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was and born
Heidenstam was born in 1859, of a prosperous family.
Sherlock Holmes, the ancestor of all private eyes, was born during the 1890s.
Henrietta was discovering in the process of writing, as the born writer does, not merely a channel for the discharge of accumulated information but a stimulus to the development of the creative powers of observation, insight and intuition.
She was born Lilian Steichen, her parents immigrants from Luxemburg.
`` My mother read a book right after I was born and there was a Lilian in the book she loved and I became Lilian -- and eventually I became Paula ''.
By now she was sure she was going to have a baby, deciding it would be born in India or Burma that November.
He was born in Savannah, Georgia, in 1909.
About the only time the Hetman seemed excited was when one of his own pet ideas was born.
On April 10, 1904, his first child was born, a son named George after the late Senator.
Modern warfare was born in this campaign -- periscopes, camouflage, booby traps, land mines, extended order, trench raids, foxholes, armored cars, night attacks, flares, sharpshooters in trees, interlaced vines and treetops, which were the forerunners of barbed wire, trip wires to thwart a cavalry charge, which presaged the mine trap, and the general use of anesthetics.
Deppy is Despina Messinesi, a long-time member of the Vogue staff who, although born in Boston, was born there of Greek parents.
Samuel Gorton was born at Gorton, England, near the present city of Manchester, about 1592.
Whether the Fathers, who died before Christ was born of the Virgin Mary, were justified and saved only by the blood which he shed, and the death which he suffered after his incarnation??
Whether the only price of our redemption were not the death of Christ on the cross, with the rest of his sufferings and obediences, in the time of his life here, after he was born of the Virgin Mary??
In the judgment of Chief of Staff Scott it was ironic that the draft policy of a Democratic President, aimed at Germany, had to be pushed through the House of Representatives by the ranking minority member of the Military Affairs Committee -- a Republican Jew born in Germany!!
Thus, the Church was born and because of its intrinsic character was soon identified as a conservative institution, determined to resist the forces of change, to identify itself with the political rulers, and to maintain a kind of splendid isolation from the masses.
And she replied, `` I was born in America, but I was conceived in Vienna ''.
I was born angry.
He kept his attacks on Republicanism for partisan campaigns, but that is part of the game he was born to play.

was and Tottenham
The 1991 semi-final between Arsenal and Tottenham was the first to be played at Wembley, as were both 1993, 1994 and 2000 semi-finals.
I'm a Tottenham fan but I quite like Everton ' cause they were the champions when I was a kid.
Alf was also a supporter of West Ham United ( a football club based in the East End ) and known to make derogatory remarks about " the Jews up at Spurs " ( referring to Tottenham Hotspur, a North London club with a sizeable Jewish following ).
) A number of other scandals were associated with the IWW, a five pound note forgery scandal, the so-called Tottenham tragedy in which the murder of a police officer was blamed on the IWW, and above all the IWW was blamed for the defeat of the October 1916 conscription referendum.
* Danny Blanchflower, former captain of Tottenham Hotspur F. C., was living at Woodlands Nursing Home, Rookery Road, at the time of his death in 1993, having lived at a private address in Staines in the immediately preceding years
The opponent in the final was Tottenham Hotspur.
During the summer a historical tournament was held between Feyenoord and the three opponents they met in the European Cup finals, they played, Borussia Dortmund, Tottenham Hotspur and Celtic ( Feyenoord Jubilee Tournament ).
The final route ( in heavy rain ) took the following course: Hammersmith, Kensington ( blocked ), Kensington Gore ( blocked ), Hyde Park, Park Lane ( blocked ), return to Hyde Park where soldiers forced the gates open, Cumberland Gate ( blocked ), Edgware Road, Tottenham Court Road, Drury Lane, the Strand, and from there was forced into the city centre.
In the autumn of 1987, he was caretaker manager of Tottenham between the resignation of David Pleat and the appointment of Terry Venables.
On 7 February 2008 Ossie Ardiles, along with his fellow countryman Ricky Villa, was inducted into the Tottenham Hotspur Hall of Fame.
Shortly afterwards he walked out of the Hawthorns to return his former club Tottenham as manager, but his management spell was nowhere near as successful as his spell as a player.
Tottenham finished 15th in the Premiership and despite the expensive acquisition of Jürgen Klinsmann, Ilie Dumitrescu and Gheorghe Popescu in the 1994 close season, Ardiles was sacked in October 1994 with Tottenham languishing in the bottom half of the Premier League.
Tottenham was the first club in the 20th century to achieve the League and FA Cup Double, winning both competitions in the 1960 – 61 season.
In the 1970s Tottenham won the League Cup on two occasions and was the inaugural winner of the UEFA Cup in 1972, becoming the first British club to win two different major European trophies.
The ground was no longer able to cope with the larger crowds and Tottenham Hotspur was forced to move to a new larger site 100 yards down the road, to the current ground.
The White Hart Lane ground was originally a disused nursery owned by the brewery Charringtons and located behind a public house on Tottenham High Road ( the actual White Hart Lane road lies a few hundred yards north the other side of the High Road ).
As this would have involved a move out of the Tottenham area and because the stadium was required to retain a running track, in October 2006 the plan was reported to have been dropped.
They owned large areas of Tottenham and Sir Henry Percy ( Harry Hotspur ) was a family member.
The first Tottenham kit was navy blue shirt and shorts, but after the first season the club did not have one specific design for many years.
When Thomson was chosen as kit sponsor in 2002 some Tottenham fans were unhappy as the logo on the front was red, the colour of their closest rivals, Arsenal FC.

was and North
For over a hundred years Southerners have felt that the North was picking on them.
In the pre-Civil War years, the South argued that the slave was not less humanely treated than the factory worker of the North.
Mr. Justice Taney's Dred Scott decision in 1857 was unpopular in the North, and soon became a dead letter.
it was visiting University of North Carolina alumni in New York to ask them for contributions to the Graham Memorial Building fund.
Pope was convicted last year of having aided North Celebes rebels by flying bombing missions.
It was the opinion of some of us that these must be part of the Committeemen who had been in the Battle of the North Bridge, which entitled them to a sort of veteran status, and we felt that if they employed this tactic, it was likely enough the best one.
more doubtful, but possible, ( with an assist from the North ) was the neutralization of the Latin American countries ; ;
His chief discovery was important -- the Great North ( later, the Hudson ) River -- but it produced no northwest passage.
The ship's compass was useless because of the nearness of the magnetic North Pole.
For he seemed to sense at once that before him was no South Sea, but the solid bulk of the North American continent.
Thus at the same time that William Henry Harrison was preparing to pacify the aborigines of Indiana Territory and winning fame at the battle of Tippecanoe, Anglo-Saxon settlement made a great leap into the center of the North American continent to the west of the American agricultural frontier.
O'Banion was born in poverty, the son of an immigrant Irish plasterer, in the North Side's Little Hell, close by the Sicilian quarter and Death Corner.
In his teens O'Banion was enrolled in the vicious Market Street gang and he became a singing waiter in McGovern's Cafe, a notoriously low and rowdy dive in North Clark Street, where befuddled customers were methodically looted of their money by the singing waiters before being thrown out.
Within about an hour with the help of reports from seismic stations in Alaska, Arizona and California, the quake's epicenter was placed at 51 degrees North latitude and 158 degrees East longitude.
Bursting from the lips of a charging cavalry trooper was the last sound heard on this earth by untold numbers of Cheyennes, Sioux and Apaches, Mexican banditos under Pancho Villa, Japanese in the South Pacific, and Chinese and North Korean Communists in Korea.
The regiment was dug in on the east side of the river and the North Koreans were steadily building up a concentration of crack troops on the other side.
There was Sounder, too, also a veteran of the North Rim, and Rastus and the Rake from a pack of English fox-hounds, and a collie from a London pound, and Simba, a terrier.
He was born in the North and did his military training in the South.
He was also, if Pam North was right, a closer acquaintance of Lauren Payne's than she, now, was inclined to admit.
Miss Shirley Joan Meredith, a former student of North Texas State University, was married Saturday to Larry W. Mills, who has attended Arlington State College.
The victim, Norman B. Wiley, 38, of the 900 block North Charles Street, was treated for cuts at Franklin Square Hospital after the robbery.
A 62-year-old Smithfield man, Lester E. Stone of 19 Beverly Circle, was in satisfactory condition last night at Our Lady of Fatima Hospital, North Providence, with injuries suffered when a car he was driving struck a utility pole on Woonasquatucket Avenue in North Providence near Stevens Street.

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