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wrote and Brandeis
In North America, Samuel D. Warren and Louis D. Brandeis wrote that privacy is the " right to be let alone " ( Warren & Brandeis, 1890 ) focuses on protecting individuals.
Davis was accepted by the Hamilton College Junior Year in France Program and, she wrote in her autobiography, she managed to talk Brandeis into extending financial support via her scholarship.
He attended Brandeis University, where he wrote a term paper titled " What Can One Man Do?
" Justice Louis D. Brandeis wrote a minority opinion, objecting to the court's creating a new private property right.
In a separate dissent, Justice Brandeis wrote that the fundamental case deciding the power of the Supreme Court, Marbury v. Madison, " assumed, as the basis of decision, that the President, acting alone, is powerless to remove an inferior civil officer appointed for a fixed term with the consent of the Senate ; and that case was long regarded as so deciding.
In 2001, David Lieberman, a Holocaust researcher at Brandeis University, wrote a paper entitled Scholarship as an Exercise in Rhetorical Strategy: A Case Study of Kevin MacDonald's Research Techniques, where he noted how one of MacDonald ’ s sources author, Jaff Schatz, objected to how MacDonald used his writings to further his premise that Jewish self-identity validates anti-Semitic sentiments and actions.
He thinks that the current formulation, based on Justice Holmes ' conception of free speech as a marketplace “ disserves the aspirations of those who wrote America ’ s founding document .” The purpose of this reformulation would be to “ reinvigorate processes of democratic deliberation, by ensuring greater attention to public issues and greater diversity of views .” He is concerned by the present “ situation in which like-minded people speak or listen mostly to one another ,” and thinks that in “ light of astonishing economic and technological changes, we must doubt whether, as interpreted, the constitutional guarantee of free speech is adequately serving democratic goals .” He proposes a “ New Deal for speech would draw on Justice Brandeis ' insistence on the role of free speech in promoting political deliberation and citizenship .”
Though the latter decision was unanimous, Cardozo did not join the opinion for the Court ( written by Chief Justice Hughes, and joined by Brandeis, Roberts, and the Four Horsemen ), and wrote a separate concurrence, joined by Stone, to state the view of why the delegated power of legislation in the code at issue was " not canalized within banks that keep it from overflowing.
As Justice Brandeis wrote:
Born in Chicago, he earned a BA in sociology from Brandeis University in 1969 and started his career in Boston as a journalist who wrote for The New Republic.
Associate Justice Louis Brandeis wrote a dissenting opinion that in subsequent years became very famous.
May 16, 1916, Nathan Straus, at the behest of ( later Supreme Court Justice ) Louis Brandeis wrote Rev.
Sukenick studied at Cornell University, and wrote his doctoral thesis on Wallace Stevens, at Brandeis University.

wrote and University
On December 9, 1862, Sergeant Edwin H. Fay, an unusual Louisianan who held A.B. and M.A. degrees from Harvard University and who before the war was headmaster of a private school for boys in Louisiana, wrote his wife: `` I saw Pemberton and he is the most insignificant puke I ever saw.
When her brother Winslow became a student at Brown University in 1874, she wrote him about a course in history he was taking under Professor Diman: `` What is Prof. Diman's definition of civilization, and take the world through, is its progress ever onward, or does it retrograde at times??
* Edinburgh University wrote compilers for Algol60 ( later updated for Algol60M ) based on their Atlas Autocode compilers initially bootstrapped from the Atlas to the KDF-9.
On the advice of Cartan and Weil, he moved to the University of Nancy where he wrote his dissertation under Laurent Schwartz in functional analysis, from 1950 to 1953.
In 1983 he wrote an extended manuscript ( about 600 pages ) entitled Pursuing Stacks, stimulated by correspondence with Ronald Brown, ( see also R. Brown and Tim Porter at University of Bangor in Wales ), and starting with a letter addressed to Daniel Quillen.
Authors whose usage predates Steiner's include occultist Agrippa von Nettesheim, alchemist Thomas Vaughn ( Anthroposophia Theomagica ), and philosophers Immanuel Hermann Fichte and Robert Zimmermann ( Anthroposophie im Umriss ); Steiner wrote his doctoral thesis on Fichte and attended Zimmermann's classes at the University of Vienna.
Classics Professor G. P. Goold at University College, wrote of Housman's scholarly accomplishments: " The legacy of Housman's scholarship is a thing of permanent value ; and that value consists less in obvious results, the establishment of general propositions about Latin and the removal of scribal mistakes, than in the shining example he provides of a wonderful mind at work ....
More recently, William D. Rubinstein, Professor of Modern History at Aberystwyth University, Wales, wrote that Conservative politician and pro-Zionist Leo Amery, as Assistant Secretary to the British war cabinet in 1917, was the main author of the Balfour Declaration.
David Rothkopf, managing director of Kissinger Associates and an adjunct professor of international affairs at Columbia University ( who also served as a senior US Commerce Department official in the Clinton Administration ), wrote about cultural imperialism in his provocatively titled In Praise of Cultural Imperialism?
From 1935 to 1940 he lectured at the University of Rochester and wrote The Clinical Treatment of the Problem Child ( 1939 ), based on his experience in working with troubled children.
In 1940 Rogers became professor of clinical psychology at Ohio State University, where he wrote his second book, Counseling and Psychotherapy ( 1942 ).
He taught psychology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison ( 1957 – 63 ), during which time he wrote one of his best-known books, On Becoming a Person ( 1961 ).
After Kuttner's death in 1958, Moore wrote almost no fiction and taught his writing course at the University of Southern California.
Jauch ( ISBN 0-253-20545-X ) 1989 Indiana University Press ; Hofstadter wrote the foreword.
A fellow left-wing historian, she wrote studies on women in the Chartist movement, and of Queen Victoria ( subtitled ' Gender and Power '); she was Professor of History at the University of Birmingham.
Upon moving to become Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at the University of Munich in 1903, Kraepelin increasingly wrote on social policy issues.
Ethologist Dr. Valerius Geist of the University of Calgary, Alberta wrote that Fenrir's maiming and ultimate killing of Odin, who had previously nurtured him, was likely based on true experiences of wolf-behaviour, seeing as wolves are genetically encoded to rise up the pack hierarchy and have on occasion been recorded to rebel against and kill their parents.
In December 2009, after the release of thousands of e-mails from the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit — a controversy that came to be known as " Climategate "— Singer wrote an opinion piece for Reuters in which he said the scientists had misused peer review, pressured editors to prevent publication of alternative views, and smeared opponents.
He wrote the statutes by which the University was governed, in 1317.
Father Gosset, the chaplain to the Chinese students at the Catholic University of Leuven, wrote to Hergé urging him to be sensitive about what he wrote about China.
He wrote the Debian Manifesto in 1993 while a student at Purdue University, where he earned his bachelor's degree in computer science in 1996.
In a review of Jerzy Kosiński: A Biography by James Park Sloan, D. G. Myers, Associate Professor of English at Texas A & M University wrote " For years Kosinski passed off The Painted Bird as the true story of his own experience during the Holocaust.
" Lillian Hoddeson, a University of Illinois historian who wrote a book on Bardeen, said that because he " differed radically from the popular stereotype of genius and was uninterested in appearing other than ordinary, the public and the media often overlooked him.
Perry Miller of Harvard University wrote in 1956:

wrote and publication
But both were high-spirited and vivacious, both had tempers to control, both loved languages, especially English and German, both were good teachers and wrote for publication.
Living first in Philadelphia, then seeking refuge close in Virginia, he wrote a book entitled The Prospect Before Us ( read and approved by Vice President Jefferson before publication ) in which he called the Adams administration a " continual tempest of malignant passions " and the President a " repulsive pedant, a gross hypocrite and an unprincipled oppressor ".
This discovery has shed much light on the differences between the two versions ; while it was previously maintained that the Greek Septuagint ( the version used by the earliest Christians ) was only a poor translation, professor Emanuel Tov, senior editor of the Dead Sea Scrolls ' publication, wrote that the Masoretic edition either represents a substantial rewriting of the original Hebrew, or there had previously been two different versions of the text.
Thomas Carlyle translated Goethe ’ s novel into English, and after its publication in 1824, many British authors wrote novels inspired by it.
The church's archivist, fired in anticipation of the book's publication, wrote to branch churches to inform them of the book's history.
Michael Mehaffy wrote an introductory essay on Christopher Alexander's built work in the online publication " Katarxis 3 ", which includes a gallery of Alexander's major built projects to date ( September 2004 ).
For nine years after his father died, he worked the night shift wrapping bread at a Los Angeles bakery, attended USC, reviewed some movies, and wrote 88 short stories and six novels that were rejected for publication.
During his career he wrote poetry, prose, and stage plays ; his last novel was Kenelm Chillingly, which was in course of publication in Blackwood ’ s Magazine at the time of his death in 1873.
In 1947, Bradbury wrote a short story titled " Bright Phoenix " ( later revised for publication in a 1963 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction ).
A writer in Seattle, researching an article on Jeff Bezos, the founder of the then-fledgling Amazon. com, came across the " Hapworth " publication date, told his sister, a journalist for the Washington Business Journal, who wrote an article about the upcoming book.
A decade before the publication of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and the sequel Through the Looking Glass, Carroll wrote the first stanza to what would become " Jabberwocky " while in Croft on Tees, close to nearby Darlington, where he lived as a child,
Before the advent of copyright, anonymous and pseudonymous publication was a common practice in the sixteenth century publishing world, and a passage in the Arte of English Poesie ( 1589 ), the leading work of literary criticism of the Elizabethan period and an anonymously published work itself, mentions in passing that literary figures in the court who wrote " commendably well " circulated their poetry only among their friends, " as if it were a discredit for a gentleman to seem learned " ( Book 1, Chapter 8 ).
Referring to the book's original 1987 publication in a Rolling Stone review pegged to the book's republication in 2002, the critic Jon Caramanica wrote, " It might well be the most comprehensive biography ever written about a pop act while it was still in its prime.
Soon after the publication of his book, Huxley wrote to Harold Raymond at Chatto and Windus that he thought it strange that when Hilaire Belloc and G. K. Chesterton wrote the praises of alcohol they were still considered good Christians, while anyone who suggested other routes to self-transcendence was accused of being a drug addict and perverter of mankind.
Many of the thematic and stylistic differences arose because Tolkien wrote The Hobbit as a story for children, and The Lord of the Rings for the same audience, who had subsequently grown up since its publication.
Referring to his 1936 publication, Turing wrote that the Turing machine, here called a Logical Computing Machine, consisted of:
Crow, and the timing of its publication, seemed to underline Hughes's predisposition for dark violence, exemplified by the nature that he wrote about, red in tooth and claw.
Williams wrote his diaries from the age of 14 in 1940 until his death 48 years later, although the earliest to survive to publication was for 1942 when he reached 16.
The beginnings of the so-called " reform movement ", of which Mercadante was part, arose from the publication of a manifesto by Giuseppe Mazzini which he wrote in 1836, the Filosofia della musica.
In 1934, Jung wrote in a Swiss publication, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, that he experienced " great surprise and disappointment " when the Zentralblatt associated his name with the pro-Nazi statement.
He then taught philosophy and, in 1805, wrote a series of letters which, after their publication in a periodical, were collected as Catholic Loyalty Vindicated.
He wrote only four novels, the most famous of which is The Innocent Voyage ( 1929 ), better known now as A High Wind in Jamaica, as Hughes himself would rename it shortly after its initial publication.
" The editors of the newspaper The Chicago Tribune, a publication that had supported Nixon, wrote, " He is humorless to the point of being inhumane.

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