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wrote and description
When she was nine years old, she wrote a description of a store she had visited.
In 1842, the Italian mathematician Luigi Menabrea, whom Babbage had met while travelling in Italy, wrote a description of the engine in French.
" The Abyssinians possess also the Ark of the Covenant ", he wrote, and, after a description of the object, describes how the liturgy is celebrated upon the Ark four times a year, " on the feast of the great nativity, on the feast of the glorious Baptism, on the feast of the holy Resurrection, and on the feast of the illuminating Cross.
Tertullian believed Atlantis was once real and wrote that in the Atlantic Ocean once existed "( the isle ) that was equal in size to Libya or Asia " referring to Plato's geographical description of Atlantis.
" In a speech given to the Norwegian Women's Rights League in 1898, Ibsen insisted that he " must disclaim the honor of having consciously worked for the women's rights movement ," since he wrote " without any conscious thought of making propaganda ," his task having been " the description of humanity.
“ A visit to the ground has only confirmed me ,” Lucas wrote in 1921 ; “ and it was interesting to find that Mr. Apostolides, son of the large local landowner, the hospitality of whose farm at Tekés I enjoyed, was convinced too that the site was by Driskole Krini, for the very sound reason that neither the hills nor the river further east suit Caesar ’ s description .” John D. Morgan in his definitive “ Palae-pharsalus – the Battle and the Town ”, arguing for a site closer still to Krini, where he places Palaepharsalos, writes: “ My reconstruction is similar to Lucas ’ s, and in fact I borrow one of his alternatives for the line of the Pompeian retreat.
Visitors and merchants were especially struck by the beautiful monasteries and churches of the city, in particular, Hagia Sophia, or the Church of Holy Wisdom: A Russian 14th-century traveler, Stephen of Novgorod, wrote, " As for St Sophia, the human mind can neither tell it nor make description of it.
* Margaret Maria Gordon ( 1823 – 1907 ) wrote a book on Brewster, which is considered the most comprehensive description of his life.
The earliest text which is believed to include a description of the Faroe Islands, was written by an Irish monk in the Frankish Kingdom named Dicuil, who wrote about the countries in the north.
" Around A. D. 825, Dicuil wrote a book, Liber de Mensura Orbis Terrae, ( Measure / description of the sphere of the earth ) in which he states:
Konrad Gessner wrote the first scientific description of a killer whale in his " Fish book " of 1558, based on examination of a dead stranded animal in the Bay of Greifswald that had attracted a great deal of local interest.
Based on his accurate description of towns, cities and islands, as well as correctly naming various official titles, archaeologist Sir William Ramsay wrote that " Luke is a historian of the first rank ; not merely are his statements of fact trustworthy ... should be placed along with the very greatest of historians.
The earliest clear description of the use of opium as a recreational drug in China came from Xu Boling, who wrote in 1483 that opium was " mainly used to aid masculinity, strengthen sperm and regain vigor ," and that it " enhances the art of alchemists, sex and court
Cooper visited the island in July 1913 with the scientists Charles Montague Cooke, Jr., and Joseph F. Rock, who wrote up a scientific description of the atoll.
Upon his election, Zeno, the Venetian envoy, wrote the following description of him:
His Latin works include De Miseria Humanae Conditionis, a tract on asceticism that Innocent III wrote before becoming pope, and De Sacro Altaris Mysterio, a description and exegesis of the liturgy.
In 1515, Cardinal Matthäus Lang wrote a description of the Reisszug, a funicular railway at the Hohensalzburg Castle in Austria.
In the article, Horace Greeley wrote an especially admiring description of the final speech, one given by Lucy Stone.
It is also noted that Ailred wrote his Life of S. Ninian at a time when he was living under Scottish rule and had close connections both to Fergus of Galloway ( who would resurrect the Bishopric of Galloway ), and to the Scottish royal family, all of whom would have been pleased to have a manuscript with such a glowing description of a Galwegian and Scottish saint.
The convention is named for Sam Stayman, who wrote the first published description in 1945, but its inventors were two other players: the British expert Jack Marx in 1939, who published it only in 1946, and Stayman's regular partner George Rapée in 1945.
McGoohan wrote a forty-page show Bible, which included a " history of the Village, the sort of telephones they used, the sewerage system, what they ate, the transport, the boundaries, a description of the Village, every aspect of it …".
Believing it to be a type of opossum, naturalist George Harris wrote the first published description of the Tasmanian devil in 1807, naming it Didelphis ursina, due to its bearlike characteristics such as the round ear.
Frank Stenton, the eminent Anglo-Saxon historian of his day, accepted Fox's description, and wrote the introduction to Fox's account of the Dyke.
Writer Howard, an agent selling a distressed cargo of slaves from a shipwreck in Tortola in 1803 wrote that " Tortola is well nigh the most miserable, worst-inhabited spot in all the British possessions ... this unhealthy part of the globe appears overstocked with each description of people except honest ones.

wrote and on
As a consequence of the tensions thus produced in his thoughts and feelings, he wrote on the one hand sketches of idealized hunting trips and on the other an anecdote of the village of Hardscrabble, Arkansas, where no one had ever seen a piano ; ;
And she wrote the libretto for an oratorio on the subject of Judas Maccabeus performed at the Hanukkah festival which came in December.
and in her forthright way, Henrietta, who in her story of Sara had indicated her own unwillingness `` to think of men as the privileged '' and `` women as submissive and yielding '', felt obliged to defend vigorously any statement of hers to which Morris Jastrow took the slightest exception -- he objected to her stand on the Corbin affair, as well as on the radical reforms of Dr. Wise of Hebrew Union College -- until once, in sheer desperation, he wrote that he had given up hope they would ever agree on anything.
She wrote in her journal, `` I have not heard the least profane language since I have been on board the vessel.
Consequently, on October 31, 1896, Mrs. King wrote to Thompson, quite against her daughter's wishes, asking him not to `` recommence a correspondence which I believe has been dropped for some weeks ''.
It is difficult to say what Thompson expected would come of their relationship, which had begun so soon after his emotions had been stirred by Maggie Brien, but when Katie wrote on April 11, 1900, to tell him that she was to be married to the Rev. Godfrey Burr, the vicar of Rushall in Staffordshire, the news evidently helped to deepen his discouragement over the failure of his hopes for a new volume of verse.
The latter was so upset on learning of the death of Morris, that he wrote Morgan a letter, showing his own warmhearted generosity.
Colonel Benjamin Ford wrote to Morgan from Wilmington that he understood a Mrs. Sanderson from Maryland had obtained permission from Smallwood to visit Philadelphia, and would return on May 26th, escorted by several officers from Maryland `` belonging to the new levies in the British service ''.
When Quiney and William Parsons wrote to Greville in 1593 asking his consent in the election for bailiff, they sent the letter to Mr. William Sawnders, attendant on the worshipful Mr. Thomas Bushell at Marston.
He had been in London for several weeks when he wrote to Shakespeare on October 25.
Sturley on November 4 answered a letter from Quiney written on October 25 which imported, wrote Sturley, `` that our countriman Mr. Wm. Shak. would procure us monei: which I will like of as I shall heare when, wheare & howe: and I prai let not go that occasion if it mai sort to ani indifferent condicions.
Adrian Quiney wrote to his son Richard on October 29 and again perhaps the next day, since the bearer of the letter, the bailiff, was expected to reach London on November 1.
The chancellor of the Exchequer wrote on the petition: `` in myn opinion it is very resonable and conscionable for hir maiestie to graunt in relief of this towne twise afflicted and almost wasted by fire ''.
Brooks Adams preferred the chronicles of Froissart or the style and theorizing of Edward Gibbon, for at least they took a stand on the issues about which they wrote.
Then followed a period in which he wrote reviews for The New York Times Book Review, The Commonweal, Commentary, had a small piece in Partisan Review, and moved on to Hudson, The Village Voice, and Exodus.
Editor's note: Sir Robert Watson-Watt wrote, on page 50 of SR Research for 4 March 1961::
In December I wrote her with authority that we would meet on the steps of the Hotel Astor, a rendezvous spot that I had learned was the most sophisticated.
In 1948, Afranio Do Amaral, the noted Brazilian herpetologist, wrote a technical paper on the giant snakes.
The manager sat behind the group so he could see and count the hands that went up, and the director wrote the numbers on the blackboard.
Thus in Mary wrote an account of the trip first strong stress on Mary marks Mary as the first in a series of people who wrote accounts of the trip, strong stress on wrote marks the writing as the first of a series of actions of Mary's concerned with an account of her trip ( about which she may later have made speeches, for example ), and strong stress on trip makes the trip the first of a series of subjects about which Mary wrote accounts.

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