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was and responsible
His objective was, essentially, to repair those aspects of orthodox astronomy responsible for its deficiencies in achieving these ends.
`` Shann was responsible for the report.
Sherman was responsible for the story when he said in his memoirs that this was the only time he could recall seeing Thomas ride so fast.
And Pike never did find out if Robinson was really responsible for the `` Vale '' letter.
And of course the Soviet threat was responsible for NATO, the grand alliance of the Atlantic nations.
It was responsible and sometimes dangerous work because the thieving is awful in the port of New York.
As America on wheels was responsible for an industry of motor courts, motels, and drive-in establishments where you can dine, see a movie, shop, or make a bank deposit, the ever-increasing number of boating enthusiasts have sparked industries designed especially to accommodate them.
Fing, a lean, chiseled, impeccable gentleman of the old school who was once mistaken on the street for Sir Cedric Hardwicke, is responsible for the rediscovery of Verdi's earliest, most raucous opera, Nabisco, a sumptuous bout-de-souffle with a haunting leitmotiv that struck me as being highly reminiscent of the Mudugno version of `` Volare ''.
There was further elimination of all companies that were not accompanied by the name of a responsible company executive.
If the bottom name in each column did not have a responsible executive identified, the next name above which identified such a responsible executive was substituted.
If the master of scops who was most responsible for the poem ever used kennings that were traditional, he was at least partly deprived of free will and not inclined towards shrewd and sophisticated misuse of speech elements.
The fundamental difficulty of which the Selden case was `` a striking ( though not singular ) example '', concluded Hough, `` will remain as long as testimony is taken without any authoritative judicial officer present, and responsible for the maintenance of discipline, and the reception or exclusion of testimony ''.
Each of the five principal posts was to have a director, responsible to a director-general at New Orleans.
The Republicans some weeks ago served notice through Senator Thruston B. Morton ( R ) of Kentucky, chairman of the Republican National Committee, that the Kennedy administration would be held responsible if the outcome in Laos was a coalition government susceptible of Communist domination.
This was disclosed today by a responsible source amid intensified efforts by the Soviet Union to gain a greater role in the staff and operation of the United Nations.
but naturally, the royal ritual, which provided unusual control over already supremely powerful divine spirits, was held responsible for regulating the universe and insuring the welfare of the kingdom.
Man, to whom Mij gave endless affection and fealty, was responsible in the form of a road worker with a pickaxe who somehow becomes an abstract symbol of the savage in man.
For a time he was head of Hut 8, the section responsible for German naval cryptanalysis.
Edward Burnett Tylor | Sir Edward Tylor was responsible for forming the definition of animism currently accepted in anthropology.
He was responsible for the destruction of the musical clock organ that Elizabeth I of England sent to the court during the reign of his father.
As he was dying on the voyage back from Egypt, he gave instructions to those close to him that they should not be responsible for making any image of his person, be it modeled or painted or copied, " For if I have accomplished any glorious feat, that will be my memorial.
He was responsible for foundations at Scone and Inchcolm.

was and for
The best antidote for the bitterness and disappointment that poisoned him was hard work.
He didn't think it was possible for this couple to be pretending.
It must have hurt her even to walk, for the sole was completely off her left foot and Morgan saw that it was bruised and bleeding.
It was the only thing in his life for which he felt guilt.
He knew who was riding after him -- the men he had known all his life, the men who had worked for him, sworn their loyalty to him.
Still, I was disgusted with myself for agreeing with Montero's methods.
He was naked except for a clout.
Now under me I could see him for what he really was, a boy dressed up in streaks of paint.
Well, the grass was there, though in some places the ground was too steep for a cow to get to it.
But it was not easy for him and he often slipped.
Now, here was something of obvious importance to me, yet when I reached for the tickets he snatched them away from my hand.
It was, I felt, possible that they were men who, having received no tickets for that day, had remained in the hall, to sleep perhaps, in the corners farthest removed from the counter with its overhead light.
I was constantly searching for clues around the neighborhood of the hall.
No one was behind it, but in the rear wall of the office I noticed, for the first time, a door which had been left partially open.
Was I sure, he asked, that I knew what I was applying for??
At one and the same time, she was within it but still searching for the drawbridge that would give her entry.
That was the day that he had practically mopped up the main street of Big Sands with Aaron McBride, field boss for the Highlands Oil & Gas Company.
It was payday for Highlands, and he was packing a lot of money back into the oil fields.
I was just doing my job, just following orders, and for that he's going to kill me.
Somehow more terrible than the certainty that he was about to die was the knowledge that Lord would probably not suffer for it: the murder would go unpunished.
He was readying a batch of sourdough biscuits for the Dutch oven.

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