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wrote and "...
" It is only a question of cards and time ", wrote Henry Babbage in 1888, "... and there is no reason why ( twenty thousand ) cards should not be used if necessary, in an Analytical Engine for the purposes of the mathematician ".
In order to avoid degrading himself, he wrote in the same memo he would retire at age 35 to pursue the practice of philanthropic giving for "... the man who dies thus rich dies disgraced.
Orkney, attacking from the rear, now tried a different tactic – "... it came into my head to beat parley ", he later wrote, " which they accepted of and immediately their Brigadier de Nouville capitulated with me to be prisoner at discretion and lay down their arms.
In his discussion of Kant, Christopher Janaway wrote: "... generic concepts are formed by abstraction from more than one species.
" St. John Chrysostom wrote: "... virginity is better than marriage, however good .... Celibacy is ... an imitation of the angels.
The German composer Gerhard Stäbler wrote Co-wie Kobalt ( 1989 – 90 ), "... a music for double bass solo and grand orchestra.
Dissenting opinions included Justice Stevens's, who wrote "... the voluntary character of the private choice to prefer a parochial education over an education in the public school system seems to me quite irrelevant to the question whether the government's choice to pay for religious indoctrination is constitutionally permissible.
Justin Martyr ( c. 155 ) in 1 Apology 66 wrote: "... the apostles, in the memoirs composed by them, which are called Gospels ".
About the Fiennes Hamlet Vincent Canby wrote in The New York Times that it was "... not one for literary sleuths and Shakespeare scholars.
For example, William Pierce wrote that "... every Person seems to acknowledge his greatness.
"... Arthur's genius lay in his ability to imagine songs, with fully formed lyrics and melodies ," wrote John Einarson in " Forever Changes: Arthur Lee and the Book of Love ," an authorized biography on Lee that was released in 2010.
"... the music has an exotic frothiness and the string settings are among the most gorgeous in rock history ," wrote music critic Dave Marsh, who co-edited the book.
In a 2002 story for the Chicago Daily Record, Mark Guarino, the newspaper's music critic, wrote that "' Forever Changes ' is a touchstone for serious pop fanatics ..." He added that, "... the band's first three albums were since rediscovered as visionary classics, all three culminating in ' Forever Changes ' ( Elektra ), the band's 1967 masterpiece of ornate pop.
Baldassare Castiglione, author of Il Cortegiano (" The Courtier "), wrote in 1528: "... Another of the greatest painters in this world looks down on this art in which he is unequalled ..." while the biographer known as " Anonimo Gaddiano " wrote, c. 1540: " His genius was so rare and universal that it can be said that nature worked a miracle on his behalf ...".
Schopenhauer wrote that "... materialism is the philosophy of the subject who forgets to take account of himself ".
In the 19th century the agnostic Robert G. Ingersoll wrote "... that all the ignorant, infamous, heartless, hideous things recorded in the ' inspired ' Pentateuch are not the words of God, but simply ' Some Mistakes of Moses '".
: Suetonius wrote "... for even if he was not the instigator of the emperor's death, he was at least privy to it, as he openly admitted ; for he used afterwards to laud mushrooms, the vehicle in which the poison was administered to Claudius, as " the food of the gods ," as the Greek proverb has it.
In a letter to his friend Peter Baynes, dated 12 August 1940, Jung wrote a passage: "...
At that time, John Cuthbert Lawson wrote: "... there is probably no nook or hamlet in all Greece where the womenfolk at least do not scrupulously take precautions against the thefts and malice of the nereids, while many a man may still be found to recount in all good faith stories of their beauty, passion and caprice.
In 1457 the Italian humanist Lorenzo Valla wrote: "... the claim of ' Dionysius '... that he observed the eclipse of the sun at the hour of the Saviour's death ... is as blatant a fiction as the epistolary form of the report.
In 1787, Alexander Hamilton wrote: "... The science of politics like most other sciences has received great improvement.
William Cave wrote, "... the Sabbath or Saturday ( for so the word sabbatum is constantly used in the writings of the fathers, when speaking of it as it relates to Christians ) was held by them in great veneration, and especially in the Eastern parts honoured with all the public solemnities of religion.
Economist Robert J. Shiller wrote that the term "... refers also to the sense of trust we have in each other, our sense of fairness in economic dealings, and our sense of the extent of corruption and bad faith.

wrote and amassing
Before his invasion of Greece, Xerxes I spent three years amassing supplies from all over Asia ; Herodotus wrote that the Persian army was so large it " drank the rivers dry ".
:" There are people today amassing stupendous fortunes by systematically destroying our historic centres ," wrote architectural writer James Lees-Milne, in 1964.
This collection of the Nyingma tantras led to the amassing of the ' Collection of Nyingma Tantras ', the Nyingma Gyübum ( Wylie: rNying-ma rgyud -< nowiki >'</ nowiki > bum ) for which Getse Mahapandita wrote the catalogue, proofread and arranged for its printing by soliciting the expensive and labour intensive project of carving the wood blocks for the block printing.
During his three year military tour overseas, the couple wrote each other daily, amassing over 10, 000 pages of love letters.

wrote and wealth
Christie wrote little of Poirot ’ s childhood though in Three Act Tragedy she writes that he comes from a large family with little wealth.
Carnegie wrote " The Gospel of Wealth ", an article in which he stated his belief that the rich should use their wealth to help enrich society.
He wrote, " There is no reason why, in a society which has reached the general level of wealth ours has, the first kind of security should not be guaranteed to all without endangering general freedom ; that is: some minimum of food, shelter and clothing, sufficient to preserve health.
He wrote The Wealth of Nations, in which he argued that wealth was not money in itself, but wealth was derived from the added value in manufactured items produced by both invested capital and labour.
In 1966 Alan Greenspan wrote " Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth.
It was Gerald who also wrote ( of the Welsh ) that " If they would be inseparable, they would be insuperable ", and that, unlike the English hirelings, who fight for power or to procure gain or wealth, the Welsh patriots fight for their country.
De Tocqueville wrote in his Democracy in America ( 1835 ) that " The absence in the United States of those vast accumulations of wealth which favor the expenditures of large sums on articles of mere luxury ... impact to the productions of American industry a character distinct from that of other countries ' industries.
Edward Gibbon wrote of her that the " influence of two sister prostitutes, Marozia and Theodora was founded on their wealth and beauty, their political and amorous intrigues: the most strenuous of their lovers were rewarded with the Roman tiara, and their reign may have suggested to darker ages the fable of a female pope.
Looking back in 2004, Holloway's biographer Eric Midwinter wrote, " With his cockney authenticity, his splendid baritone voice, and his wealth of comedy experience, he made a great success of this role, and, as he said, it put him ' bang on top of the heap, in demand ' again at a time when, in his mid-sixties, his career was beginning to wane ".
Edward Alleyn, as well as being a famous Elizabethan actor, for whom Christopher Marlowe wrote his title roles, performed at the Rose Theatre, was also a man of great property and wealth, derived mainly from places of entertainment including theatres and beer-gardens.
He wrote: " enormous political power invariably accumulates enormous wealth and enormous wealth invariably accumulates enormous political power.
In 1889 Verne wrote a second sequel to the novel, The Purchase of the North Pole, which has the gun club members ( led by J. T. Maston ) plan to use the " Columbiad " to alter the tilt of the earth to enable the mineral wealth of the Arctic region to be put within reach of exploitation.
Some of the stories she wrote spoke of the wealth of the region being in its " inevitable development ", and she supplemented her income with $ 100 a week from writing copy advertisements that praised the development of South Florida, something she would reconsider later in her life.
Contemporary visitors and residents in Ghazni wrote with wonder of the ornateness of the buildings, the great libraries, the sumptuousness of the court ceremonies and of the wealth of precious objects owned by Ghazni's citizens.
Thirteen years later he wrote his colloquy on pilgrimages, wherein the wealth and magnificence of Walsingham are set forth and some of the reputed miracles rationalised.
As a songwriter Hendryx subsequently wrote powerful ballads (" You Turn Me On " and " Nightbird " from Nightbirds, " Going Down Makes Me Shiver " from Labelle's final album, Chameleon ), and a wealth of more uptempo numbers (" Space Children ," " Messin ' With My Mind ," " Gypsy Moths ," and " Who's Watching the Watcher ").
As Thomas Jefferson wrote in his notes on the debates, the southern states would be taxed " according to their numbers and their wealth conjunctly, while the northern would be taxed on numbers only.
In 2007, after an interview with the Aga Khan, G. Pascal Zachary, of the The New York Times, wrote, " Part of the Aga Khan's personal wealth by him and his family, which his advisers say exceeds $ 1 billion, comes from a dizzyingly complex system of tithes that some of the world's 15 million Ismaili Muslims pay him each year of which is called dasond, which is at least 12. 5 % of each Nizari Ismaili's gross annual income – an amount that he will not disclose but which may reach hundreds of millions of dollars annually.
In the book, Weber wrote that capitalism in northern Europe evolved when the Protestant ( particularly Calvinist ) ethic influenced large numbers of people to engage in work in the secular world, developing their own enterprises and engaging in trade and the accumulation of wealth for investment.
She spent all her wealth from the many books she wrote in its reconstruction and it became the meeting place for politicians and international high society, a quiet retreat during the growing turmoil of the 1930s.
As Eccles wrote in his memoir Beckoning Frontiers ( 1966 ): " As mass production has to be accompanied by mass consumption, mass consumption, in turn, implies a distribution of wealth ... to provide men with buying power.
In physical and material contribution, Sant Kirpal Singh's legacy may lie chiefly in the wealth of books he wrote during his lifetime ; the Master made all of these works available without copyright, saying " the gifts of God, like sunlight, are all free.

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