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wrote and produced
As a consequence of the tensions thus produced in his thoughts and feelings, he wrote on the one hand sketches of idealized hunting trips and on the other an anecdote of the village of Hardscrabble, Arkansas, where no one had ever seen a piano ; ;
Then there was Mark Howe and there was Henry Dwight Sedgwick, an accomplished man of letters who wrote in the spirit of Montaigne and produced in the end a formidable body of work.
Galileo wrote " Waves are produced by the vibrations of a sonorous body, which spread through the air, bringing to the tympanum of the ear a stimulus which the mind interprets as sound ", a remarkable statement that points to the beginnings of physiological and psychological acoustics.
In that same year Lerner also wrote the Oscar-winning original screenplay for An American in Paris, produced by Arthur Freed and directed by Vincente Minnelli.
Having been told what the plant produced, Whorf wrote a chemical formula on a piece of paper, saying to the director: " I think this is what you're doing ".
Stroustrup began developing C ++ in 1979 ( then called " C with Classes "), and, in his own words, " invented C ++, wrote its early definitions, and produced its first implementation ... chose and formulated the design criteria for C ++, designed all its major facilities, and was responsible for the processing of extension proposals in the C ++ standards committee.
During the next eight years, Andersson ( together with Ulvaeus ) wrote music for and produced eight studio albums with ABBA.
The earliest PDP-7 implementations compiled to threaded code, and then Ritchie wrote a compiler using TMG which produced machine code.
Both Bucer and Peter Martyr wrote detailed proposals for modification ; Bucer's Censura ran to 28 chapters which influenced Cranmer significantly though he did not follow them slavishly and the new book was duly produced in 1552, making " fully perfect " what was already implicit.
Among the plays which he wrote in French, the most successful was Le bourru bienfaisant, produced on the occasion of the marriage of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette in 1771.
Singer-songwriter Kim Carnes and her husband David Ellingson wrote and produced Kenny Rogers's 1980 album " Gideon ", which was based on the theme of a Texas cowboy.
His son Christopher Trumbo wrote a play based on his letters during the period of the blacklist, entitled Red, White and Blacklisted ( 2003 ), produced in New York in 2003.
At the same time the non-album single " John, I ’ m Only Dancing ", and " All the Young Dudes ", a song he wrote and produced for Mott the Hoople, became UK hits.
After Wood's departure following the band's debut record, Lynne wrote and arranged all of the group's original compositions and produced every album.
The Conversation, which Coppola directed, produced and wrote, was released that same year, winning the Palme d ' Or at the 1974 Cannes Film Festival.
Mussolini wrote approvingly of the notion that profits should not be taken away from those who produced them by their own labour, saying " I do not respect — I even hate — those men that leech a tenth of the riches produced by others ".
Kaldor later wrote that Hayek's Prices and Production had produced " a remarkable crop of critics " and that the total number of pages in British and American journals dedicated to the resulting debate " could rarely have been equalled in the economic controversies of the past.
He wrote the screenplay with the help of Welles ( who produced the film ), and starred in the film with Dolores del Río.
The History Of Rap, which he produced and wrote, has been planned for a cinema release.
A prolific writer, Remey wrote numerous published and personal articles promoting the Bahá ' í Faith, including ` Abdu ' l-Bahá – The Center of the Covenant and the five volume A Comprehensive History of the Bahá ' í Movement ( 1927 ), The Bahá ' í Revelation and Reconstruction ( 1919 ), Constructive Principles of The Bahá ' í Movement ( 1917 ), and The Bahá ' í Movement: A Series of Nineteen Papers ( 1912 ) are a few of the titles of the many works Remey produced while ` Abdu ' l-Bahá was still alive.
The song was written by Lee Hazlewood, who wrote and produced most of her hits and sang with her on several duets, including the critical and cult favorite " Some Velvet Morning ".
" Adams wrote of Cicero that " as all the ages of the world have not produced a greater statesman and philosopher united in the same character, his authority should have great weight.
John Alan Simon wrote, produced and directed a film adaptation of Radio Free Albemuth.
In his famous Commentaries on the Laws of England he wrote that " every wanton and causeless restraint of the will of the subject, whether produced by a monarch, a nobility, or a popular assembly is a degree of tyranny.

wrote and starred
In 1964 Marx starred in " Time for Elizabeth ", episode of Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre, a truncated version of a play that Groucho Marx and Norman Krasna wrote in 1948.
Instead, Riefenstahl met Luis Trenker who had starred in Fanck's films, who wrote to the director about her.
In 1982, Palin wrote and starred in The Missionary, co-starring Maggie Smith.
Rocca has 3 music videos to his credentials and wrote / rapped / starred in the " James Bond Spoof-Secret Agent OO Soul-with Billy Dee Williams ".
Rube Goldberg wrote a feature film featuring his machines and sculptures called Soup to Nuts, which was released in 1930 and starred Ted Healy and The Three Stooges.
Sex, Lies, and Videotape was followed by a series of low-budget box-office disappointments: Kafka, a biopic mixing fact and Kafka's own fiction ( notably The Castle and The Trial ), written by Lem Dobbs and starring Jeremy Irons as Franz Kafka ; King of the Hill ( 1993 ), a critically acclaimed Depression-era drama ; The Underneath ( 1995 ), a remake of Robert Siodmak's 1949 film noir Criss Cross ; and Schizopolis ( 1996 ), a comedy which he starred in, wrote, composed, and shot as well as directed.
* The Rev W. Awdry wrote about GER Class C53 called Toby the Tram Engine, which starred his The Railway Series with his faithful coach, Henrietta.
Besson was married to Anne Parillaud, who starred in Nikita, a film he wrote and directed.
American actress Molly Lyons wrote and starred in a one-woman show titled " A Most Notorious Woman ", detailing the life of Granuaile.
In 1976, he created and wrote the innovative literacy programme On the Move which starred Bob Hoskins and Donald Gee.
Simon also wrote and starred in the film One-Trick Pony ( 1980 ) and co-wrote the Broadway musical The Capeman ( 1998 ) with the poet Derek Walcott.
It was paired with the motion picture of the same name, which Simon wrote and starred in.
He played music producer Tony Lacey in the 1977 Woody Allen film Annie Hall, and wrote and starred in 1980's One Trick Pony as Jonah Levin, a journeyman rock and roller.
They wrote situation comedies such as The Army Game and Bootsie and Snudge for British television, and the BBC radio show Round the Horne, which starred Kenneth Horne and Kenneth Williams.
However, his own creative projects – such as the film Splitting Heirs ( 1993 ), a comedy he wrote, starred in and executive-produced – were mostly unsuccessful with critics and audiences.
In the mid-1970s Nimoy wrote and starred in a one-man play called Vincent based on the play Van Gogh by Phillip Stephens.
Castellaneta has also released a comedy CD, I Am Not Homer, and wrote and starred in a one-person show titled Where Did Vincent van Gogh?
Palin and Jones both wrote and starred in multiple roles.
Actor / comedian Paul Hogan wrote the screenplay and starred in the title role in his first film, Crocodile Dundee ( 1986 ), about a down-to-earth hunter who travelled from the Australian Outback to New York City.
The film also starred Joanne Dru, Walter Brennan, Coleen Gray, Harry Carey, John Ireland, Hank Worden, Noah Beery Jr. and Harry Carey, Jr. Borden Chase wrote the script with Charles Schnee, based on Chase's original story ( which was first serialized in The Saturday Evening Post in 1946 as " Blazing Guns on the Chisholm Trail ").
In 1977, Sykes wrote and starred in another television special, Eric Sykes Shows a Few of Our Favourite Things, with Hattie Jacques, Irene Handl, Jimmy Edwards and Peter Cook.
In 1981 Sykes wrote, directed and starred in the offbeat comedy If You Go Down in the Woods Today for Thames, with a cast including Roy Kinnear, Fulton Mackay and George Sewell.
Byrne also wrote, directed, and starred in True Stories, a musical collage of discordant Americana released in 1986, as well as producing most of the film's music.
DeLaria is also known for her touring " musical comedy about perverts ," Dos Lesbos ( 1987 – 1989 ) as well as Girl Friday, a comedy she conceived, wrote, directed and starred in, and which won the 1989 Golden Gull for Best Comedy Group in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

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