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from Brown Corpus
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stood and up
He got up slowly, and she was already on her feet, and he stood facing her.
Barton stood up.
`` You mean anyone who stood up for his rights '', Curt said.
She stood up, pulled the coat from her shoulders and started to slide it off, then let out a high-pitched scream and I let out a low-pitched, wobbling sound like a muffler blowing out.
Matsuo stood up.
With a lordly and generous gesture, the discoverer stood up and beckoned to the closest of his fellows.
Not long ago an acquaintance, a slick-headed water rat of a lad up from the maw of the city, stood on the balcony puffing his first cigarette in weeks.
My own stern hand has rent the ancient bond, And thereof shall the ending not have end: But not for me, that loved her, to be fond Lightly to please me with a newer friend Then hold it more than bravest-feathered song, That I affirm to thee, with heart of pride, I knew not what did to a friend belong Till I stood up, true friend, by thy true side ; ;
Clara Harris, one of the guests in the box, stood up and demanded water.
He stood very still, his arms at his sides, staring up at the heavens, then down at the blinking lights below.
Watson ran up the ladder and stood for a second sucking in the cool air that smelled of mud and river weeds.
She stood up, smoothing her hair down, straightening her clothes, feeling a thankfulness for the enveloping darkness outside, and, above everything else, for the absence of the need to answer, to respond, to be aware even of Stowey coming in or going out, and yet, now that she was beginning to cook, she glimpsed a future without him, a future alone like this, and the pain made her head writhe, and in a moment she found it hard to wait for Lucretia to come with her guests.
It was Giselle, the fille de chambre, come to clean the room, and while she stood before him with ears pricked up and regard all curiosity, explaining her errand, Alex could see from the corner of his eye the doctor doing all he could to calm the displeased bird.
Sighing, Leona dropped the paper and stood up.
Then Miss Ada had stood up, rustling and rustling, and gone upstairs.
I stood up and began pacing.
The painting `` a fresco '' stood up superbly ; ;
I closed the last bag and stood all three at the door for the bellboy to pick up, then went to the bathroom for a drink of water.
He stood looking down for a few seconds, then backed up two or three paces from the edge.
He stood up.
He stood up and thanked her.
She smoothed the skirt, sat down, then stood up and went back to the windows.
He stood up, cocked his head and eyed Gun coldly.
He stood up and touched the girl's arm.

stood and emphasize
A 1920 bulletin issued by the College wrote that goal of the College was to " to teach and emphasize the very principles for which the real Baptists of Arkansas stand and for which true Baptists have stood for almost nineteen centuries.

stood and strong
Brahm's Sonata in A, although also vigorous, stood up well under the two artists' strong, large-scale treatment.
In the past, a defendant who refused to plead ( or " stood mute ") was subject to peine forte et dure ( Law French for " strong and hard punishment ").
The Waiblings, on the other hand, stood for control of the Church by a strong central Imperial government.
The Whigs suffered greatly from factionalism throughout their existence, as well as weak party loyalty that stood in contrast to the strong party discipline that was the hallmark of a tight Democratic Party organization.
The historic city formed an oval, surrounded by a strong wall, high, dating from the 12th century CE, and was flanked with towers, while on a rock, stood a castle.
Menem also effected drastic cuts to the military budget, and appointed Lt. Gen. Martín Balza as the Army's General Chief of Staff ( head of the military hierarchy ); Balza, a man of strong democratic convictions and a vocal critic of the Falklands War, had stood up for the legitimate government in every attempted coup d ' état throughout his senior career, and gave the first institutional self-criticism about the Armed Forces ' involvement in the 1976 coup and the ensuing reign of terror.
His own country was slow in acknowledging the young artist whose strong, decorative and rugged style stood in opposition to the styles of well-known modern Spanish artists such as Fortuny, Madrazo, and Benlliure.
Altars, to which Calvinists, unlike Lutherans, took strong exception, were typically completely removed, and in some large churches, like Utrecht Cathedral, large tomb monuments put where they stood, partly to make their return more difficult if political conditions changed.
The Portuguese did not leave Goa un-developed but progressed it to modern architecture and built strong roads and bridges which have stood the test of time even till today.
In particular, he was a strong advocate of national self-determination, and stood firmly on the side of constitutional liberties on the Continent.
: The Rabbis, interpreting " Azazel " as Azaz (" rugged "), and el (" strong "), refer it to the rugged and rough mountain cliff from which the scapegoat was cast down on Yom Kippur when the Jewish Temples in Jerusalem stood.
RAF Intelligence praised its exceptional manoeuvrability, further noting that " the plane was immensely strong ", though it stood little chance against faster, more heavily armed monoplanes.
" Bowman stood by this in a radio interview on Kenny's show, saying that the revelations in which Finn said Kenny “ feels very strong about the Gay Byrne thing ” were contained in the RTÉ Authority archives.
Despite this, the season was unsuccessful for Killebrew, whose batting average barely passed. 200 most of the year ; after a strong start, he hit below. 200 in both May and June and his average stood at. 204 with 13 home runs going into the all-star break.
Once Cochrane had closed, the massive cranes still stood over the skyline of Selby until 2001, when seriously strong winds blew them down.
Perez's mambos stood out among the competition, with their fiery brass riffs and strong saxophone counterpoints, and most of all, Pérez's trademark grunts ( he actually says "¡ Dilo!
Sweden also drew the rising Cossack Hetmanate to its side that stood in the strong opposition to the Polish government and promised military support if the Cossacks will break with the Russians.
The Sonnets even in form were a revival, a return to an older and purer poetic style, and by their grace of expression, melodious versification, tender tone of feeling and vivid appreciation of the life and beauty of nature, stood out in strong contrast to the elaborated commonplaces which at that time formed the bulk of English poetry.
Otherwise a strong ally of the US, Batlle's position on drugs stood in stark contrast to the measures enforced in the US by President George W. Bush.
He stood for strong central authority in politics and orthodoxy in cultural matters.
Besides the support of a strong monarchy, the Tories also stood for the Church of England, as established in Acts of Parliament following the restoration of Charles II — both as a body governed by bishops, using the Book of Common Prayer, and subscribing to a specific doctrine, and also as an exclusive body established by law, from which both Roman Catholics and Nonconformists were excluded.
He was a strong supporter of the Good Friday Agreement, and stood down as an MP at the 2001 General Election, being created a life peer as Baron Maginnis of Drumglass, of Carnteel in the County of Tyrone that same year.
Rum stood for the liquor interests and the tavernkeepers, in contrast to the GOP, which had a strong dry element.
* Liquidating the Bialystok Ghetto, which stood out for its strong resistance to German occupation.

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