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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 453
from Brown Corpus
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was and engaged
That night he dreamed a dream violent with passion, in which he and the Woman, now the teacher, did everything except engage in the act ( and this probably only because he had never engaged in the act in reality ), and when he awoke the next morning his heart was afire.
Lincoln was historian and economist enough to know that a substantial portion of this wealth had accumulated in the hands of the descendants of New Englanders engaged in the slave trade.
Henrietta, however, was at that time engaged in a lengthy correspondence with Joe's older and more serious brother, Morris, who was just about her own age and whom she had got to know well during trips to Philadelphia with Papa, when he substituted for Rabbi Jastrow at Rodeph Shalom Temple there during its Rabbi's absence in Europe.
But he was perpetually engaged in a battle to command his own temper.
The United States was engaged in a military attack on a peaceful, orderly people governed by a regime that had proved itself the most pro-Western and anti-Communist within any of the new nations -- the only place in Africa, moreover, where a productive relationship between whites and blacks had apparently been achieved.
While she was thus engaged, McFeeley questioned her about her whereabouts the previous day, any recollections she had of people hanging around, of overcurious delivery boys or repairmen, of strange cars cruising the neighborhood.
She was told by the manservant who opened the door that his lordship was engaged on work from which he had left strict orders he was not to be disturbed.
One part of her audience was totally engaged, the connoisseur witnessing a peculiarly fine performance of some ancient classic, the other part, the guest of the connoisseur, attentive as one who must take an intelligent interest in that which he does not fully understand.
At the time Alex arrived he was engaged in some sort of intimate communication with the hen, who had settled herself on the nest most peacefully after the occurrences of the morning.
Mr. Devey first came to Sprague in 1953 as a Product Specialist in the Field Engineering Department, coming from the Office of Naval Research in Washington, D. C., where he was an electronic scientist engaged in undersea warfare studies.
It was concluded that it would be appropriate to process the two groups of responses as a single sample of all small businesses engaged in, or wishing to sell to, defense programs.
Lincoln's first romantic interest was Ann Rutledge, whom he met when he first moved to New Salem ; by 1835, they were in a relationship but not formally engaged.
In 1840, Lincoln became engaged to Mary Todd, who was from a wealthy slave-holding family in Lexington, Kentucky.
: Section 16 ( 1 )( a ) of the Customs and Excise Management Act 1979 ( c. 2 ) provided that it was an offence to, amongst other things, assault any person duly engaged in the performance of any duty or the exercise of any power imposed or conferred on him by or under any enactment relating to an assigned matter, or any person acting in his aid.
* A defendant could also argue that he was engaged in mutually consensual behavior.
At the time of his arrival in Shahr-i Babak, a formal local governor was engaged in a campaign to drive out the Afghans from the city's citadel, and Hasan Ali Shah joined him in forcing the Afghans to surrender.
The years were marked by persecution of the followers of the Paulician and Bogomil heresies — one of his last acts was to publicly burn at the stake Basil, a Bogomil leader, with whom he had engaged in a theological dispute.
To ensure the alliance, his son Sancho was engaged to Dulce, sister of the Count of Barcelona and Infanta of Aragon.
At an early period he was engaged in buccaneer expeditions to the South Seas and in 1703 joined the expedition of famed privateer and explorer William Dampier.
From 1847 he was engaged in editing the Handwörterbuch der reinen und angewandten Chemie ( Dictionary of Pure and Applied Chemistry ) edited by Justus von Liebig, Wöhler, and Johann Christian Poggendorff, and he also wrote an important textbook.
The events which marked the life of the artist during the first fifteen years of the period in which he was engaged on the above-mentioned works scarcely merit notice.

was and constant
Hague, like all who worked near the pits, was partly deafened from the constant assault against his eardrums.
In any case, Miss Millay's sweet-throated bitterness, her variations on the theme that the world was not only well lost for love but even well lost for lost love, her constant and wonderfully tragic posture, so unlike that of Fitzgerald since it required no scenery or props, drew from the me that I was when I fell upon her verses an overwhelming yea.
He soon quarreled with all the party leaders in the House, and came to be regarded with detestation by regular Democrats as a professional radical leading a small pack of obedient terriers whose constant snapping was demoralizing to party discipline.
The skirmishing was almost constant.
My father, who liked Alfred very much, was a constant visitor.
His father was a constant visitor.
During the war it was in constant use by the wagon trains transporting supplies from the railhead at Grafton to the troops operating in the interior.
As early as 1913 Ghoreyeb and Karsner demonstrated with perfusion studies in dogs that bronchial artery flow would remain constant at a certain low level when pressure was maintained in the pulmonary artery and vein, but that increases in bronchial artery flow would occur in response to a relative drop in pulmonary artery pressure.
The dated poems suggest that while Hardy's concern with poetry may have been constant, his production was not.
Other crucial matters required constant supervision: labor and all noncombatant troops, whose morale was vital, too ; ;
He was your constant companion ''.
As someone in constant contact with ( this watered-down version of ) “ nature ”, the farmer was positioned to experience moments that transcend the mundane material world.
Furthermore, it was subject to relativity and thus was not constant for all observers, therefore, in 2012, the IAU redefined it again to just simply be.
With the definitions used before 2012, the astronomical unit was dependent on the heliocentric gravitational constant, that is the product of the gravitational constant G and the solar mass M < sub >☉</ sub >.
Inheriting a collapsing empire and faced with constant warfare during his reign against both the Seljuq Turks in Asia Minor and the Normans in the western Balkans, Alexios was able to halt the Byzantine decline and begin the military, financial, and territorial recovery known as the Komnenian restoration.
Conflict between the two was constant and bitter in the following years.
Alfonso was the eldest son of Prince Francisco de Asis de Borbón-Dos Sicilias and Queen Isabel II, whose reign was marked by a constant political crisis which had several causes.
There was an additional republican secessionist process in the Basque Country, Catalonia, Galicia, a Cantonal republican uprising in Murcia and Andalucía, and a constant political tug of war between the Antillean Criollo Spaniards ( Cuban and Puerto Rican ) abolitionists and slavers.
Like many ancient historians, Ammianus had a strong political and religious agenda to pursue, however, and he contrasted Constantius II with Julian to the former's constant disadvantage ; like all ancient writers he was skilled in rhetoric, and this shows in his work.
The outer shell of the calorimeter was packed with snow, which melted to maintain a constant temperature of around an inner shell filled with ice.

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