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was and Deputy
A 12-year-old girl, Susan Elaine Smith, 9329 NE Schuyler St. was in serious condition Friday at Bess Kaiser Hospital, victim of a bicycle-auto collision in the Gateway Shopping Center, parking area, Deputy Sheriff W. H. Forsyth reported.
Gianfranco Fini was notably nominated Deputy Prime Minister after the 2001 general election and was Foreign Minister from November 2004 to May 2006.
In January 1926 having been promoted to major in 1925, he was appointed Deputy Assistant Adjutant General at the Staff College, Camberley in the temporary rank of lieutenant-colonel, a position he held until January 1929 by which time he had been made a ( brevet lieutenant-colonel ).
Karmal was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Revolutionary Council, synonymous with vice head of state, in the communist government.
In 1957 this total fell to five when one of the Liberal MPs died and the subsequent by-election was lost to the Labour Party, which selected the former Liberal Deputy Leader Lady Megan Lloyd George as its own candidate.
His son, the fourth Baron, held office in the Conservative administration of Edward Heath and was later a Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords.
He was also the first person to hold the office of Deputy Prime Minister, under Winston Churchill in the wartime coalition government, before leading the Labour Party to a landslide election victory over Churchill's Conservative Party in 1945.
Attlee was Lord Privy Seal ( 1940 – 42 ), Deputy Prime Minister ( 1942 – 45 ), Dominions Secretary ( 1942 – 43 ), and Lord President of the Council ( 1943 – 45 ).
Stafford Cripps became President of the Board of Trade, Herbert Morrison was given the post of Deputy Prime Minister and given overall control of Labour's nationalisation programme, Aneurin Bevan became Minister of Health, and Ellen Wilkinson, the only woman to serve in Attlee's government, became Minister of Education.
On 25 May 2006, the then British Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott was photographed by The Mail on Sunday playing croquet at his official residence, Dorneywood.
Malenkov was assured an identical policy in government institutions ; the most notable change being the appointment of Mikhail Pervukhin, Ivan Tevosian and Maksim Saburov to the Deputy Chairmanship of the Council of Ministers.
At the same time, Alexander Shelepin, another rival, was replaced as Chairman of the Party-State Control Commission and lost his post as Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers.
At the Central Committee meeting of 22 November 1982, Kirilenko lost his membership in the Politburo ( after a decision within the Politburo itself ), and Nikolai Ryzhkov, the Deputy Chairman of the State Planning Committee, was elected to the Secretariat.
He was appointed Deputy Chief in charge of Pacific Defenses under the Chief of War Plans Division ( WPD ), General Leonard T. Gerow, and then succeeded Gerow as Chief of the War Plans Division.
In May 2000, he later had surgery to repair a leaking heart valve, and was forced to take a three month break from Parliament, with Deputy First Minister, Jim Wallace taking over as Acting First Minister.
Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel, Danny Ayalon, said the conference was a " serious blow to peace " and " was another lost opportunity for the Palestinian leadership to adopt moderate views.
He was one of the Deputy Presidents of South Africa during the presidency of Nelson Mandela until 1996, the last white person to hold the position to date.
Significant post-retirement activities of earlier Governors-General have included: Lord Tennyson was appointed Deputy Governor of the Isle of Wight ; Sir Ronald Munro Ferguson ( by now Lord Novar ) became Secretary of State for Scotland ; and Lord Gowrie became Chairman of the Marylebone Cricket Club ( Lord Forster had also held this post, before his appointment as Governor-General ).
Socialist ( SPD ) leader Willy Brandt was Deputy Federal Chancellor and Foreign Minister.
Convinced that Himmler was the man for the job, Hitler appointed him Deputy Reichsführer-SS, with the rank of SS-Oberführer.
The government declared a state of emergency, and a National Operations Council, headed by the Deputy Prime Minister, Tun Abdul Razak, took power from the government of Tunku Abdul Rahman, who in September 1970 was forced to retire in favour of Abdul Razak.
In 1956 he was elected Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party and became Leader of the House, and from this point on he was generally acknowledged as Menzies ' heir apparent.

was and Circuit
Following this ruling, Alford petitioned for a writ of habeas corpus in the United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina, which upheld the initial ruling, and subsequently to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit which ruled that Alford's plea was not voluntary, because it was made under fear of the death penalty.
In December 1978, the federal district court ruled in the university's favor ; two years later, that decision was overturned by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.
However, a new operating company, the Stichting Exploitatie Circuit Park, was formed and started work at the realization of the track's reconstruction plans.
Circuit Park Zandvoort was born and in the summer of 1989 the track was remodeled to an interim Club Circuit of, while the disposed southern part of the track was used to build a Vendorado Bungalow Park and new premises for the local soccer and hockey clubs.
A noise restriction order was responsible for this event moving to the Belgian Circuit Zolder for 2007 and 2008.
Dismissed by the district court, the case was heard on appeal and the Ninth Circuit issued its ruling on May 21, 2008.
DPNSS was developed in the early 1980s by BT, or its forerunner, Post Office Telecommunications in recognition that the emerging Digital Private Circuit Primary Rate product ' Megastream ' had to address the market for both data and voice, the latter being significantly greater because of the market for PBXs.
One of the earliest lawsuits to establish that citizens may sue for environmental and aesthetic harms was Scenic Hudson Preservation Conference v. Federal Power Commission, decided in 1965 by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.
EDIF 4 0 0 was released in late August 1996, mainly to add " Printed Circuit Board " extensions ( the original PCBLAYOUT view ) to EDIF 3 0 0.
The First National Exhibitors ' Circuit was founded in 1917 by the merger of 26 of the biggest first run cinema chains in the United States of America, eventually controlling over 600 cinemas, more than 200 of them so-called " first run " houses ( as opposed to the " second run " neighborhood theaters to which films moved when their first run boxoffice receipts dwindled ).
Tally was soon partnered with West Virginian James Dixon Williams, and they formed First National Exhibitors Circuit.
First National Exhibitors ' Circuit was reincorporated in 1919 as Associated First National Pictures, Inc. and its subsidiary Associated First National Theatres, Inc., with 5, 000 independent theater owners as members.
" In Simpson v. Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals held that the Supreme Court's holding in the Marsh case meant that the " Chesterfield County could constitutionally exclude Cynthia Simpson, a Wiccan priestess, from leading its legislative prayers, because her faith was not ' in the Judeo-Christian tradition.
In 2012, the new extended segment of the Sydney Motorsport Park ( originally called the Long Circuit ) was re-named the Brabham Circuit, as was the front straight, named the Brabham Straight, on the eve of the Muscle Car Masters.
The summary judgment ruling was upheld by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, but was unanimously reversed by the US Supreme Court in a decision titled MGM Studios, Inc. v. Grokster, Ltd.

was and Judge
Under the 1939 Code this item was permitted to survive a tax-free reorganization in the Stanton Brewery case, but only over the dissent of Judge Learned Hand, who wrote the majority opinion in the Sansome case, a leading case requiring carryover of earnings and profits in a non-taxable reorganization.
The September-October term jury had been charged by Fulton Superior Court Judge Durwood Pye to investigate reports of possible `` irregularities '' in the hard-fought primary which was won by Mayor-nominate Ivan Allen Jr..
Several defendants in the Summerdale police burglary trial made statements indicating their guilt at the time of their arrest, Judge James B. Parsons was told in Criminal court yesterday.
Barnard, who pleaded no defense to manslaughter and hit-run charges, was fined $500 by Judge Warren K. Hess, and placed on two years' probation providing he does not drive during that time.
The charge that the federal indictment of three Chicago narcotics detail detectives `` is the product of rumor, combined with malice, and individual enmity '' on the part of the federal narcotics unit here was made yesterday in their conspiracy trial before Judge Joseph Sam Perry in federal District court.
The defendant, William L. Stickney 3, 23, of 3211 Park pl., Evanston, who pleaded guilty to reckless driving, also was ordered by Judge James Corcoran to attend the Evanston traffic school each Tuesday night for one month.
He was found guilty of reckless driving yesterday by Traffic Judge George T. Murphy, who continued his no-driving probation for another year and ordered him to spend 15 days in the Detroit House of Correction.
The award was made by Judge Fred B. Perkins who heard their petition without a jury by agreement of the parties.
Judge John B. Molinari was named chairman of the executive committee.
Sitting quietly on an equally big pork barrel was another Judge Smith ally, Georgia's Carl Vinson, chairman of the Armed Services Committee.
Judge Patricia A. Seitz found that the " virtual ticket counter " of the website was a virtual construct and hence not a " public place of accommodation ".
The case was legally resolved on October 19, 1973 when U. S. District Judge Earl R. Larson held the ENIAC patent invalid, ruling that the ENIAC derived many basic ideas from the Atanasoff – Berry Computer.
Mike Judge has stated Van Driessen was his favorite character, after Beavis, to voice.
In an interview included with the recent Mike Judge Collection DVD set, Judge said he was uncertain if some of the earlier episodes still existed in their uncensored form.
This part of the show was mostly improvised by Mike Judge.
Later, in a Rolling Stone interview, Mike Judge was asked if Daria is coming back and he said, " No. There's sort of a cameo in one episode.
John Altschuler, formerly a writer for King of the Hill, told a Rolling Stone reporter that he saw signs that Mike Judge was thinking of reviving Beavis and Butt-Head.
It was initially rumored that Judge was working on 30 new episodes for the network.
Mike Judge was not credited as a producer of this series and has said he was not involved with it at all, except to give permission for the use of the character.
However, its release was cancelled at the last moment at the demand of Judge, who owned approval rights for video releases of the series.
According to Judge, the History set was made up of episodes that he had previously rejected for home video release and had been prepared without his knowledge or consent.
The U. S. argument was affirmed, however, by the dissenting opinion of ICJ member U. S. Judge Schwebel, who concluded that in supporting the contras, the U. S. acted lawfully in collective self-defence in El Salvador's support.

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