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Page "adventure" ¶ 247
from Brown Corpus
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was and man
He was silent a moment, thinking he could use a man this time of year, and if the girl could cook, it would give him more time in the meadows, but he knew nothing about the couple.
against this bent man in the chair he was powerless.
A man was standing in the open door of the lighted orderly room a few yards to Mike's left, but he, too, suddenly made up his mind and went racing to join the confused activity at the east end of the stockade.
The fire had gone down, and the man was only a shadow against the trees.
I felt certain he was really a spineless little man.
Carl Dill was neither a rancher nor a valley man.
He was a big man, wearing a neat flannel shirt against the cold foothill air.
The man was tall, thin, with a narrow face and a too-large nose.
He was an honest man doing a hard job, and the implication that he was anything else was unbearable.
laughing at a dying man, laughing as a man was beaten to death.
The seventh man was Red Hogan, a wiry little puncher with a wild streak and a liking for hell-raising.
Macklin was the third man to come out, and he came unhurriedly.
No man laid a hand on him, but the threat of violence was there.
Lewis was a man who had made a full-time job of cow stealing.
He was a man, those neighbors testified later, who didn't have a friend in the world.
`` Fred was mighty crude about the way he took in cattle '' his own hired man, Andy Ross, mentioned later.
For that legend was growing explosively, Rumor was insisting he received a price of $600 a man.
A man like Jess would want to have a ready means of escape in case it was needed.
Mrs. Roebuck thought Johnson was a `` sweet bawh t'lah lahk thet '', but her Herman was getting to be a man, there was no getting around it.

was and late
It was not until he moved across the porch that he became aware of them, and then it was too late.
Now, he was just in the late poems of Holderlin and therefore had most of the nineteenth century before him -- plus next semester's class preparation.
The only drawback now to the plan he'd decided on was that someone else might fail to do his work, too, and the teacher would have that person stay late along with Jack.
On April 10, 1904, his first child was born, a son named George after the late Senator.
In late December, the American army moved from Whitemarsh to Valley Forge, and although the distance was only 13 miles, the journey took more than a week because of the bad weather, the barefooted and almost naked men.
Despite the rejection of the traditional accounts on many points of detail, as late as 1948 it was still possible to postulate a massive and comparatively sudden ( beginning in ca. 450 ) influx of Germans as the type of invasions.
They, however much they were in disagreement with the late Victorians over the method by which Britain was Germanized, agreed with them that the end result was the complete extinction of the previous Celtic population and civilization.
That is, there was no trace of Anglo-Saxons in Britain as early as the late third century, to which time the archaeological evidence for the erection of the Saxon Shore forts was beginning to point.
We know that the Saxon Shore was a phenonenon of late Roman defensive policy ; ;
Lady Greville, daughter of the late Lord Chancellor Bromley and niece of Sir John Fortescue, was offered twenty pounds by the townsmen to make peace ; ;
A report of Sr. Edw Grevyles minaces to the Baileefe Aldermen & Burgesses of Stratforde '' tells how Quiney was injured by Greville's men: `` in the tyme Mr. Ryc' Quyney was bayleefe ther came some of them whoe beinge druncke fell to braweling in ther hosts howse wher thei druncke & drewe ther dagers uppon the hoste: att a faier tyme the Baileefe being late abroade to see the towne in order & comminge by in hurley burley came into the howse & commawnded the peace to be kept butt colde nott prevayle & in hys endevor to sticle the brawle had his heade grevouselye brooken by one of hys ( Greville's ) men whom nether hymselfe ( Greville ) punnished nor wolde suffer to be punnished but with a shewe to turne them awaye & enterteyned agayne ''.
It was late, and Blackman was ready to go to sleep, but Lewis was not.
By late afternoon the train inched into the marshaling yards in the railhead at Lublin, which was filled with lines of cars poised to pour the tools of war to the Russian front.
She stayed too late, and when she left, it was dark and time to go home and cook supper for her husband.
It was late, we were playing kissing games, and Jessica and I were called on to kiss in front of the others.
The founder of the Junior Showmanship Competition the late Leonard Brumby, Sr. ( for whom the trophy is named after at Westminster ) was an outstanding Handler and believed a Junior should have an opportunity to exhibit in a dog show starting with the Junior Showmanship Division.
Of majestic build, rubicund and slash-mouthed, he resembled the late General Winfield Scott, who was said to be the most imposing general of his century, if not of all centuries.
It seems clear, from the counter-balanced shape of the series of arrows in Figure 5 that there was about an equal number of early and late Onsets and Completions for the 34 girls.

was and forties
Waddell, the newspaperman, was a fellow in his middle forties, with a graying crewcut, heavy-framed glasses, and a large jaw padded with fat.
He was in his early forties, rather short and very compactly built, and with a manner that was reserved and stiff despite his efforts to adapt himself to American ways.
) In 1610, Hudson was probably in his early forties, a good navigator, a stubborn voyager, but otherwise fatally unsuited to his chosen profession.
He stated in his 1974 autobiography, " We were so poor and everybody around us was so poor that it was the forties before anyone even knew there had been a depression.
A neighbour recalled that " London in the forties was the worst possible place, and the worst possible time for a child to grow up in.
By the late forties, radio stations broadcast music described as " hillbilly ," originally to describe fiddlers and string bands, but was then used to describe the traditional music of the people of the Appalachian Mountains.
Septimius Severus was now in his forties and still childless.
Throughout the rise of his career he was estranged from Christianity and it was not until he reached his early forties that he experienced a spiritual crisis.
The comedy of a group of friends in their forties reading one another their memoirs was not lost on Bloomsbury.
As a child he was betrothed to Margaret, the heiress of Maine, but she died before they could be wed, and Robert didn't marry until his late forties.
By October polls showed that the Bloc was up to mid forties whereas the Conservatives fell into the teens behind Liberals in their poll numbers in Quebec.
John Springer, who had arranged her speaking tours of the early 1970s, wrote that despite the accomplishments of many of her contemporaries, Davis was " the star of the thirties and into the forties ", achieving notability for the variety of her characterizations and her ability to assert herself, even when her material was mediocre.
" In an interview with George T. Simon in 1948, Sinatra lamented the inferior quality of music he was recording in the late forties and in comparison with " those great Glenn Miller things " from eight years earlier.
She was one of two Canaanite women who married Esau, the son of Isaac, when he was in his forties.
It was argued that the evidence suggests that the mummy is around her mid-thirties or early forties, Nefertiti's guessed age of death.
After the good timber was gone, the lumber companies sold many of the cutover forties to farm families.
This was because in the forties when the UN was established in San Francisco, Strawberry was undeveloped.

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