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Helped and design
* Helped to design the first professional video clip of " Böhse Onkelz " called " Dunkler Ort " ( dark location ) from their album " Ein böses Märchen ... aus tausend finsteren Nächten ", which was released in 2000.
Helped General Electric design first electric waffle iron in 1911.
Helped design what was arguably the first laptop computer, the GRiD Compass.

Helped and You
In his book The Really Inconvenient Truths: Seven Environmental Catastrophes Liberals Don't Want You to Know About-Because They Helped Cause Them, Iain Murray described " The Frying Game " as " subversively conservative ," and wrote that it shows " The best popular explanation of the liberal environmentalist model for endangered species.

Helped and /
* Helped establish Kodak / Alan Page Challenge, a nationwide essay contest encouraging urban youth to recognize the value of education.
* Walt Bogdanich and Jenny Nordberg, New York Times, 29 January 2006, Mixed U. S. Signals Helped Tilt Haiti Toward Chaos ; archived by WebCite at http :// www. webcitation. org / 5s4b55Evx
*" The Case of Archbishop Stepinac: How the Catholic Clergy Helped Run Ustashe ( i. e., Nazi ) Croatia "; Published by the Yugoslav Embassy, Washington, DC, 1947 ; reprinted at http :// emperors-clothes. com / croatia / stepinac1. htm

Helped and flag
* Harold G. Schrier – Helped raise flag over Iwo Jima.

Helped and still
Helped by its winning record, the attendance shot up and it is still above that of well-known Tokyo Verdy 1969 that moved its home town from Kawasaki, Kanagawa in 2001.

Helped and front
< BLOCKQUOTE >"' Mixed U. S. Signals Helped Tilt Haiti Toward Chaos ' ( front page, Jan. 29 ) found support for some of former Ambassador Brian Dean Curran's charges among only a few Haitians, most of them former associates of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

Helped and all
* Helped to introduce and effectively implement the National Health Insurance Law ( 1995 ), which provides universal and more equitable coverage to all of Israel's citizens.
Helped by what he called a " mystery guiding light ", he went on to finish with a score of 3 under par, two ahead of Antonio Cerdá, and said later " It was all I ever wanted.

Helped and U
* Guatemala to Restore Legacy of a President the U. S. Helped Depose, by Elisabeth Malkin, Published: May 23, 2011
*" U. S. Groups Helped Nurture Arab Uprisings " The New York Times, April 14, 2011
* U. S. Money has Helped Opposition in Ukraine, Associated Press, 11 December 2004.
Helped by the film's popularity, the song reached number one in the U. S., becoming Prince's fourth number-one single, and first since 1986's " Kiss ".

Helped and .
Helped by a Sicilian fleet, Alfonso recaptured Capua and set his base in Gaeta in the February 1436.
Helped considerably by the Soviet campaign against the novel, Doctor Zhivago became an instant sensation throughout the non-Communist world upon its release in November 1957.
* Sale, Tony, The Colossus Computer 1943 – 1996: How It Helped to Break the German Lorenz Cipher in WWII ( M .& M.
Yokohama Burning: The Deadly 1923 Earthquake and Fire that Helped Forge the Path to World War II.
Yokohama Burning: The Deadly 1923 Earthquake and Fire that Helped Forge the Path to World War II.
Helped by Aaron's performance, the Braves won the league championship that year.
* " United Pilot Was a Proud Papa, Helped Others ", Newsday.
Helped by the construction of Roman roads.
* William E. Connolly: Helped introduce postmodern philosophy into political theory, and promoted new theories of pluralism and agonistic democracy.
Helped in part by his two uncles, he did his own research using original source materials and official US Navy records.
Helped to escape on the night before his execution by Garth, Devon convinces Rachel and Garth to come with him and after making their way to the bridge they have found that it had been damaged and its control systems made in-operative, the crew killed ( a few skeletal bodies are lying there ) and the ARK is on a collision course with a Class G star similar to the Sun.
Helped by the mayor Giuseppe Cannone, Mascagni soon left the company of Maresca, not without problems, and became master of music and singing of the new philharmonia of Cerignola, where he earned a lot of esteem.
( 2012 ) We Can All Join In: How Rock Festivals Helped Change America.
Helped by the many speeches and interviews given by Fortuyn, immigration issues became the major topic of the national political agenda, thereby forcing other parties to react.
Helped by the return of Penny Taylor, the Mercury once again locked up first place in the Western Conference and advanced to the 2009 Finals.
Helped by his companions Legolas and Gimli as well as a Company of Rangers from Arnor in the north ( the " Grey Company "), he sets out to recruit the Army of the Dead to his cause.
Yokohama Burning: The Deadly 1923 Earthquake and Fire that Helped Forge the Path to World War II.
One book detailing the use of this machine by President John F. Kennedy ( 1961 – 1963 ) is The Robot That Helped to Make a President.
* The Robot that Helped to Make a President by Charles Hamilton, 1965.

Helped and S
Helped found the Yale Forestry School ; co-founder of the list Agricultural Experiment Station with S. W. Johnson.

Helped and most
Helped by a maimed Fantomex, the former White Queen tricks Shaw into allowing her into his mind, and ( with a little encouragement from Shadowcat ), as opposed to killing him, finds the most landlocked place in his mind, the point safest from Namor's rage, and wipes his memory.
Helped by her regular exposure on national television, Anderson was one of the most popular and successful female country singers of the 1970s.

Helped and major
* James Gannon, Stealing Secrets, Telling Lies: How Spies and Codebreakers Helped Shape the Twentieth Century, Washington, D. C., Brassey's, 2001: an overview of major 20th-century episodes in cryptology and espionage, particularly strong regarding the misappropriation of credit for conspicuous achievements.

Helped and well
Babka wrote a report in conjunction with this website as well, dedicated to his father who died of cancer in April 2003, and titled, " How the FDA Helped Kill My Father.

Helped and United
* Helped establish the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in the United Kingdom ;
* Helped India to be the first Pioneer Investor under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.
Helped by the release of the film, " April Love " became a number-one hit in the United States for Pat Boone in December 1957.
* Devil's Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam, Metropolitan Books, 2005.

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