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was and active
At Sounion there is a group of beautiful columns, the ruins of a temple to Poseidon, of particular interest at that time, as active reconstruction was in progress.
Greece was one of the highlights of our trip, but beginning in Greece and continuing around the world throughout Southeast Asia the treatment of animals was horrifying, ranging from callous indifference to active cruelty.
The Suez-Hungary crisis proves that this system was not invented by the new Administration, but only made more consistent and more active.
The first was a list of fourteen manufacturing companies located in the state of Washington which were personally known to the research team to be active in defense work.
Substance Z, an active urinary peptide, was purified by extraction in organic solvents and repeated column chromatography ; ;
He was also personally active in ward politics, and by 1924 O'Banion had acquired sufficient political might to be able to state: `` I always deliver my borough as per requirements ''.
the first use of the word `` rustler '' was as a synonym for `` hustler '', becomin' an established term for any person who was active, pushin', and bustlin' in any enterprise.
By the time Felix turned up it was early afternoon, which, one would think, would be late enough so that by then, except for small children and a few hardy souls who had not yet sobered up, it could have been expected that people would no longer be having any sort of active interest in the previous night's noisemakers and paper hats.
that she was active in the Woman's Club and he in Lions, Rotary, and Jaycee ; ;
Theodore Dwight Weld ( 1803-1895 ) was especially active.
Susan was an active character ; ;
But the process of refusing to think about it was an active reminder in itself and he couldn't rid himself of a consciousness of it throughout the day.
Attempts to accuse anthropologists of complicity with the CIA and government intelligence activities during the Vietnam War years have turned up surprisingly little ( although anthropologist Hugo Nutini was active in the stillborn Project Camelot ).
These terms have historically been applied to any astronomical object orbiting the Sun that did not show the disk of a planet and was not observed to have the characteristics of an active comet, but as small objects in the outer Solar System were discovered, their volatile-based surfaces were found to more closely resemble comets, and so were often distinguished from traditional asteroids.
While Poirot's actual death and funeral occurred in " Curtain ", years after his retirement from active investigation, it was not the first time Hastings attended the funeral of his best friend.
His father's civil service commission was still active, and during Turing's childhood years his parents travelled between Hastings in England and India, leaving their two sons to stay with a retired Army couple.
The Alan Parsons Project was an English progressive rock band, active between 1975 and 1990, consisting of singer Eric Woolfson and keyboardist Alan Parsons surrounded by a varying number of session musicians.
Bloch was shot by the Gestapo during the German occupation of France in World War II for his active membership of the French Resistance, and Febvre carried on the Annales approach in the 1940s and 1950s.
Jonas of Bobbio records that Columbanus was active in Bregenz, where he disrupted a beer sacrifice to Wodan.
In imperial politics Albert was fairly active.
Alessandro Algardi ( 31 July 1598 – 10 June 1654 ) was an Italian high-Baroque sculptor active almost exclusively in Rome, where for the latter decades of his life, he was the major rival of Gian Lorenzo Bernini.
Amos, an older contemporary of Hosea and Isaiah, was active c. 750 BC during the reign of Jeroboam II, making the Book of Amos the first biblical prophetic book written.

was and protests
One of the first international anti-globalization protests was organized in dozens of cities around the world on June 18, 1999, with those in London and Eugene, Oregon most often noted.
After the November 2000 G8 protest in Montreal, at which many protesters were beaten, trampled, and arrested in what was intended to be a festive protest, the tactic of dividing protests into " green " ( permitted ), " yellow " ( not officially permitted but with little confrontation and low risk of arrest ), and " red " ( involving direct confrontation ) zones was introduced.
The Genoa Group of Eight Summit protest from July 18 to July 22, 2001 was one of the bloodiest protests in Western Europe's recent history, as evidenced by the wounding of hundreds of policemen and civilians forced to lock themselves inside of their homes and the death of a young Genoese anarchist named Carlo Giuliani — who was shot in the face while trying to throw a fire extinguisher on a police car — during two days of violence and rioting by fringe groups supported by the nonchalance of more consistent and peaceful masses of protesters, and the hospitalisation of several of those peaceful demonstrators just mentioned.
Sakharov was arrested on January 22, 1980, following his public protests against the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, and was sent to internal exile in the city of Gorky, now Nizhny Novgorod, a city that was off-limits to foreigners.
After the paper was released, students and faculty staged large protests outside Jensen's U. C.
This version was also played in Hamburg, Dresden, Hanover, and Berlin, although, in the wake of protests and a lack of success, Niemann-Raabe eventually restored the original ending.
" Historian Ron Chernow says of this " he wasn't calling for peaceful protests or civil disobedience: he was calling for outright rebellion, if needed, against the federal government of which he was vice president.
There were widespread protests against The Birth of a Nation, and it was banned in several cities.
The opening of Korea to foreign Christian missionary activity in the late 19th century saw some improvement in the status of the baekjeong ; However, everyone was not equal under the Christian congregation, and protests erupted when missionaries attempted to integrate them into worship services, with non-baekjeong finding such an attempt insensitive to traditional notions of hierarchical advantage.
In late 1989 and early 1990, Mobutu was weakened by a series of domestic protests, by heightened international criticism of his regime's human rights practices, by a faltering economy, and by government corruption, most notably his massive embezzlement of government funds for personal use.
After weeks of public protests, Gutiérrez was overthrown in April.
Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik was sworn in as Prime Minister on January 29, 2011, in response to the 2011 Egyptian revolution ; he was succeeded on 5 March by Essam Sharaf, in response to continued protests.
After protests by parents with children enrolled in for profit kindergartens, the program was extended to children in for-profit kindergartens, but only for children enrolled in or before September 2007.
The Esso name was a trademark of Jersey Standard Oil, and attracted protests from other Standard Oil spinoffs because of its similarity to the name of the parent company, Standard Oil.
In 1966, the U. S. Justice Department ordered Humble Oil to " cease and desist " from using the Esso brand at stations in several southeastern states, following protests from Standard Oil of Kentucky ( Kyso ), which was a Standard of California subsidiary in the process of rebranding its Standard stations to Chevron.
He was involved in the large-scale French protests of 1968, starting from the Movement of March 22.
A planned 1972 U. S. network television screening of the 1966 Warner Bros. film The Brides of Fu Manchu was cancelled due to protests from an Asian anti-defamation group.
There was no serious civil disorder or protests following the election in contrast to the 1993 election.
Paul Watson, who also participated in the anti-nuclear protests, maintains that he also was one of the founders.

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