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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1380
from Brown Corpus
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writes and Most
writes: " Most famous horses are said to come either from Sindhu or Kamboja ; of the latter ( i. e the Kamboja ), the Indian epic Mahabharata speaks among the finest horsemen ".
" On the attitude of the people, Fest writes: " Most industrial workers remained loyal to the regime, even as the war ground on.
Most of the procedure is conducted in writing ; the plaintiff writes to the court, which asks explanations from the administration or public service concerned ; when answered, the court may then ask further detail from the plaintiff, etc.
Fearing writes that " Most versions of the myth explain how the new dynasty superimposed itself upon a preexisting social structure dominated by the laman, Wolof elders who claimed " ownership " of the land as the descendants of the founders of village communities.
Most feature two main points of imitation: the first concludes on the mediant cadence of the mode, and so, Titelouze writes, the organist can shorten any verset during the service by substituting this cadence with one on the final.
Most writes some episodes for the series.
Most flash devices are rated for, currently, only 5, 000 writes per sector, and many flash controllers perform wear leveling to spread writes across many physical sectors.
Most notoriously, Human, All Too Human was used by archivist Max Oehler, a strong supporter of Hitler, as supposed evidence of Nietzsche ’ s support for nationalism and anti-Semitism, both of which he writes against.
Most of the pieces they play have been composed specifically for them, and the flautist of Non Sequitur, Ned McGowan, is a composer himself who writes pieces for the ensemble.
Most members of the group have contributed compositions to their catalog of original songs, as have Robert Parr ( Tom's brother ) and schoolteacher Scott Taylor ( who writes lyrics for some of Henneman's tunes ).
Most systems provide an atomic compare-and-swap instruction that reads from a memory location, compares the value with an " expected " one provided by the user, and writes out a " new " value if the two match, returning whether the update succeeded.
" In The 50 Most Influential Black Films: A Celebration of African-American Talent, Determination, and Creativity, author S. Torriano Berry writes that the film's " odd camera angles, superimpositions, reverse-key effects, box and matting effects, rack-focus shots, extreme zooms, stop-motion and step-printing, and an abundance of jittery handheld camera work all helped to express the paranoid nightmare that life had become.
UFO researcher Jerome Clark writes, " Most observers of Blue Book agree that the Ruppelt years comprised the project's golden age, when investigations were most capably directed and conducted.
Most are on some aspect of women or feminism, but she also writes about social movements and political parties.
He is the author of a number of books, including The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments ( 2008 ) and Strange Beauty: Murray Gell-Mann and the Revolution in 20th-Century Physics ( 1999 ), and writes for a number of publications, including The New York Times.

writes and my
`` For six years my father had had to do too much commanding and convincing, '' writes the narrator, `` not to understand that man begins with ' the other ' ''.
writes: What makes my hands numb when sewing??
Additionally, in a section in the book entitled, " Open Letter to My Lost France ", Bardot writes that " my country, France, my homeland, my land is again invaded by an overpopulation of foreigners, especially Muslims ".
For example Cyril writesI gave my back to those who beat me and my cheeks to blows ; and my face I did not shield from the shame of spitting ”.
He writes to his friend, Theodore Duret, that “ my painting doesn ’ t catch on, not at all ...”
As he writes: " One of my female friends who had adopted the pseudonym Richard Mutt sent me a porcelain urinal as a sculpture.
For example, if I say “ Star Wars is a shitty movie ,” and my friend says, “ Star Wars is not a shitty movie !” We have no shared reality, for in our language, truth lies in only one of our statements and we can forever argue these truths until one of us writes a book and has more authority than the other.
As Crowley writes, " Illustration: It is my Will to inform the World of certain facts within my knowledge.
Cossette writes in his autobiography, " What meant the most to me, though, is the fact that Peter Falk saved my ass.
On the early phonograph's reproductive capabilities he writes " It sounded to my ear like someone singing about half a mile away, or talking at the other end of a big hall ; but the effect was rather pleasant, save for a peculiar nasal quality wholly due to the mechanism, though there was little of the scratching which later was a prominent feature of the flat disc.
Part I opens with Christine reading from Matheolus ’ s Lamentations, a work from the thirteenth century that addresses marriage wherein the author writes that women make men ’ s lives miserable. Upon reading these words, Christine becomes upset and feels ashamed to be a woman: “ This thought inspired such a great sense of disgust and sadness in me that I began to despise myself and the whole of my sex as an aberration in nature ”.
In it he writes of Isis, describing her as: " a goddess exceptionally wise and a lover of wisdom, to whom, as her name at least seems to indicate, knowledge and understanding are in the highest degree appropriate ..." and that the statue of Athena ( Plutarch says " whom they believe to be Isis ") in Sais carried the inscription " I am all that has been, and is, and shall be, and my robe no mortal has yet uncovered.
Kazan writes of the movie, " It's my favorite of all the films I've made ; the first film that was entirely mine.
In 1959, in a letter to Kazan, he writes, “ Some day you will know how much I value the great things you did with my work, how you lifted it above its measure by your great gift .”
He writes, " I had to learn to be my own hero, my own role model – which is another way of saying that I had to learn to live with neither heroes nor role models " ( pg.
She writes in a poem about her own style that " lucid and transparent / are my images ".
In act 4, scene 14, “ an un-Romaned Antony ” laments, “ O, thy vile lady !/ She has robb'd me of my sword ,” ( 22-23 )— critic Arthur L. Little Jr. writes that here “ he seems to echo closely the victim of raptus, of bride theft, who has lost the sword she wishes to turn against herself.
On returning to Leningrad in May 1944, she writes of how disturbed she was to find " a terrible ghost that pretended to be my city ".

writes and friends
Erasmus used the Holbein portraits as gifts for his friends in England, such as William Warham, the Archbishop of Canterbury ( as he writes in a letter to Warham regarding the gift portrait, Erasmus quips that " he might have something of Erasmus should God call him from this place.
As Cooke writes, " In spite of continued opposition and criticism, and many well-meaning exhortations to caution from his friends, he looked neither to right nor left, but simply got down to work on the next symphony.
As she writes in her book, Reason For Hope: " My mother's friends were horrified by this toy, thinking it would frighten me and give me nightmares.
André Breton writes that the game developed at the residence of friends in an old house at 54 rue du Chateau ( no longer existing ).
She writes ( often humorously ) about her career, self-image, vices, family, friends, and romantic relationships.
Plutarch writes that " whenever anybody else greeted Marius and got no salutation or greeting in return, this of itself was a signal for the man's slaughter in the very street, so that even the friends of Marius, to a man, were full of anguish and horror whenever they drew near to greet him.
David Schroeder writes in Our Schubert, " The surgery, following a stroke, should have put an end to his career in 1945, since it left him paralyzed on one side of his face and neck ; but with the encouragement of friends and loved ones he relearned how to sing, becoming a baritone instead of a tenor.
After describing the mistreatment of a married priest, Manning writes that his friends have urged him to seek accommodation from the Roman Catholic authorities regarding his marriage.
American president Barack Obama writes that he has read Fanon in Dreams from My Father ( pp. 100 – 101 ): " To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully.
" His many Hispanic friends did not view him as a ruthless killer but rather as a defender of the people who was forced to kill in self-defense ," Wallis writes.
" However, Greg Graffin later writes in his book, Anarchy Evolution, that although Todd Rundgren was difficult to work with, he and Greg are friends to this day.
He writes that “ people with friends at work are happier at work .” And that “ social networks provide people with advice, a bonus, a promotion, and other strategic information, and letters of recommendation .”
Turner writes that in 1935 he bought an oscillograph, and attached it to friends and students ( and catatonic patients from a nearby psychiatric hospital ), who volunteered to suck each other's nipples, scratch, lick and kiss each other, while Reich read the tracings.
She sent many of her friends to Yosemite to meet Muir and " to hear him preach the gospel of the mountains ," writes Gisel.
" The first year that he spent at St Paul's was, writes one of his friends, one of " misery " for a man who loved study and hated pomp and business.
and St. Symeon the New Theologian at the end of the tenth century writes, ' He who is God by nature converses with those whom he has made gods by grace, as a friend converses with his friends, face to face.
and St. Symeon the New Theologian at the end of the tenth century writes, ' He who is God by nature converses with those whom he has made gods by grace, as a friend converses with his friends, face to face.
In the biography, The Grimké Sisters from South Carolina, historian Gerda Lerner writes that “ It never occurred to that she should abide by the superior judgment of her male relatives or that anyone might consider her inferior, simply for being a girl .” More so than her elder sister ( and later, fellow abolitionist ), Sarah, Angelina seemed to be naturally inquisitive and outspoken, a trait which often offended her rather traditional family and friends.
Han Yu is among the most personal and at the same time the most open of Chinese authors, he writes often and frankly about his own life, his feelings, his career, his friends.
Titon du Tillet writes that Louis, his two younger brothers Charles and François, and some of their friends visited Jacques Champion de Chambonnières on the feast of Saint James — Chambonnières ' name day.
A soft, tender waltz, Riley writes that the song " extends the romance from ideals of emotional honesty out into issues of conditioned conformity (' From fixtures and forces and friends / That you gotta be just like them ')... in ' Spanish Harlem Incident ,' using flattery as a front for the singer's own weak self-image ; in ' To Ramona ,' he's trying to save his lover from herself if only because he knows he may soon need the same comfort he's giving her.
and St. Symeon the New Theologian at the end of the tenth century writes, ' He who is God by nature converses with those whom he has made gods by grace, as a friend converses with his friends, face to face.
Christopher Hibbert, another biographer, writes that scores of prisoners waited outside his door for news about his health ; friends, regardless of the risk of infection, stood whispering in the room and praying for his recovery-but George Yisrael bar Avraham Gordon died on 1 November 1793, 26 Mar-Cheshvan 5554, at the age of 42.

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