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was and born
Heidenstam was born in 1859, of a prosperous family.
Sherlock Holmes, the ancestor of all private eyes, was born during the 1890s.
Henrietta was discovering in the process of writing, as the born writer does, not merely a channel for the discharge of accumulated information but a stimulus to the development of the creative powers of observation, insight and intuition.
She was born Lilian Steichen, her parents immigrants from Luxemburg.
`` My mother read a book right after I was born and there was a Lilian in the book she loved and I became Lilian -- and eventually I became Paula ''.
By now she was sure she was going to have a baby, deciding it would be born in India or Burma that November.
He was born in Savannah, Georgia, in 1909.
About the only time the Hetman seemed excited was when one of his own pet ideas was born.
On April 10, 1904, his first child was born, a son named George after the late Senator.
Modern warfare was born in this campaign -- periscopes, camouflage, booby traps, land mines, extended order, trench raids, foxholes, armored cars, night attacks, flares, sharpshooters in trees, interlaced vines and treetops, which were the forerunners of barbed wire, trip wires to thwart a cavalry charge, which presaged the mine trap, and the general use of anesthetics.
Deppy is Despina Messinesi, a long-time member of the Vogue staff who, although born in Boston, was born there of Greek parents.
Samuel Gorton was born at Gorton, England, near the present city of Manchester, about 1592.
Whether the Fathers, who died before Christ was born of the Virgin Mary, were justified and saved only by the blood which he shed, and the death which he suffered after his incarnation??
Whether the only price of our redemption were not the death of Christ on the cross, with the rest of his sufferings and obediences, in the time of his life here, after he was born of the Virgin Mary??
In the judgment of Chief of Staff Scott it was ironic that the draft policy of a Democratic President, aimed at Germany, had to be pushed through the House of Representatives by the ranking minority member of the Military Affairs Committee -- a Republican Jew born in Germany!!
Thus, the Church was born and because of its intrinsic character was soon identified as a conservative institution, determined to resist the forces of change, to identify itself with the political rulers, and to maintain a kind of splendid isolation from the masses.
And she replied, `` I was born in America, but I was conceived in Vienna ''.
I was born angry.
He kept his attacks on Republicanism for partisan campaigns, but that is part of the game he was born to play.

was and at
He found that if he was tired enough at night, he went to sleep simply because he was too exhausted to stay awake.
Dawn would come soon and the night was at its coldest.
And he was fleeing, running -- fleeing his death and his life at the same time.
Then he was on his way at a gallop.
He scuttled in shadow along the east wall of the stockade and then followed the south wall until he was at the rear of the two frame buildings.
A man was standing in the open door of the lighted orderly room a few yards to Mike's left, but he, too, suddenly made up his mind and went racing to join the confused activity at the east end of the stockade.
Next to him was a young boy I was sure had sat near me at one of the trading sessions.
She had picked up the quirt and was twirling it around her wrist and smiling at him.
I was nearly thirty at the time.
only the counter at one end was lighted by a long fluorescent tube suspended directly above it.
I was at once disappointed, although just what I had expected him to look like I could not have explained.
This desire, I went on, growing voluble as my conviction was aroused, had mounted at such a rate recently that I now found its realization necessary not only to my physical but also to my spiritual wellbeing.
Facing the forest now, she who had not dared to enter it before, walked between two trees at random and headed in what she believed was the direction of the pool.
She regarded them as signs that she was nearing the glen she sought, and she was glad to at last be doing something positive in her unenunciated, undefined struggle with the mountain and its darkling inhabitants.
laughing at a dying man, laughing as a man was beaten to death.
He'd started a fire and put coffee on, and now was busy at the work board of his chuck wagon.
Hank had gathered wood for a cookfire, and his wife was busy at it now.
Tom Horn was soon back at work, giving his secret employers their money's worth.
Haying time was close at hand, and they needed some strong branches to repair a hay rack.
`` It was Brenner's idea '', Jess mumbled, dabbing at his nose.
Seeing them waiting there at the foot of Emigrant Rock was so overwhelming that, for a good minute after they rounded the bend and started down the grade leading toward them, Matilda could not speak at all.

was and Geneva
The first time was in 1955 when a full-dress Big Four summit meeting produced the `` spirit of Geneva ''.
The President was especially concerned about the deadlock in the nuclear test ban negotiations at Geneva.
Mr. Kennedy was less troubled by that possibility than by the belief that a Geneva breakdown, or even continued stalemate, would mean an unchecked spread of nuclear weapons to other countries as well as a fatal blow to any hope for disarmament.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau of Geneva was the first of many to present the Alps as a place of allure and beauty, banishing the prevalent conception of the mountains as a hellish wasteland inhabited by demons.
As early as 1966, resolutions were introduced to the United Nations charging that the U. S. was violating the 1925 Geneva Protocol, which regulated the use of chemical and biological weapons.
At the age of twelve he was sent to the Haxius School in Geneva,
Use of such bioweapons was banned in international law by the Geneva Protocol of 1925.
As a result of the Geneva Conference on Indochina, Cambodia was able to bring about the withdrawal of the Viet Minh troops from its territory and to withstand any residual impingement upon its sovereignty by external powers.
The National Speleological Society of the USA was later founded in 1941 ( originally formed as the Speleological Society of the District of Columbia on May 6, 1939 ) and the Swiss Society of Speleology created in 1939 in Geneva, but the first speleological institute in the world was founded in 1920 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, by Emil Racovita, a Romanian biologist, zoologist, speleologist and explorer of Antarctica.
Calvin was a French exile in Geneva.
Although much of Calvin's practice was in Geneva, his publications spread his ideas of a " correctly " reformed church to many parts of Europe.
Ancillon studied law at Marburg, Geneva, and Paris, where he was called to the bar.
The earliest hymn book published was the " Sacred Melodist " which was published by Benjamin Wilson in Geneva, Illinois in 1860.
Piron was a psychotherapist and taught from 1973 to 1994 in the psychology department at the University of Geneva in Switzerland.
Eisenhower met and fell in love with Mamie Geneva Doud of Boone, Iowa, six years his junior, while he was stationed in Texas.
He grew up on the campus of Stanford University, where his father was a professor, and he attended the International School of Geneva in 1958 1959.
An illustrated history of smallpox eradication, Smallpox Zero, was published with the support of Sanofi Pasteur and distributed on May 17, 2010, in Geneva during an event sponsored by the World Health Organization.
In an interview with Eurostar's Chief Executive Nicolas Petrovic in the Financial Times in May 2012, an intention for Eurostar to serve ten new destinations was expressed, including Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Cologne, Lyon, Marseille and Geneva, along with a likely second hub to be created in Brussels.
The third edition of 1522 was probably used by Tyndale for the first English New Testament ( Worms, 1526 ) and was the basis for the 1550 Robert Stephanus edition used by the translators of the Geneva Bible and King James Version of the English Bible.
Firmin Abauzit ( 1679 1767 ) was a French scholar who worked on physics, theology and philosophy, and served as librarian in Geneva ( Switzerland ) during his final 40 years.
For two years his brother and he lived as fugitives in the mountains of the Cévennes, but they at last reached Geneva, where their mother afterwards joined them on escaping from the imprisonment in which she was held from the time of their flight.
A collection of his writings was published at Geneva in 1770 ( Oeuvres de feu M. Abauzit ), and another at London in 1773 ( Oeuvres diverses de M. Abauzit ).

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