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Hearing and news
" The joke was sometimes combined with another running gag in which, rather than having a sign language interpreter visually presenting the news to aid the deaf, the show would provide assistance from Garrett Morris, " head of the New York School for the Hard of Hearing ", whose " aid " involved cupping his hands around his mouth and shouting the news as Chase read it.
Hearing the news, Newcastle realised that the city of York was threatened.
Hearing the news, his father took his own life.
Hearing the news, Gravano gave his brother-in-law a beating in an attempt to forestall worse punishment.
Hearing of the news of his half brothers, King Settathathirath quickly returned to Lan Xang leaving the affairs of Chiang Mai under Princess Chiraprabha's leadership, taking with him the Phra Kaew, the Saekkam and the Sihing buddha images.
In addition, Garrett Morris parodied the practice of a picture insert of a person simultaneously giving the news read in sign language for the hearing impaired in " The News for the Hard of Hearing.
Hearing news of Illyrian incursions in the north Philip abandoned Aetolia and returned to Demetrias in Thessaly.
Hearing this news, Sambhaji plotted his escape, and on 27 April, he took possession of the fort after killing the commander and on 18 June, he acquired control of Raigad.
Hearing the news of the loss of the Rhine legions, Galba panicked.
Hearing the news of his family ’ s death, Shunkan kills himself by fasting ( 1179 ).
Hearing news of the Virginius capture and executions, Altamont de Cordova, a Jamaican resident, was able to get British Commodore A. F. R.
Hearing news of the California Gold Rush, McDougall returned to Illinois, gathered up his family and possessions, and took the new steamship California to San Francisco.
Hearing of the news, John ordered all the forces he had set to defend England to sail for Poitou.
Hearing the news of the coming of Jesus Christ, he joined some others from Crete who were going to Jerusalem to see for themselves.
Hearing the news, Sun Quan immediately ordered Zhuge Ke to withdraw to Chaisang County ( 柴桑县 ) Yuzhang Shire ( 豫章郡 ).
Hearing the news, Siraj ud-Daula moved to attack Calcutta, but fearing an attack from Ahmad Shah Abdali, after a few days of war he signed the Treaty of Alinagar with the East India Company, giving them permission to build the fort.
Hearing this news, Ranjha rushes to aid Heer, but he is too late, as she has already eaten the poison and died.
When news of Nanyue's defeat reached Emperor Wu, he was staying in Zuoyi County in Shanxi Province while travelling to perform imperial inspections, and promptly created the new county of Wenxi, meaning " Hearing of Glad ".
Hearing the news, An Lushan's son and successor An Qingxu, who had become the emperor of Yan, abandoned Luoyang and fled.
Hearing the alarming news, fear gripped the king.
Hearing the news Prabhakarvardhan, the king of Thaneswar dies of shock and his elder son Rajyavardhan is crowned as the king.
Hearing of the news, Taejo planned a strike with 5000 cavalrymen to attack Gyeon's troops on the way back home at Gongsan near Daegu.
Hearing this news, Pastor Doug Roland of Maple Ridge Baptist Church in Candler told some area pastors about the problem, and the decision was made to buy the station by asking listeners to contribute.

Hearing and rushed
Hearing the guns, the Archbishop rushed to the scene and arranged for a ceasefire.
Hearing the speech by Gaddafi live at his home over the radio, President Bourguiba rushed to the rally where, after he let Gaddafi finish, he took to the stage and denounced the idea that " the Arabs had ever been united, dismissed all of ideas about rapid Arab unity, and even took the Libyans to task for what he described as their own lack of national unity and their backwardness ".
Hearing of the crisis, Pac-Man rushed to defeat all the ghosts using the only thing that was powerful enough — the mighty magic pen.
Hearing about re-capture of Delhi by Humayun, Hemu, the Hindu Prime Minister – cum – Chief of Army of Adil Shah, rushed towards Delhi from Bengal, where he had just quelled a rebellion, defeating and killing Muhhamad Shah, the ruler of Bengal.

Hearing and inside
Hearing Red's voice coming from inside Wolfy's body, Santa tears open Wolfy's body to find his daughter safe, although shaken.
Hearing her inhale frantically, the White Rabbit hides and the Dodo is knocked off the roof from Alice wriggling inside as she tries to suppress the sneeze.
Hearing screams from the second house as he walks away he opens the third one, finding ashes and a wedding ring inside.
Hearing Jess scream, they rush inside and find Jess in the basement with Peter, whom Jess has bludgeoned to death in self-defense.
Hearing her cries from inside and the Doctor being distracted Turlough comes to her rescue on his own.

Hearing and ceremony
Hearing cases involving church doctrine, ceremony, or ritual, the Court has jurisdiction over both the Province of Canterbury and the Province of York.

Hearing and hall
Hearing the commotion, Paules went down the hall to Taboada's bedroom and saw Rolling.

Hearing and started
Hearing the fire bell from the demonstration, Manuel and Polly think the fire bell means the drill has started, so Basil has to explain the situation to them, too.
Hearing this, people started running away quickly and when ibne Ziyad reached the Dar-al-Amara only a handful people had been left.

Hearing and all
Hearing of this, Hitler dismissed him from all his posts in April 1945.
Hearing this cry, Guanyin quickly sent Shancai to recover the fish and gave him all the money she had.
Governor Livingston also provides programs for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Cognitively Impaired, of which students are enrolled from all over north-central New Jersey.
Hearing all parties before a decision is made is one step which would be considered appropriate to be taken in order that a process may then be characterised as procedurally fair.
In early years of the 20th century, Delius composed some of his most popular works, including Brigg Fair ( 1907 ), In a Summer Garden ( 1908, revised 1911 ), Summer Night on the River ( 1911 ), and On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring ( 1912 ), of which McVeagh comments, " These exquisite idylls, for all their composer's German descent and French domicile, spell ' England ' for most listeners.
During his playing career, in 1973, Mikita teamed up with Chicago businessman Irv Tiahnybik to form the American Hearing Impaired Hockey Association ( AHIHA ), to bring together deaf and hard-of hearing hockey players from all over the country.
In the United States, the Hearing Aid Compatibility Act of 1988 ( HAC Act ) requires that the Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ) ensure that all telephones manufactured or imported for use in the United States after August 1989, and all “ essential ” telephones, be hearing aid-compatible ( through the use of a telecoil ).
Hearing aids, cochlear implants and the like are not allowed to be used in competition, to place all athletes on the same level.
Hearing of the plans, Danish archaeologist Søren Telling — aware that all archaeological investigation was under the ultimate jurisdiction of SS chief Heinrich Himmler — immediately telephoned both the head of the SS's archaeological department, Amt für Ahnenerbe (" Office for ancestral heritage "), and Himmler himself.
Much of that musical brilliance is due to Alf Clausen [...] Hearing all of this music, ranging from the first to the ninth season, in one place confirms how Clausen and his collaborators can master everything from show tunes to commercial jingles.
' Action on Hearing Loss ' was chosen because it better describes the breadth of help and support they provide for people with all types of hearing loss – from people who are profoundly deaf, to people who are losing their hearing.
Hearing that a lucrative Japanese convoy was holed up in Paluan Bay in northern Mindoro, the and joined three other US submarines lying in wait, all under Dealey's command.
Hearing loss and eye abnormalities ( pigmentary retinopathy ) are other common features, but problems with any or all of the internal organs are possible.
The introduction of Newborn Hearing Screening ( for all babies ) makes it much more likely that deafblind children will be identified when they are still very young babies.
Hearing the kids arguring that they want to go with them to resuce Gordy's mom and foil the scheme, Palmer catches them and tries to kill all of them, starting with Grabelski first, but Erickson arrives just in time before he can shoot them and the kids glue him to a tree.
Hearing all this, Kellman contacts a Cybership nearby, its crew commanded by a Cyber Leader with a black helmet.
" Hearing this they all pray sincerely towards God facing the Sea.
Hearing the admonition from Vaikundar, and fearing the consequences of the refusal to surrender, they agreed to hand over all their powers to him.
Hearing the sound of the conch-shell, all that befitted Dharma Yukam-the virtues, the Sastirankal, the plants and trees, the reptiles and the birds, the divine women and their children-all gathered around Vaikundar.
Hearing the sound all that befitted Dharma Yukam-the virtue, the Sastras, the plants and trees, the reptiles and the birds, the divine women and their children-all gathered around Vaikundar.

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