in a cross-shaped inscription: " Duritiam cordis vestris, saxa trahere meruistis ", which means " You deserved to drag stones due to the hardness of your hearts.
He speaks to the audience in the prologue to the work: " the spectacle I speak of is to be seen in your mind ; it enters not through your eyes, but through your ears: instead of looking, listen, and be silent.
A tense moment followed as the whole room waited for Stalin to rip the epaulette from Rokossovsky's shoulder ; instead, Stalin said " Your confidence speaks for your sound judgement ," and ordered the attack to go forward according to Rokossovsky's plan.
Anticlimax speaks French but with literally translated English expressions as " I beg your pardon ," " Isn't it?
He is also quoted as saying, " When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt.
Drake also speaks of Chante in the second verse of his song " Deceiving " referencing Chante's mom " Tessa ", Drake rhymes ; ” What up Tessa, I love you like my own mama / And your daughter ’ s getting grown, mama / And me, I ’ m just here working, waiting / patient for her to be ready to love and leave alone drama .”
Lyrically, the song speaks of inner strength, and not allowing others to tear away your dreams.
Pickens has responded with a message stating " In reviewing your material, none of the information you provide speaks specifically to the issues contained in the ads ,” he wrote,and, as a result, does not qualify for the $ 1 million.
However, part of the uniqueness of the Ekitis is that where ever is your own part of the state, you will understand well, when the other Ekiti man / woman speaks, in spite of the dialectal variations.
Her face is unseen by the player, though if your character speaks to her, she will show them her face, which is so horrific it causes the character to die of fright ( Unless Rosella is disguised as Lady Tsepish at the time ).
" These prayers in fact speaks of " the commemoration of the Body and Blood of your Christ, which we offer to you on the pure and holy altar, as you have taught us in his life-giving Gospel.
He's addressed as " your burificence " and his arrival at the habiviron is always proceeded by a fanfare provided by Mother ; he wears a shiny black suit with a black full-face helmet and speaks in a harsh ring-modulated voice.
Its text contains a passage in which the Virgin Mary speaks to her Son dying on the cross: " O my son, beloved and chosen, Share your wounds with your mother ..." ( Synku miły i wybrany, Rozdziel z matką swoje rany ...).

speaks and language
He quotes, in his essay " Death of the Author " ( 1968 ), that " it is language which speaks, not the author ".
Most of the population () speaks German ( 477, 093 or 87. 1 %) as their first language, Italian is the second most common ( 17, 847 or 3. 3 %) and Serbo-Croatian is the third ( 10, 645 or 1. 9 %).
According to Ethnologue, the majority of the population speaks Somali ( 297, 000 speakers ) or Afar ( 99, 200 speakers ) as a first language, which are the mother tongues of the Somali and Afar ethnic groups, respectively.
In addition to English, his mother tongue, he speaks French and Italian fluently ( the language spoken at home with his children is Italian ).
Jose Mailhot, a Quebec anthropologist who speaks Montagnais, however, published a paper in 1978 which suggested that the meaning is " people who speak a different language ".
It speaks of the achievement of world peace, " sacred harmony " and " eternal blessing " on the basis of a neutral language.
Others point out that Paul quotes Isaiah to show that " when God speaks to people in language they cannot understand, it is quite evidently a sign of God's judgment "; so if unbelievers are baffled by a church service they cannot understand because tongues are spoken without being interpreted, that is a " sign of God's attitude ", " a sign of judgment ".
Saying " Peter speaks Inuit " is a very strange usage that most people who are familiar with the Inuit language would recognise as suspect, comparable to asserting that Hispanics must speak " Hispanic ".
When the New Testament, such as the letter to the Hebrews, speaks of the blood of Christ, it uses the language of the sin offering in Leviticus.
86 % of population speaks a language other than English at home
The concept of linguistic relativity describes different formulations of the principle that cognitive processes such as thought and experience may be influenced by the categories and patterns of the language that a person speaks.
Hippolytus says the free love doctrine was held by them in its purest form, and speaks in language similar to that of Irenaeus about the variety of magic arts practiced by the Simonians, and also of their having images of Simon and Helen under the forms of Zeus and Athena.
John 7: 38, speaks of " living water ," using the language for spiritual life found in places like Jeremiah 17: 13, Jeremiah 2: 13, and Zechariah 14: 8, but the phrase is also used poetically in Song 4: 15.
The German word Zeitgeist is one such example: one who speaks or understands the language may " know " what it means, but any translation of the word apparently fails to accurately capture its full meaning ( this is a problem with many abstract words, especially those derived in agglutinative languages ).
Most of the population () speaks French ( 1, 398 or 90. 4 %) as their first language, German is the second most common ( 60 or 3. 9 %) and Portuguese is the third ( 18 or 1. 2 %).
Most of the population () speaks German ( 104, 465 or 81. 2 %) as their first language, Italian is the second most common ( 5, 062 or 3. 9 %) and French is the third ( 4, 671 or 3. 6 %).
Another theory is that " Cherokee " derives from a Lower Creek word, Ciló-kki, meaning someone who speaks another language.
The King speaks, besides, the language of the savages who live in some parts of Scotland and on the islands.
Most of the population () speaks French ( 16, 695 or 74. 4 %) as their first language, with German being second most common ( 1, 398 or 6. 2 %) and Italian being third ( 897 or 4. 0 %).
Idle's work in Python is often characterised by an obsession with language and communication: many of his characters have verbal peculiarities, such as the man who speaks in anagrams, the man who says words in the wrong order, and the butcher who alternates between rudeness and politeness every time he speaks.
Derrida was familiar with the work of Marshall McLuhan, and since his early 1967 writings ( Of Grammatology, Speech and Phenomena ), he speaks of language as a " medium ," of phonetic writing as " the medium of the great metaphysical, scientific, technical, and economic adventure of the West.
The Mother Thing speaks in what sounds to Kip like birdsong, with a few musical notations in the text giving a flavor of her language.
The symbol of Hynkel's fascist regime is the " double cross ", and Hynkel himself speaks in a macaronic parody of the German language, " translated " at humorously obvious parts in the speech by an overly concise English-speaking news voice-over.

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