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Page "adventure" ¶ 88
from Brown Corpus
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swung and round
And he swung his stockwhip round and gave a cheer,
Brunswick meanwhile had passed the northern defiles and had then swung round to cut off Dumouriez from Châlons.
They were considered huge ships for so far upstream and they had to be swung round in the river to enter the lock.
Ready to recriminate, Wilberforce swung round to him scowling, but stepped back and bit his tongue on noting that the speaker was the blind economist.
The breech is hinged on the right side, and had to be swung open to load the round.
The Desert Rats, along with the rest of 1st Armoured Division, carried out a left-hook manoeuvre that swung round the Iraqi Republican Guard.
A third upper tier swung in to accommodate the three additional celebrities who were brought onto the stage for this round and Gene Rayburn assumed Jon Bauman's spot on the panel, playing as the bottom left square.
It is a pair of bird wings attached to an object which is swung round and round in a cord, for the falcon to chase.

swung and other
For ships, a kedge may be dropped while a ship is underway, or carried out in a suitable direction by a tender or ship's boat to enable the ship to be winched off if aground or swung into a particular heading, or even to be held steady against a tidal or other stream.
In use, it is swung from one pivot, and the period timed, and then turned upside down and swung from the other pivot, and the period timed.
It was swung first from one pivot, and the oscillations timed, then turned upside down and swung from the other pivot, and the oscillations timed again.
The other person grabbed a stick and swung at it.
The other men from the second column, mostly inexperienced Austrians, also participated in the struggle and swung the numbers against one of the best fighting forces in the French army, eventually forcing them to withdraw down the slopes.
While Bundy spoke warmly of his grandparents in some interviews and told Ann Rule that he " identified with ", " respected ", and " clung to " his grandfather, he and other family members told attorneys in 1987 that Samuel Cowell was a tyrannical bully and a bigot who hated blacks, Italians, Catholics, and Jews, beat his wife and the family dog, and swung neighborhood cats by their tails.
The other men from the second column, mostly inexperienced Austrians, also participated in the struggle and swung the numbers game against one of the best fighting forces in the French army, finally forcing them to withdraw down the slopes.
The use of the device would lower the telltale " zip " of a swung atlatl to a more subtle " woof " sound that did not travel as far and was less likely to alert prey or other humans.
In a match where the lead swung back and forth several times, the two titans tested each other in a wide variety of opening formations, and every game ( except the 24th ) was full-blooded and played hard to a clear finish.
However five years later the pendulum had swung in the other direction, the war faction was on the ascendency, and the Aetolians were once again ready to consider taking up arms against their traditional enemy of Macedon.
In the United Kingdom, laws introduced in the past decade, while still supporting the presumption of innocence, have swung the right to silence slightly back the other way: suspects are told they have the right to remain silent but are now also cautioned that anything they do not reveal in questioning but later rely upon in court may harm their defence.
" On attaining manhood you abetted your mother in her initiations and the other rituals, and read aloud from the cultic writings ... You rubbed the fat-cheeked snakes and swung them above your head, crying Euoi saboi and hues attes, attes hues
When the body is almost completely turned, the other hand will be swung straight up through the air such that both hands meet at the front at the same time.
However, when popular support swung to Mary's side, the Lord Mayor of London and his councils accompanied by the Garter King of Arms, two other heralds, and four trumpeters returned to Cheapside to proclaim Mary's ascension as rightful queen instead.
Negative campaign ads attacking each other by the two front runners soured the voters on them, and a last minute decision by Kerry to put all his remaining money in Iowa swung voters towards him.
In line with other Communist parties worldwide, the CPUSA also swung to the left and, as a result, experienced a brief period in which a number of internal critics argued for a more leftist stance than the leadership was willing to countenance.
" More poetically, in 1867, apparently speaking of the Atlanta campaign, General Sherman said that the Army of the Tennessee was " never checked — always victorious ; so rapid in motion — so eager to strike ; it deserved its name of the ' Whip-lash ,' swung from one flank to the other, as danger called, night or day, sunshine or storm.
Critics of James ' proposed terminology insist that she has swung the pendulum too far in the other direction, now equating transsexuality to a " life-style choice " which can offend those transsexuals who feel that their condition has a biological origin.
The Vander Zalm wing of the party later joined form the BC Unity Party, with members of four other right-wing parties ( the British Columbia Social Credit Party, the British Columbia Conservative Party, the British Columbia Party, and the Family Coalition Party of British Columbia ) to while other members re-registered " Reform BC " and swung back to the political centre.
When the arc of swing of the pendulum was large enough, the vane crossed the groove and swung free on the other side.
In selecting the pā site, Tūrākautahi determined that kai ( food / resources ) would need to be poi ( swung in ) from other places hence the name Kaiapoi which it is said can be translated as a metaphor for " economics ".

swung and men
The two men swung her high in the air during the walk to the church as she begged, " More, more, more!
The momentum swung back and forth throughout the contest until Haynes attempted to apply the full nelson and both men tumbled to the floor.
The shinai is swung up in a large movement and a normal men strike is delivered.
MacDonald swung his men by companies in an arc as the Dervishes charged and by skillful manoeuvring held his ground until Kitchener could redeploy his brigades.

swung and We
We followed the asphalt road for a few miles and then swung off onto a smaller road which was nothing more than two tire marks on the earth.
" Allures creative director Paul Cavaco stated: " We went through a period that was very va-va-voom, but now the pendulum has swung back.

swung and can
The simplest form of effective fan to cool a shelter is a wide, heavy frame with flaps that swing in the shelter's doorway and can be swung from hinges on the ceiling.
Some small planes use controls that can be moved from one position to another, such as a single yoke that can be swung into position in front of either the left-seat pilot or the right-seat pilot ( e. g., Beechcraft Bonanza ).
It can be suspended from either pivot and swung.
With a view camera the rear standard can be swung toward the wall to reduce the convergence.
A hinged picture can be swung out from the wall to reveal a squint looking into the Entrance Hall.
The hanbō can be held toward one end, and be swung like a katana or kendo sword.
Their spiked tail is muscular and heavy, and can be swung at an attacker with great velocity, usually accompanied by hissing and an open-mouthed display of ( small ) teeth.
Bags with a single strap that wraps diagonally across the chest ( popularly known as messenger bag ) are popular because they can be swung around the messenger's body to allow access without removing the bag.
A fast yorker is one of the most difficult types of delivery in cricket to play successfully, as the bat must be swung down right to the pitch to intercept the ball — if any gap remains between the bat and the pitch, the ball can squeeze through and potentially go on to hit the wicket, getting the batsman out.
The newer models have an ' auto-feed ' operation where a small cutter on the line-guard ensures that the line length exposed for cutting does not exceed the length that can be swung efficiently by the motor.
Police officers will often use Maglites during traffic stops or suspect confrontation, as the beam can disorient an attacker and the flashlight can be swung as a baton as a measure of last resort in self-defense.
Thus rifles and pistols can be fired even with detached magazine, while a revolver cannot be fired with its cylinder swung out.
Current graphite shafts weigh considerably less than their steel counterparts ( sometimes weighing less than for a driver shaft ), allowing for lighter clubs that can be swung at greater speed.
* A color magazine or " boomerang " consisting of several gel frames which can be swung in front of the beam.
The pivot and the recess into which the bridge swung can still be seen, although the bridge has long since gone.
The goanna's hefty tail can be dangerous when swung, much like a crocodile's ; small children and dogs have been knocked down by such attacks.
The tailgate opens conventionally in a downward motion that can handle a load in the horizontal open position, but can also be swung to the side like an door, allowing a consumer to stand straight up at the rear bumper and reach down into the trunk.
Limbs can be swung as clubs, and heads can be carried and used as weapons.

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