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wrote and Japanese
The late author Sheldon H. Harris in his book " Factories of Death: Japanese Biological Warfare, 1932-1945, and the American cover up " wrote that, The test program, could be part of Project AGILE or Project OCONUS which began in fall 1962 and which was funded at least through fiscal year 1963, was considered by the Chemical Corps to be “ an ambitious one .” The tests were designed to cover “ not only trials at sea, but Arctic and tropical environmental tests as well .” The tests, presumably, were conducted at what research officers designated, but did not name, “ satellite sites .” These sites were located both in the continental United States and in foreign countries.
He once wrote a paper under a pseudonym derived from Kobayashi Issa, a famous Japanese haiku poet.
About the latter he wrote, " Japanese victories stirred up my enthusiasm ... Nationalistic ideas filled my mind ...
Chung Feng Ming Pen ( 中峰明本 1263 – 1323 ) wrote that kung-an is an abbreviation for kung-fu an-tu ( 公府之案牘, Pinyin gōngfǔ zhī àndú, pronounced in Japanese as kōfu no antoku ), which referred to a " public record " or the " case records of a public law court " in Tang-dynasty China.
He wrote approvingly of the ideals of democracy and humanitarianism, and his expectation that these values would come to permeate Japanese society.
Kamenashi Kazuya of the Japanese pop group KAT-TUN wrote and performed a song titled " 1582 " which is allegedly written from the perspective of Mori Ranmaru at the Incident at Honnouji.
Götz Aly wrote, " The postponement followed, one could assert, the political confusion that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor had caused.
Lady Sei Shōnagon, wrote her Pillow Book about life in the Japanese court
During his time in Hawaii, Patton was part of the military units responsible for the defense of the islands, and specifically wrote a defense plan, called " Surprise ", anticipating an air raid against Pearl Harbor – 10 years before the attack by the Imperial Japanese Navy on December 7, 1941.
In his The Pleasures of Japanese Literature, Keene claims Murasaki wrote the " supreme work of Japanese fiction " by drawing on traditions of court diaries, and earlier monogatari — written in a mixture of Chinese script and Japanese script — such as The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter or The Tales of Ise.
This was followed by Letters from Iwo Jima, which dealt with the tactics of the Japanese soldiers on the island and the letters they wrote home to family members.
Japanese monks also visited China ; such was the case with Ennin ( 794 – 864 ), who wrote of his travel experiences including travels along China's Grand Canal.
These preparations did not escape the attention of Vivekananda, who wrote that " The Japanese seem now to have fully awakened themselves to the necessity of the present times.
Folk / country musician Tom Russell wrote " Manzanar ", a song about the Japanese American internment, that was released on his album Box of Visions ( 1993 ).
While working on a constitution for Japan, he also wrote the first Imperial Household Law and established the Japanese peerage system ( kazoku ) in 1884.
He was assigned to the Japanese section and wrote a service manual for the Royal Navy The Enemy Japan.
In his diary kept during the aggression against the city and its occupation by the Imperial Japanese Army, the leader of the Safety Zone, John Rabe, wrote many comments about Japanese atrocities.
On 17 December, John Rabe wrote as chairman a complaint to Kiyoshi Fukui, second secretary of the Japanese Embassy.
Rabe wrote that from time to time the Japanese would enter the Safety Zone at will, carry off a few hundred men and women, and either summarily execute them or rape and then kill them.
The earliest documented reference to this green vegetable dates from the year 1275, when the well-known Japanese monk, Nichiren Shonin, wrote a note thanking a parishioner for the gift of " edamame " he had left at the temple.
In 1959, Hiroshi Inagaki wrote and directed a Japanese version, Aru kengo no shogai ( Life of an Expert Swordsman or Samurai Saga ), setting the story in 17th century Shogunate Japan and starring Toshirō Mifune as the Cyrano character " Heihachiro Komaki " and Yoko Tsukasa as the Roxanne character " Lady Ochii ".

wrote and government
In philosophy, he wrote on aesthetics, ethics, government, metaphysics, politics, economics, psychology, rhetoric and theology.
In a paper written in 2008, Cass Sunstein, legal scholar, and Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, wrote of appropriate government responses to conspiracy theories.
In 1920, while mayor, he wrote his first book, The Social Worker, which set out many of the principles that informed his political philosophy and that were to underpin the actions of his government in later years.
During the course of the second Labour government, Attlee had become increasingly disillusioned by Ramsay MacDonald, whom he came to regard as vain and incompetent, and later wrote scathingly of him in his autobiography.
In 1787, James Madison wrote Thomas Jefferson in France for background information on constitutional government to use at the Constitutional Convention.
Carol Thatcher wrote in her book Below the Parapet that her parents, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her husband Denis used to joke that CHOGM stood for " Coons holidaying on government money ".
Referring to the resolution, Lumumba wrote to UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld, ‘ From these texts it is clear that, contrary to your personal interpretation, the UN force may be used to subdue the rebel government of Katanga .’ Secretary General Hammarskjöld refused.
In the December 1994 Wild Forest Review, Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair wrote " The mainstream environmental movement was elitist, highly paid, detached from the people, indifferent to the working class, and a firm ally of big government .… The environmental movement is now accurately perceived as just another well-financed and cynical special interest group, its rancid infrastructure supported by Democratic Party operatives and millions in grants from corporate foundations .”
Economist Murray Rothbard wrote that " Bastiat was indeed a lucid and superb writer, whose brilliant and witty essays and fables to this day are remarkable and devastating demolitions of protectionism and of all forms of government subsidy and control.
On anarchism, Orwell wrote in The Road to Wigan Pier: " I worked out an anarchistic theory that all government is evil, that the punishment always does more harm than the crime and the people can be trusted to behave decently if you will only let them alone.
Godwin opposes the idea of government, but wrote that a minimal state as a present " necessary evil " that would become increasingly irrelevant and powerless by the gradual spread of knowledge.
The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius wrote praising " the idea of a polity administered with regard to equal rights and equal freedom of speech, and the idea of a kingly government which respects most of all the freedom of the governed ".
But Lippmann turned against what he called the " collectivism " of the Progressive movement he encouraged with its de-emphasis on the foundations of American politics and government and ultimately wrote a work, " The Public Philosophy " ( 1955 ), which came very close to a return to the principles of the American founders.
He wrote that " society and government must be to offer a helping hand to those who are afflicted with this problem ".
The government asserts it can detain American citizens " not because there is evidence that they have committed a crime, but merely because the government wishes to investigate them for possible wrongdoing ," wrote Judge Smith, an appointee of former President George W. Bush.
The British historian Victor Rothwell wrote that the newspapers that Ribbentrop used to provide his press summaries for Hitler, such as the Daily Express and the Daily Mail, were out of touch not only with British public opinion, but also with British government policy in regard to Poland.
Adenauer was imprisoned for two days after the Night of the Long Knives on the 30th June 1934, but already on the 10th of August 1934, maneuvering for his pension, he wrote a 10-page letter to Hermann Göring ( the Prussian interior minister ) stating among other things that as a mayor he had even violated Prussian laws in order to allow NSDAP events in public buildings and Nazi flags to be flown from city flagpoles, and added that in 1932 he had declared publicly that the Nazis should join the Reich government in a leading role.
Déjacque wrote that: ‘ By government I understand all delegation, all power outside the people ,’ for which must be substituted, in a process whereby politics is transcended, the ‘ people in direct possession of their sovereignty ,’ or the ‘ organised commune .’ For Déjacque, the communist anarchist utopia would fulfil the function of inciting each proletarian to explore his or her own human potentialities, in addition to correcting the ignorance of the proletarians concerning ‘ social science .’"
The newspaper also wrote that the German authorities were told about that Palestinians were planning an " incident " at the Olympics three weeks before the massacre, but failed to take the necessary security measures, and these facts are missing from the official documentation of the German government.
Mohists developed the sciences of fortification and statecraft, and wrote treatises on government, ranging in topic from efficient agricultural production to the laws of inheritance.
In addition, in 1758 the governor of South Carolina James Glen wrote: it has always been the policy of this government to create an aversion in them Indians to Negroes.
McVeigh wrote a letter to Moore in which he claimed that the robbery had been committed by government agents.
Ogburn wrote that the annuity was granted " under mysterious circumstances ", and Anderson suggests it was granted because of Oxford's writing patriotic plays for government propaganda.
" By means of religion ," d ' Alembert wrote, " the Jesuits established a monarchical authority in Paraguay, founded solely on their powers of persuasion and on their lenient methods of government.

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