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wired and come
A gifted inventor and tinkerer, he has wired the old ghost town in the valley below so that he can make it come alive at night with lights and sounds as if it were still inhabited.
All rooms come with high speed wired as well as wireless Internet.
On March 30, four days after publication and one day after selling out the first printing, Fitzgerald wired for Zelda to come to New York and get married that weekend.
These netbooks come bundled with localised versions of either Windows XP ( or higher ) or open source ( e. g. Linux ) operating systems, wired and wireless networking functionality, antivirus protection, preactivated parental controls, and an educational software package.
As more digital identity protocols and standards come to market, other types of service providers will be in a position offer i-brokering services, including social networks, portals, domain name registrars, internet service providers ( ISPs ), banks, insurance companies, wired and wireless phone companies and e-commerce sites.
During the Scopes Trial when the judge was considering letting scientists testify for the defense, William Jennings Bryan wired Straton to come to Dayton, Tennessee to be a rebuttal witness.
James Melville had wired the defense witnesses the night before to tell them not to come in.
The director, Edmund Goulding, was casting another Fairbanks film when he heard about MacCloy and wired her to come and test.
As of end of 2009, five new greenfield suburbs, namely Forde, Franklin, Crace, Casey, Bonner, some parts of Kingston and the Flemington road corridor, were all wired up for this next-generation technology with many new suburbs expected to come on board in the ACT region.
A so-called quadruple play service integrates mobility as well, often by supporting dual mode mobile plus WiFi phones that shift from GSM to WiFi when they come in range of a home wired for the triple play service.

wired and on
a pile of wire cages for mice from his time as a geneticist and a microscope lying on its side on the window sill, vertical steel columns wired for support to the open ceiling beams with spidery steel cantilevers jutting out into the air, masonry constructions on the floor from the time he was inventing his disastrous fireplace whose smoke would pass through a whole house, visible all the way up through wire gratings on each floor.
Letters may be wired to the face of the combined channels, painted on the first surface, or handled in other ways.
** Headphone port ( stereo ; wired for mono on the original Lynx )
Computer controlled music is also found in the performance pieces by the Canadian composer Udo Kasemets such as the Marce ( ntennia ) l Circus C ( ag ) elebrating Duchamp ( 1987 ), a realization of the Marcel Duchamp process piece Erratum Musical using an electric model train to collect a hopper-car of stones to be deposited on a drum wired to an Analog: Digital converter, mapping the stone impacts to a score display ( performed in Toronto by pianist Gordon Monahan during the 1987 Duchamp Centennial ), or his installations and performance works ( e. g. Spectrascapes ) based on his Geo ( sono ) scope ( 1986 ) 15x4-channel computer-controlled audio mixer.
In 1982, a radical liberalization of the law on cable was proposed by the Information Technology Advisory Panel, for the sake of promoting a new generation of broadband cable systems leading to the wired society After setting up and receiving the conclusions of the Hunt Inquiry into Cable Expansion and Broadcasting Policy, the Government decided to proceed with liberalization and two pieces of legislation: the Cable and Broadcasting Act and the Telecommunications Act, were enacted in 1984.
The first and strongest, at El Alamein on the coast, had been partly wired and mined by 1st South African Division.
The Bab el Qattara box — some from the coast and southwest of the Ruweisat Ridge — had been dug but had not been wired or mined, while at the Naq Abu Dweis box ( on the edge of the Qattara Depression ), from the coast, very little work had been done.
Wireless operation is supported since WinTPC has full wireless stack integration, but wireless operation may not be as good as the operation on a wired connection.
This means that the output of one gate can be wired to the inputs of one or several other gates, and so on.
AX. 25 was developed in the 1970s and is based on the wired network protocol X. 25.
For example, if the user dials " 6 " on a North American phone, electrical contacts wired through the cam mechanism inside the phone will open and close six times as the dial returns to home position, thus sending six pulses to the central office.
The main strand of domain centered research has been the research on color terminology, although this domain according to Lucy and admitted by color terminology researchers such as Paul Kay, is not optimal for studying linguistic relativity, because color perception, unlike other semantic domains, is known to be hard wired into the neural system and as such subject to more universal restrictions than other semantic domains.
DSL service is delivered simultaneously with wired telephone service on the same telephone line.
Made of wire with posts attached at both ends and in the middle, it is permanently wired on one side and attaches to a gate post with wire loops on the other.
Now, when another node wired into the Ethernet wants to talk to the dial-up node, it will ask on the network for the MAC address of 192. 168. 0. 254 and find the access server's MAC address.
Some other examples include work on wireless network systems and fast Ethernet cluster wired systems.
On wired broadcast LANs, depending on the network structure ( hub or switch ), one can capture traffic on all or just parts of the network from a single machine within the network ; however, there are some methods to avoid traffic narrowing by switches to gain access to traffic from other systems on the network ( e. g., ARP spoofing ).

wired and 26
NEMA uses 10 wheels, of which four are normal electrical rotors with 26 contacts at each end that are scramble wired in a way unique to each rotor type ; one is an electrical reflector ( like the Enigma's Umkehrwalze ) with one set of 26 pairwise cross connected contacts ; and the remaining five are " drive wheels ", with mechanical cams that control the stepping of the rotors and the reflector.
According to Detective Becker of VPD, Dunn waswired for sound ,” and that during the drive from Vallejo to a hotel in Fresno, Diggs, Dre, and Curtis discussed the robbery, which was scheduled to take place March 26.

wired and November
San Jacinto arrived in Hampton Roads, Virginia on November 15, where Wilkes wired news of the capture to Washington.
In November 2004, the company opened Melon, wired / wireless music portal service.
The FBI was also notified of large amounts of money that Hasan had wired to charities in Pakistan, but the FBI determined that the money " went to people not related to terrorism ," On November 9, 2009, the FBI said that investigators believed Hasan had apparently acted alone.
On November 25, 2003, it was revealed that unknown to Jackson, the private jet that was chartered to take him and his attorney from Vegas to California was secretly wired with recording devices.
This required surgical procedures on November 17th and December 8th in which a catheter was wired into his heart.
In the epilogue, taking place in November 2128, the reader finds Theresa, now the leader of a semi-religious begging order, teaching the biofeedback techniques she developed to the " inhibited ," as they are now called, helping them conquer the fear artificially wired into their brains.
EastLink was not, as of November 2011, effectively held to its contractual obligation to provide " 100 % of civic addresses " with service nor its latency promises, even where most such customers could be easily accommodated by extending its wired network to these existing wireless relay towers.
Between October 2001 and January 2002, Lewis wired a series of money orders to Battle in China and Bangladesh, and in November 2001 and January 2002, Ford wired money to al Saoub in China.

wired and with
Thus he wired J. P. Lower and Sons of Denver: `` Have you any percussion hand grenades for throwing in a house or across a well loaded with balls or shrapnel shot??
It also replaced the monaural headphone jack of the original Lynx with one wired for stereo.
Because the pole pieces of the coils were reversed with respect to each other, and the leads were also reversed with respect to each other, the two coils, wired in series, produced a humbucking effect ( the same effect is achieved if the coils are wired in parallel ).
A player will often endeavour to finish a turn with the opponent's balls wired from each other.
# Telstar Colormatic ( model 6130, 1977 ): Same as the Telstar Alpha but with detached wired paddles as well as color graphics.
The major changes were in design, with the controllers removable from the base unit instead of being wired directly into it, the storage compartment was moved to the rear of the unit, and the sound was now mixed into the TV signal so the unit no longer needed a speaker.
Reading Atari 8-bit 130kB or 180kB disks was possible as well with special software, but the standard Atari 8-bit 90kB format, which used FM rather than MFM encoding, could not be handled by the 1571 hardware without modifying the drive circuitry as the control line that determines if FM or MFM encoding is used by the disc controller chip was permanently wired to ground ( MFM mode ) rather than being under software control.
MRI and fMRI scans have shown that the amygdala in individuals diagnosed with such disorders including bipolar or panic disorder is larger and wired for a higher level of fear.
The introduction of the double-coil humbucker in the mid-1950s did away with this problem through the use of two coils, one of which is wired in a reverse polarity orientation.
In the first match of the tournament versus India, Cronje came onto the field with an earpiece wired to coach Bob Woolmer, but at the first drinks break match referee Talat Ali ordered him to remove it.
The islands were wired with 13 outgoing and 10 incoming commercial telephone lines, a 60-channel submarine cable, 22 DSN circuits by satellite, an Autodin with standard remote terminal, a digital telephone switch, the Military Affiliated Radio System ( MARS station ), a UHF / VHF air-ground radio, and a link to the Pacific Consolidated Telecommunications Network ( PCTN ) satellite.
Another kind consisted of many thongs of skin plaited and interwoven with wire, ending in loose wired ends, like the cat-o-nine tails.
Home electrical systems, for the most part, are wired with copper wire for its good conducting properties.
Unlike Internet market the state of the mobile market in the country is very poor, while coverage is not really an issue all carriers practice archaic methods that carriers in many developed countries have long since abolished, general prices are very high compared to other CIS and even EU countries with no change in this segment in many years in fact in some cases the prices have even increased, mobile Internet access is in no better condition with very high prices and very low monthly caps compared to extremely well developed and cheap wired Internet access.
* The NCR 315 was microprogrammed with hand wired ferrite cores ( a ROM ) pulsed by a sequencer with conditional execution.
Some aviation engines as well as some early luxury cars have had dual-plugged systems with one set of plugs fired by a magneto, and the other set wired to a coil, dynamo, and battery circuit.

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