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then and went
I gave you a drink and then you went to sleep ''.
He watched the girl until she had gone into the trees, and waited until he couldn't hear the sound of her horse any longer, then went up to where the children were sleeping.
The rancher went a mile down this road and then, when he reached a big red boulder, swung off the road.
even when the fences became a part of the game -- when a vine-embowered gate-post was the Sleeping Beauty's enchanted castle, or when Rapunzel let down her golden hair from beneath the crocketed spire, even then we paid little heed to those who went by on the path outside.
Gross stopped briefly, then went on.
He paused for a moment to look at me, then went on to the city desk to deliver his `` Today '' column.
Blackman arrived a day or two early, and Lewis took him to a department store immediately and outfitted him, luggage and all, and then he took him to a party at the Woodwards that went on until four in the morning.
Frederick Seward said his father was sleeping, and then went through a pantomime at his father's door, to prove the statement.
In the dim underwater light they dressed and straightened up the room, and then they went across the hall to the kitchen.
He improvised as he went along, completing a life-size clay figure, then bought yards of an inexpensive material from a draper, wet the lightweight cloth in a basin and covered it over with clay that Argiento brought from the bank of the Tiber, to the consistency of thick mud.
When he had given the call a few moments thought, he went into the kitchen to ask Mrs. Yamata to prepare tea and sushi for the visitors, using the formal English china and the silver tea service which had been donated to the mission, then he went outside to inspect the grounds.
She went into the living room and turned on three lamps, then back into the kitchen where she turned on the ceiling light and the switch that lit the floods on the barn, illuminating the driveway.
She then went over them thoroughly giving each a strenuous test in showmanship.
Moreland went over to stare at his peacocks again, and then came back and sat down, restively.
From that point on he said he went to the post office and then walked leisurely to where his niece was staying, more than a mile away.
I closed the last bag and stood all three at the door for the bellboy to pick up, then went to the bathroom for a drink of water.
I took another sidelong glance at the other registration card, then took the key to Unit 13 that she had given me and went down long enough to park the car.
She smoothed the skirt, sat down, then stood up and went back to the windows.
We went once more over every point, then triple-checked.
The game players saw the Air Force film Monday, ran for 30 minutes, then went in, while the reserves scrimmaged for 45 minutes.
Nixon fulfilled his assignment with grace, then went beyond the required `` sufficient declaration ''.
Old and new briefly crossed paths in the U.S. Senate, then went their respective ways.
He went then to a 40-year-old Basel art dealer named Ernst Beyeler, with whom he had long been trading pictures.
The majority then went to the infant Oberlin.

then and on
Others, badly wounded, gripped hands in manes, knees in bellies, held on as long as possible and then, weak from ghastly wounds, slipped sideways, slowly, almost thoughtfully, to be broken under the slashing hoofs.
They could hear the pony's feet on the dry leaves for a while, then the sound faded out.
Then, and only then, with the Jacksons and Dan as their true guests of honor, did the Harrows take time to catch up on the news.
From then on, in keeping with the traditions they had followed since childhood, the whole group settled down to relish their food.
He took a lead on the enemy, using a distance of five of the radii in his circular sight and then added another.
She'd driven around for a while, Joyce said, then, thinking Louis Thor would have calmed down by that time, she'd gone back to his home on Bryn Mawr Drive, parked in front, and walked toward the pool.
He half sat up and scratched at the hair on his forehead and then, more vigorously, between his legs.
I was puzzled by the remark, then I recalled the voice of mild Professor Howard Griggs three years ago in a university lecture on primitive societies.
It made only a tiny bump over the two men like a tire over a piece of gravel then moved on.
The man took two short steps backward then sat down heavily on the pavement.
He heard their chattering, and then the sounds of hacking as they dismembered the snake right on the porch with wood axes.
For a brief period each year, the rays of the sun are warm enough to melt some of the snows piled a mile deep at the base of the headwalls, and then the pinnacles glisten in the daytime at high noon, and billions of gallons of water begin their slow seepage under the glaciers and across the rockstrewn hanging valleys on their long, meandering journey to the sea -- running east past the sky-carving massifs of Gurla Mandhata and Kemchenjunga, then turning south and curling down through the jungles of Assam, past the Khasi Hills, and into Bengal, past Sirinjani and Madaripur, until the hard water of the melting snows mingles with the soft drainage of fields and at length fans out to meld with the teeming salt depths of the Bay of Bengal.
We followed the asphalt road for a few miles and then swung off onto a smaller road which was nothing more than two tire marks on the earth.
The street that is full now of traffic and parked cars then and for many years drowsed on an August afternoon in the shade of the curbside trees, and silence was a weight, almost palpable, in the air.
For the occasion on which everyone already knows everyone else and the host wishes them to meet one or a few honored newcomers, then the `` open house '' system is advantageous because the honored guests are fixed connective points and the drifting guests make and break connections at the door.
The distracted Miriam would agree to a settlement through her legal representative, then change her mind and make another attack on Wright as a person.
On this issue, then, as on so many in these months, Steele and Swift took rigidly opposed points of view.
Finally, Mama did mention to Mrs. Coolidge that she felt sorry for the little dogs, and then Mrs. Coolidge decided to leave the radio on for them while she was gone, even though her husband disapproved of the waste of electricity.
`` I must then be standing on the line between France and Germany ''.
`` Ah, then please tell me where the frontier is because this gentleman here '' -- I indicated the French occupation officer -- `` informs me that Germany is just on the other side of him ''.
He was then noting that the big eye on the little newt hung back until the little eye had grown up to it, while the little eye on the big newt grew rapidly until it was as big as the other.

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