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wrote and three
Looking unto God, the Prophet Isaiah wrote these blessed words almost three thousand years ago: `` Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee ''.
He subsequently wrote three novels merging these overarching themes, The World of Null-A and The Pawns of Null-A in the late 1940s, and Null-A Three in the early 1980s.
Alan wrote three very large theological textbooks, one being his first work, Summa Quoniam Homines.
He wrote extensively on proportions in music, and on the three different subjective levels on which plainchant could work on the human soul: purging of the impure ; illumination leading to contemplation ; and nourishing perfection through contemplation.
In a tablet unearthed at Kish ( dating from about 700 BC ), the scribe Bêl-bân-aplu wrote his zeros with three hooks, rather than two slanted wedges.
As a student of Florian Leopold Gassmann, and a protégé of Gluck, Salieri was a cosmopolitan composer who wrote operas in three languages.
During this tour he wrote three new comic operas and he also collaborated with Giacomo Rust on one opera, Il Talismano ( The Talismand ).
He also wrote songs, including his Seven Early Songs ( Sieben Frühe Lieder ), three of which were Berg's first publicly performed work in a concert that featured the music of Schoenberg's pupils in Vienna that year.
Nevertheless Thom's legacy remains strong, Krupp wrote in 1979, " Almost singlehandedly he has established the standards for archaeo-astronomical fieldwork and interpretation, and his amazing results have stirred controversy during the last three decades.
She wrote at least three autobiographical books about adapting to blindness.
In the course of 1825, Disraeli wrote three anonymous pamphlets for Powles, promoting the companies.
During the 1840s Disraeli wrote three political novels collectively known as " the Trilogy "– Sybil, Coningsby, and Tancred.
After his disappointment over the Fine Arts Commission competition, Bartók wrote little for two or three years, preferring to concentrate on collecting and arranging folk music.
Bellarmine wrote three rejoinders to the Venetian theologians, and may have warned Sarpi of an impending murderous attack.
* The main source for Columbanus's life is recorded by Jonas of Bobbio, an Italian monk who entered the monastery in Bobbio in 618, three years after the saint's death ; Jonas wrote the life c. 643.
He wrote one Uncle Scrooge story, three Donald Duck stories and from 1970-1974 was the main writer for the Junior Woodchucks comic book ( issues 6 through 25 ).
After the passage of the 19th Amendment gave women the vote in 1920, Eastman and three others wrote the Equal Rights Amendment, first introduced in 1923.
From 1746, Hume served for three years as secretary to Lieutenant-General St Clair, and wrote Philosophical Essays Concerning Human Understanding, later published as An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding.
He contributed around three hundred papers to the transactions of various learned societies, and few of his contemporaries wrote as much for the various reviews.
In June Oxford wrote to Burghley reminding him that he made an agreement with Elizabeth to relinquish his claim to the Forest of Essex for three reasons, one of which was the Queen's reluctance to punish Skinner's felony, which had caused Oxford to forfeit £ 20, 000 in bonds and statutes.
On May 25, 1780, Hopkinson wrote a letter to the Continental Board of Admiralty mentioning several patriotic designs he had completed during the previous three years.
According to an article Fahrenheit wrote in 1724, he based his scale on three reference points of temperature.
Former Weismann performers at the reunion include Max and Stella Deems, who lost their radio jobs and became store owners in Miami ; Solange La Fitte, a coquette, who is still vibrant three decades later ; Hattie Walker, who has outlived five younger husbands ; Vincent and Vanessa, former dancers who now own an Arthur Murray franchise ; Heidi Schiller, for whom Franz Lehár once wrote a waltz ( or was it Oscar Straus?
Katsuyuki Sumizawa ( Yoroiden Samurai Troopers ) wrote the scenario for the series and was one of three official script-writers, along with Akemi Omode and Katsuhiko Chiba.

wrote and books
He wrote a mainstream novel that was set in Communist China, The Violent Man ( 1962 ); he said that to research this book he had read 100 books about China.
" Karpov acknowledged that his understanding of chess theory was very confused at that time, and wrote later that the homework which Botvinnik assigned greatly helped him, since it required that he consult chess books and work diligently.
He wrote a number of books and papers two of which are of immense importance namely ( 1 ). India in Transition, about the prepartition politics of India and ( 2 ). World Enough & Time-The Memoirs of Sir Sultan Mohammed Shah, Aga Khan III, his autobiography.
When the press expanded to current titles, they wrote some books themselves and employed other writers, including Erasmus.
He spent a great deal of time working on these books, which he tells us he gradually wrote through the many stressful times of his reign to refresh his mind.
Anaximenes wrote a history of Greece in twelve books, stretching from the gods ' origins to the death of Epaminondas at the Battle of Mantinea ( Hellenica, ), and a history of Philip of Macedon ( Philippica ).
He also wrote several books on the history of Number Theory.
Frank Muir wrote a series of children's books about an Afghan puppy called " What-a-mess ".
" Comics ,” wrote Capp in 1970, “ can be a combination of the highest quality of art and text, and many of them are .” Capp would produce many giveaway educational comic books and public services pamphlets, spanning several decades, for the Red Cross, the Department of Civil Defense, the Department of the Navy, the U. S. Army, the Anti-Defamation League, the Department of Labor, Community Chest ( a forerunner of United Way ), and the Job Corps.
In February 1903, two followers of Muhammad ` Alí, including Badi ' u ' llah and Siyyid ` Aliy-i-Afnan, broke with Muhammad ` Ali and wrote books and letters giving details of Muhammad ` Ali's plots and noting that what was circulating about ` Abdu ' l-Bahá was fabrication.
The Babylonian Talmud was the first attempt to attach authors to the holy books: each book, according to the authors of the Talmud, was written by a prophet, and each prophet was an eyewitness of the events described, and Joshua himself wrote " the book that bears his name ".
He is specifically mentioned by Ben Sirah ( a writer of the Hellenistic period who listed the " great sages " of Israel ) and 4 Maccabees ( 1st century CE ), and by the 1st century CE historian Josephus, says that the prophet wrote two books.
In 1981, nominee John Banville wrote a letter to The Guardian requesting that the prize be given to him so that he could use the money to buy every copy of the longlisted books in Ireland and donate them to libraries, " thus ensuring that the books not only are bought but also read — surely a unique occurrence.
Ley was best known for his writings on rocketry and related topics, but he was trained in paleontology, and wrote a number of books about animals.
She wrote the preface for On War and by 1834 had published several of his books.
He wrote daily instructions to his gardener, precise designs and layouts for plantings, and invoices for his floral purchases and his collection of botany books.
Thomas Malthus wrote two books, An essay on the principle of population, published in 1798, and Principles of political economy, published in 1820.
Cotton Mather wrote more than 450 books and pamphlets, and his ubiquitous literary works made him one of the most influential religious leaders in America.
Although Eusebius wrote of eight books of the work, only seven undoubtably survive.
During the 1840s, Lyell traveled to the United States and Canada, and wrote two popular travel-and-geology books: Travels in North America ( 1845 ) and A Second Visit to the United States ( 1849 ).
He taught psychology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison ( 1957 – 63 ), during which time he wrote one of his best-known books, On Becoming a Person ( 1961 ).
He wrote 16 books and many more journal articles describing it.

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