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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1292
from Brown Corpus
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telephoned and asked
Before he made that retreat, he telephoned Earl Blackman in Kansas City and asked him to come to Europe with him.
She telephoned the junior partner of her law firm, Martin Stacy, and asked him to call at her hotel that evening.
Upon learning of his mistress ' arrest, Pasternak telephoned Liuisa Popova and asked her to come at once to Gogol Boulevard.
Downey had previously telephoned the show's production staff and asked if he could produce or assist in an episode creation, as his son is a fan of the show.
His father-in-law Ernest Moore immediately telephoned the steward at the Glamorganshire and asked to him lay on as many drinks as he could find and the whole family went down to celebrate in style at the clubhouse.
He telephoned Edgar to deliver a rebuke ; when he confirmed his identity as du Maurier, Edgar cheerfully asked, " Oh, you got my letter then?
In 1980, after establishing a daily world-exclusive radio interview with Iranian students holding 52 hostages in the American Embassy in Iran, Flora MacDonald, Canadian foreign affairs minister, telephoned and asked him not to air the following day's scheduled broadcast -- and, later, the world found out why: in what became known as " the Canadian Caper ," six American diplomats were smuggled out of the Canadian embassy with government-endorsed phony Canadian passports and whisked by air to Zurich.
Knowing he could attain the location for very little, and being a savvy producer, Bender telephoned all the screenwriters he knew and asked if they had any screenplays that took place in a bank.
He said he had spent time looking up the number, and even though his father had asked him to come quickly, he had first telephoned his girlfriend, Julie Mugford, in London, then had driven slowly to the farmhouse.
Foxx telephoned Page in St. Louis and asked her to read for the role of Aunt Esther.
While there, Dodgers president Branch Rickey telephoned and asked Bavasi to become business manager of a new minor-league baseball team in the New England League, and to find a suitable city in which to place the club.
When Jones telephoned the number and asked for Cynthia, she was told that no one of that name worked at the reservations desk.
After the explosive had been placed during Hamshari's absence, an agent telephoned him and asked enough questions to confirm his identity.
Peter Snow was then telephoned and asked if he wanted to do a history series with his son.

telephoned and him
According to Avedon, Chaplin telephoned him at his studio in New York while on a layover before the final leg of his travel to England.
Lucille telephoned him two days before his death, on what would have been their 46th wedding anniversary.
Theremin recalled that on an evening when his hopes of overcoming these obstructing experts reached a low ebb, Abram Fedorovich Ioffe telephoned him.
Former president of the BVI's Financial Services Commission, Michael Riegels, recites the anecdote that the industry commenced on an unknown date in the 1970s when a lawyer from a firm in New York telephoned him with a proposal to incorporate a company in the British Virgin Islands to take advantage of a double taxation relief treaty with the United States.
After learning that his family was looking for him, Shehhi telephoned them on January 20 and said he was living and studying in Hamburg.
Whitlam was dismissive and after the meeting broke, telephoned Kerr to tell him that he needed an appointment to advise him to hold a half-Senate election.
While leaving the studio, Taverner is telephoned by a former lover, who asks him to pay her a visit.
In Get in the Van, Rollins wrote that Ginn telephoned him in August 1986: " He told me he was quitting the band.
Sixty-four-year-old Bill Frawley, a seasoned vaudevillian and movie character actor with nearly 100 film credits to his name, was a long shot to play Fred Mertz and only came into consideration after he telephoned Ball personally to ask if there was a role for him on her new show.
Simpson refused, but they both telephoned the King to inform him that she was willing to give him up so that he could remain king.
He immediately telephoned Dalí to excitedly tell him that he now understood that the sea urchin represented other planets that young America would explore in the tradition of Columbus.
agreed but later telephoned Nate Adams accusing him of lying, stating, " No niggers are making no movies.
On the morning of June 16, 1915, Nearing's secretary telephoned him to report that a letter from the Provost had arrived, which noted that " as the term of your appointment as assistant professor of economics for 1914-1915 is about to expire, I am directed by the trustees of the University of Pennsylvania to inform you that it will not be renewed.
After Borrell failed to attend this important rehearsal, they telephoned him to discover he was on tour " living the high life.
Welles telephoned Houseman asking him to return to Hollywood to " babysit " screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz while he completed the script, and keep him away from alcohol.
In May 1974, Acosta telephoned his son, telling him that he was " about to board a boat full of white snow.
Though Homestead claimed not to be selling copies, Albini telephoned one of the label's salespeople posing as a record buyer and was told that they would sell him copies, but not in Chicago.
At about 9 o ' clock on the night of invasion, Syed Omar telephoned Tunku and told him that the Regent had decided to evacuate the 77 year-old Sultan to Penang, and thence to Singapore.

telephoned and wife
He did not neglect his wife in Cromwell Hall, but telephoned her and wrote her with assurances of his continuing interest and of his wish to `` stand behind '' her in their separation and of his hope that there would be no bitterness between them.
" Wrong " was interpreted to mean legally wrong, rather than morally wrong, in the case of Windle 1952 2QB 826 ; 1952 2 All ER 1 246, where the defendant killed his wife with an overdose of aspirin ; he telephoned the police and said, " I suppose I'll hang for this.
Denning was already retired and living on the island of Maui with his wife, when producer Leonard Freeman telephoned him with an offer to appear as the Governor in the new series Hawaii Five-O.
Later, knowing that her husband had gone to meet Arroyo before disappearing, Suarez's wife telephoned Arroyo, who told her that Suarez was supposed to have met him but never arrived.
On Friday, May 20, Mark Guglielmo telephoned South Daytona Beach Police Department to ask if they had found his missing wife.
He and his wife Barbadee, could laugh about the affair, which she condoned – when the tabloid press telephoned, Meyer would call out " Darling, it's someone from the Daily Sleaze asking about Simone ".

telephoned and come
When telephoned by Binalshibh and Shehhi, Slahi reportedly invited these promising recruits to come see him in Duisburg .< sup > 89 </ sup >

telephoned and on
Early the next morning, a Mexican telephoned Pels that Celso Chavez, one of the posse members, was surrounded by ten Mexicans at his father's home on the upper Vermejo.
One of the beer-runners telephoned O'Banion -- on a line tapped by the detective bureau -- and reported the situation.
Hmpf But on to the frothier side Johnny Weissmuller, the only real Tarzan, telephoned Maureen O'Sullivan, his first `` Jane '' ( now at Drury Lane ) and muttered, `` Me Tarzan, this Jane ''??
Nancy revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair that Michelle Obama had telephoned her for advice on living and entertaining in the White House.
From there, she obtained work as a secretary, and acting on her friend's advice she telephoned Louis Leakey, a Kenyan archaeologist and paleontologist, with no other thought than to make an appointment to discuss animals.
The first governor to turn to Meese for advice on riot control was Democrat Edmund ( Pat ) Brown, who first telephoned Meese seeking advice on how to best handle the situation.
They then telephoned their sponsors and said in so many words, " Advertise on our new sports show coming up in April, or forget about buying commercials on NCAA college football this fall.
Davidson telephoned Reith about his idea on 7 May, saying he had spoken to the Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin, who had said he would not stop the broadcast, but would prefer it not to happen.
Clay was obviously impressed by the knockdown and on the 40th anniversary telephoned Cooper to reminisce.
The following day, local newspaper Warrington Guardian reported that Gordon Brown had telephoned her on Sunday, October 5 to offer her the post.
Vladimir Putin himself telephoned Yavlinsky on the night of the election to congratulate his party on making it back into the Duma.
However, in October 2008, Harris announced on his blog that the Prime Minister had telephoned him to inform him that he would be returning to the back benches.

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