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stated and 1974
After the game, Aaron stated that his only fear was that he might not live to see the 1974 season.
" Though Barth, in a 1974 interview, stated, " irrealism — not antirealism or unrealism, but irrealism — is all that I would confidently predict is likely to characterize the prose fiction of the 1970s ," this did not prove to be the case.
" In an interview in 1986, Ken St Andre stated that " my conception of the T & T world was based on The Lord of The Rings as it would have been done by Marvel Comics in 1974 with Conan, Elric, the Gray Mouser and a host of badguys thrown in.
The U. S. General Accounting Office issued a report on September 28, 1984, which stated that between 1940 and 1974, DOD and other national security agencies studied thousands of human subjects in tests and experiments involving hazardous substances.
The U. S. General Accounting Office issued a report on September 28, 1994, which stated that between 1940 and 1974, DOD and other national security agencies studied hundreds of thousands of human subjects in tests and experiments involving hazardous substances.
One key case concerned the interpretation of s. 99 National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974, which stated that it was an offence to " take or kill any endangered fauna ".
In the inventory after her death, there were sixteen commodes " à la Grecque " that must have come from Oeben, who was in the forefront of this first phase of neoclassical style ; in the announcement advertising the sale of his stock after his death, it was explicitly stated that all was " in a new style " ( Eriksen 1974: 208 ).
In 1974 J. P. Kenyon stated that: " As is often the case, Macaulay had it exactly right ".
In 1974, in particular, the special admissions committee explicitly stated they would consider only candidates who were from explicitly designated minority groups.
In a 1974 interview with National Public Radio, Pirsig stated that the book took him four years to write.
In the court decision, the court stated the Fair Labor Standards Amendments of 1974 exempted from the minimum wage and maximum hours rules of the FSLA persons " employed in domestic service employment to provide companionship services for individuals ... unable to care for themselves.
In the US on May 3, 1974, the Amplifier Rule CFR 16 Part 432 ( 39 FR 15387 ) was instated by the Federal Trade Commission ( FTC ) requiring audio power and distortion ratings for home entertainment equipment to be measured in a defined manner with power stated in RMS terms.
In 2011 when the Portuguese Republic avoided default by requesting international financial assistance to the International Monetary Fund, Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho, one of the best known captains who coordinated and organized the April 1974 military coup-the Carnation Revolution, stated that he wouldn't have taken part in the revolution if he had known what the country would become after it.
At the Washington Energy Conference on 11-13 February 1974, the ministers of thirteen principal oil consumer countries stated " the need for a comprehensive action program
For example, on 11 October 1974 he stated:
The Court of Appeal, constituted by Lord Justices Lloyd, Mustill and Farquharson, stated of the forensic evidence that " Dr. Skuse's conclusion was wrong, and demonstrably wrong, judged even by the state of forensic science in 1974.
From 1974 onwards, Susan stated she was a born-again Christian after seeing a vision of Jesus Christ in her cell.
The official report of the Czechoslovak investigation commission that was handed over to the ICAO on 7 May 1974, stated that there had been an explosion in the front baggage compartment of the plane.
On June 21, 2012, Slate columnist Emily Yoffe published an article in which she stated that Drinan sexually assaulted her in 1973 or 1974, when she was 18 or 19 years of age.
In 1974, the Federal Communications Commission stated that the Congress had delegated it the power to mandate a system of " access, either free or paid, for person or groups wishing to express a viewpoint on a controversial public issue ..." but that it had not yet exercised that power because licensed broadcasters had " voluntarily " complied with the " spirit " of the doctrine.
In 1974, General Võ Nguyên Giáp stated that they had 330, 000 missing in action.
In the original legislation, charter trustees could also be formed in Welsh Districts, but the Charter Trustees Order 1974, which provided for the establishment of the trustees, stated that the section " shall not apply to the area consisting of the counties established by section 20 of the Act ( new local government areas in Wales )", and " there will be no charter trustees in Wales.
During the May 1974 Ulster Workers ' Council strike, Ó Brádaigh stated that he would like to see " a phased withdrawal of British troops over a number of years, in order to avoid a Congo situation ".
" However, a 1974 CIA proliferation assessment stated " If Shah is alive in the mid-1980s ... and if other countries India have proceeded with weapons development we have no doubt Iran will follow suit.

stated and autobiography
In her autobiography On The Other Hand: A Life Story she stated that she was a Republican.
He stated in his autobiography that from 1900 onward he considered a World State inevitable.
In his autobiography, Cagney stated that as a young man he had no political views, since he was simply more concerned with where the next meal was coming from.
Although Trotsky stated in his autobiography My Life that he was never perfectly fluent in any language but Russian and Ukrainian, Raymond Molinier wrote that Trotsky spoke fluent French.
In his autobiography, Cornwell stated that he felt the band was a spent force creatively, and cited various examples of his increasingly acrimonious relationship with his fellow band-members, particularly Burnel.
In addition to Moral and Political Philosophy and the Evidences Charles Darwin read Natural Theology during his student years and later stated in his autobiography that he was initially convinced by the argument.
If Stravinsky's stated intention was " to send them all to hell ", then he may have rated the 1913 premiere of The Rite of Spring as a success: it is a famous classical music riot and Stravinsky referred to it on several occasions in his autobiography as a " scandale ".< ref > Stravinsky 1936
Gardner stated in her autobiography Ava: My Story, that she was never in love with Howard Hughes, but he was in and out of her life for about twenty years.
Zhao Ziyang later wrote in his autobiography that, although Deng had stated many of these sentiments in a private conversation with Li Peng shortly before the editorial was written, Li had these comments disseminated to Party members and published as the editorial without Deng's knowledge or consent.
Later in life Spock wrote a book entitled " Dr. Spock on Vietnam " and co-wrote an autobiography entitled " Spock on Spock " ( with Mary Morgan Spock ), in which he stated his attitude toward aging: " Delay and Deny ".
In his 1964 autobiography, Chaplin stated that he would not have been able to make such jokes about the Nazi regime had the extent of the Nazi horrors been known, particularly the death camps and the Holocaust.
In his 1999 autobiography I Ain't Got Time to Bleed, Ventura stated he did not plan on running for the presidency but did not rule out such an idea.
Corbett stated in his autobiography that the two had gravitated towards each other because of their similar backgrounds ; neither had attended university, while many of the other Frost Report cast and writers had.
However, in her autobiography, Clarke stated that Cagney had told her prior to that take what he planned to do.
In his autobiography, Shooting for Glory, Henderson stated that the fame left him less satisfied than he had ever been.
Yastrzemski retired in at the age of 44, although he stated in his autobiography Yaz that he was initially planning on playing the 1984 season, until he tired from a long midseason slump.
Sam Phillips, founder of Sun Records, lived in the area and stated in his autobiography that Muscle Shoals ( primarily radio station WLAY ( AM ), which had both " white " and " black " music on its playlist ) influenced his merging of these sounds at Sun Records with Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash.
The Rolling Stones ' guitarist Keith Richards stated in his 2010 autobiography, Life, that Heartbreak Hotel was one of the first rock and roll influences he had.
This figure of 148 is bolstered by D. M. Bare's account in his autobiography where he stated that 97 buildings were erected by the planing mill between 1910 and 1920.
In his autobiography, That's Not All Folks !, voice actor Mel Blanc stated that Sylvester's voice is based on that of Daffy Duck, plus the even more slobbery lisp, and minus the post-production speed-up that was done with Daffy's.
Jess Oppenheimer stated in his autobiography that deciding the sex of the Ricardo child was initially problematic.
Robinson stated in his autobiography that one of the main considerations for his move up to middleweight was the increasing difficulty he was having in making the welterweight weight limit.
Leakey stated in his autobiography that he is an atheist.
Knight sued for breach of contract, which resulted in a protracted legal battle and the band dropping the word " Railroad " from their name ( in his 2001 autobiography, " From Grand Funk to Grace ", Farner stated that the shortening of the band's name was done after most of their fans began to refer to them as Grand Funk ).

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